Eau de toilette and eau de toilette: what is the difference?

Perfume and eau de toilette at all times enjoyed particular popularity. This is not surprising: by changing the flavors, you can change your own mood! Many girls use different compositions during the week - and sometimes during the day. In the collections of fashionistas there is always women's eau de toilette for a romantic date, special perfumes for productive office work and an exotic perfume for a night party. Often, different flavors are selected for the season: in the summer - fresh, in the winter - sweet, in the spring and autumn - light floral or fruit. It is not always easy to understand the variety of compositions, so you should start with the simplest: what is perfume water and how does it differ from toilet water?

Eau de parfum

Hailing from france

Both terms originally appeared in France - a country that is still famous for the whole world with the wealth and refinement of perfume. Women's eau de toilette is an aromatic composition with a light unobtrusive smell, the purpose of which was to give a freshness to the image of a girl during the day. Today it can be used for the same purposes.The smell of toilet water quickly disappears, so from time to time it is necessary to update it, applying the scent again to the wrists, the clavicle and the area behind the ears. Perfumery water - a more concentrated composition. Its fragrance is characterized by increased resistance, and therefore the tool can be applied only once a day. However, this water is worth, as a rule, more expensive toilet.

Features of perfumery water

In terms of the concentration of aromatic substances, perfumery water is the second composition in a row (the first place is taken by a “clean” perfume - an aroma extract). Its smell is very persistent and blends perfectly with the natural smell of the skin. However, this does not mean that the fragrance of such water will spread to the kilometer around. On the contrary, experts usually try to give their creations lightness and ensure the gradual disclosure of their notes during the day. The so-called middle notes that form the basis of the fragrance last longer. Lavender and rose - the main floral shades, of which usually consists of perfumery water. Reviews of these notes are the most neutral,therefore, perfumers use lavender and rose as the “heart” of their works of art, adding personality to them through more exotic shades.

Avon Eau de Parfum

Features of toilet water

Toilet water contains the lowest concentration of aromatic oil - about 10%. You can buy toilet water almost anywhere, including the usual supermarkets, while perfume water is sold only in cosmetics and perfumery stores.

Compositions in this category are quite cheap, and if