Tonic "Tonic": customer reviews

Every woman thinks for once in her lifeabove, to change their hair color, but knowing about the dangers of paint, it is not always decided on this risky act. Tonic - a cosmetic product, which includes shade pigments. Unlike ordinary paint, it is absolutely harmless and able to restore the broken structure of hair. Many women from Russia decided to reconsider their view on coloring and purchased the tonic "Tonic". Reviews admired young ladies who were able to transform themselves at home using a tube with a magical composition, prove the advantages of this innovative method of color change.

What is a tonic?

Manufacturers of paints have seriously reflected,as a detrimental effect of the agent with ammonia on the structure of the hair, and developed a new version of the change in their color, which fell in love with women of fashion all over the world. Tonic is a great way to experiment with your hair, giving it any shades. He keeps on ringlets for several weeks, unlike colorful crayons, which lose their color after the first washing. The tinted balm only superficially paints hair and does not penetrate into their structure, due to which it is easy to completely wash it off.

On the success of the brand

Hair coloring agents "Tonic" are knownon the market for several years already. And the company deservedly won first place among domestic producers. To date, the company's products are among the top three most popular shade products sold in Russia. The composition includes innovative coloring pigments that not only give the hair the desired color, but also improve their structure, while protecting the scalp and face. A large palette allows each girl to choose the right shade.

tonic tonic reviews

Having tested the tonic "Tonic", reviews decideleave women who are grateful to manufacturers for a quality product. Due to the low price of the money they can use the beauties with a limited budget. When comparing hair dye and shade balm, a lot of advantages remain on the side of the second option. According to statistics, 80% of European women prefer tinting, rather than traditional staining. Having bought a tonic from the company "Rocolor", girls can not purchase additional balms and special means. The composition includes unique substances that can moisten curls and make them incredibly soft, smooth and silky.

Why is hair dye so harmful?

"Beauty will save the world", - the motto with which livemany modern women. Guided by this famous aphorism of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, the beautiful half of humanity is ready to sacrifice one's health in order to look better than before. Today, hair is painted almost by all women: some try to get rid of gray hair so much, while others simply experiment, wanting to find the most suitable shade. Unfortunately, the predominant amount of paints is developed on the basis of ammonia. Therefore, they are very harmful to the scalp, but does this stop the girls who are ready to go on self-sacrifice for the sake of beauty?

balm tonic reviews

To natural means it is possible to attribute only hennaand basma, but their color is too bright and very few people are suitable. Other dyes are absorbed into the hair structure and remain there until the dyed areas are sheared. You can easily achieve the desired shade and at the same time heal your curls using the "Tonic" balm. The reviews of numerous customers of this composition confirm that after the first time use hair look healthier and become incredibly silky.

For the mistakes made concerning changes in theappearance, a woman has to pay with her health. All hair colors can be divided into three large categories according to the degree of harm. But even in the safest is a compound of ammonia called monoethanolamine, so the curls remain unprotected. As a rule, such means for coloring are not cheap. But is the temporary effect worth the effort and effort? But reviews about the "Tonic" certainly intrigued women who faced the problem of dryness and brittle hair, but did not find suitable means for staining.

A wide range of colors - more options

Today, the tonic palette consists of almost thirtyshades. A convenient catalog of the manufacturer will allow you to choose the right color. Remember his serial number and when you come to the store, call the sales consultant. For example, the figure 9.03 corresponds to the balm "Tonic. Pale". Testimonials of clients who have experienced this color, say that it does not completely lighten the hair, but only gives them a light tint. Most of us are mood people, who today want one, and tomorrow - another. If you refer yourself to this category, buy several colors at once and experiment every day.

How to repair damaged hair?

The image of a woman does not remain constant forlong time. To attract the attention of a beloved man, beautiful ladies modify their appearance, and this can concern not only clothes and make-up, but also hair color. Plaiters and irons aggressively affect the condition of the strands. And after frequent use, unpleasant changes can occur, up to partial alopecia. Damaged hair is dangerous to re-stain, but if you really want to try a new shade - the task will cope with the "Tonic" balm. Customer testimonials indicate the safety of the composition, which perfectly heals curls and gives them the desired color. Special coloring pigments provide a rich shade that does not fade in the sun. The color will remain bright even after washing your head, so the use of this balm is important for summer seasons during trips to the sea. After applying poor-quality dyes, the structure of the hair breaks down and the condition of the scalp deteriorates. Therefore, on a par with the balm it is important to use a matting tonic. Customer reviews about the first week of using this tool prove that the condition of the strands is significantly improved.

tonic 9 1 reviews

"Tonic" perfectly copes with alltasks that a beautiful woman sets herself: hair care, strengthening, healthy shine and, of course, seductive color. Before buying a new shade, it is recommended to apply a balm to one strand and make sure that this image really suits you.

The fight against yellowness

Fashion for light hair color is established withthe middle of the last century, when the beauty of Marilyn Monroe began her successful career. Few know that the natural shade of the curls of the star was far from the one with which she appeared before the audience in films and photo sessions. Marilyn Monroe became the first platinum blonde in Hollywood, turning from an ordinary girl with brown hair to a world-size star.

Actresses of cinema and theater are the benchmark formany women who, according to their example, discolour curls, wanting to look bright and modern. The problem of yellowness is known to all unnatural blondes who have decided to abandon their native color. With untidy clarified curls you can fight with the help of balm "Tonic 9.1". Product reviews can be heard from the girls who managed to face this problem and trusted the reliable manufacturer to remove it.

Balm with a shade of 9.1 is thick enough and has a rich purple color. To eliminate yellowness, the manufacturer recommends keeping the composition on your hair for twenty minutes. This time is enough to ensure that unsuccessfully clarified strands have acquired a more natural shade. In the beauty salon for such a procedure you will have to shell out for several hundred rubles, and at home you can do all this yourself, saving considerably.

Today - blonde, tomorrow - brunette

tonic black reviews

At the present time, very rare women,who never experimented with the color of the curls. The rule by which almost every one of us lives, says that curly hair should be straightened, straight lines - curl; From a blonde to turn into a redhead, and from a brunette into a fairy-tale. The woman's world is arranged in an amazing way, and constant changes in it are simply necessary. Experiments with hair can be carried out much more often, using a tonic "Tonic". Reviews enthusiastic girls prove that this tool is much better copes with a safe color change than henna, basma or ordinary paints of advanced manufacturers. You can apply the tonic at home without special equipment. With a light movement of your hand, you can turn from a blonde into a burning brunette in a matter of minutes. And if you get bored with the color, the next day it will be easy to lighten the curls with the help of the balm "Tonic. Mother of Pearl". Customer testimonials suggest that this shade falls perfectly well even on dark strands. With the help of toning means for hair, girls will be able to change their image several times a year, surprising the surrounding people with bold decisions.

Tonic "Tonic Black." Reviews of happy owners of Hollywood curls

Look at the TV screen and make sureHow little actresses are blondes. The myth of the mental abilities of blonde beauties could not but affect their reputation, and men began to give preference to burning brunettes. If you want to transform and become like Megan Fox or Anne Hathaway, use "Tonic Chocolate" balm. Reviews of men who are delighted with this color will finally convince you of the decision to repaint. After a successful experiment with a transformation into a brown-haired woman, you can try on the image of Dita von Teese and become a brunette. Black hair color is evidence of sexuality. And if you choose to paint "Tonic", your curls will become smooth and silky, like Hollywood beauties.

How to properly dye your hair?

By purchasing a new product, you need to understand itapplication. The dyeing procedure can be carried out at home, and this will require a standard set of tools that every woman can find: disposable gloves, a towel, a sponge, a brush, a shallow container, a shampoo. First of all, carefully consider your natural hair color - it should be lighter than a shade of paint. So, if you are a blonde, but would like to hear your hair darker, select the balm "Tonic" blond. Customer reviews also say that the longer the remedy is on the hair, the brighter the color. And after an unsuccessful application, you will have to wash the composition several times in a row.

tonic nacre reviews

When all the necessary equipment is ready,Put rubber gloves on your hands and dilute the tonic in water. In the world of beauty, the myth is spread that hair is not necessary to wash before painting; in fact, they must be clean and moist, so that the composition is laid evenly. Move from the parting to the center, and then walk the brush down. Paint first one part of the head, then proceed to the other. If simultaneously with this procedure you want to improve the skin condition, choose a moisturizing tonic. Customer reviews indicate the benefits of this product for permanent staining. Hair gets the desired shade and at the same time strengthened due to the gentle formula that is part of the product.

Tonic "Tonic". Customer Reviews

Girls love to experiment with appearance,so do not miss the opportunity to change the color of the curls. Fans of the brand "Tonic" came to the conclusion that the products are completely safe, does not cause allergies and improves the structure of the hair. Due to the attractive smell of the compounds, the application becomes more pleasant. Among the shortcomings can be identified only one - the tonic spoils the pillow and is difficult to clean off the enamel coating of the bath. Prepare for the fact that after washing your head the paint will remain on the towel, but only at the first time. After a few days, the tonic will finally absorb into the roots of the hair and will last for a long time.

reviews about tonic

Experienced customers through trial and errorhave chosen the best way of coloring and are ready to share it with newcomers. If you chose "Tonic Chocolate" balm, the testimonials will prompt you to treat each strand in several layers for smooth application. Dark colors are more whimsical than light colors, so it's important to correctly apply them to the entire surface of the strands, in order to exclude the possibility of the appearance of unpainted curls.

What shades are relevant today?

Currently, girls are increasingly trying to takean example from their idols, imitating them absolutely in everything from the style of clothing to the color of the hair. Nature has endowed each woman with a unique appearance, but "according to the law of meanness" she is often not satisfied with the beauty that was given at birth. Stylists and hairdressers, fortunately, easily select suitable shapes and shades of hairstyles for each type of face, given the location and color of the eyes, the line of eyebrows, cheekbones, etc.

tonic chocolate reviews

Some actresses remain true to theirnatural appearance. Models Jessica Biel and Miranda Kerr do not dare change the natural blond hair color and plan to keep up to date. The fact is that this shade never went out of fashion, unlike the ashen blonde. Following the example of Marilyn Monroe, the girls began to recolor themselves in lighter colors. But the passion of men to the Hollywood star soon subsided, there were new standards of female beauty. In the end, young girls can grow old balm "Tonic. Ashy." Reviews of men confirm this fact, so take into account this opinion, choosing a shade.

With the onset of the warm season, changesI want in all directions, so together with bright dresses, ladies buy multicolored hair dyes. Bold Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the famous rock musician, many times shocked the audience with her new images, and the latest fashion experts consider the most successful. The singer was recolored in lilac color and began to look much more attractive. You make a big mistake, assuring yourself that iridescent shades are suitable only for young girls. Sixty-seven-year-old actress Lisa Minnelli came out on a red carpet with a blue strand of hair; Helen Mirren performed a similar feat and became the owner of a bright pink hairstyle. If you think that it is too old for such experiments - look at these women and drive all doubts away.

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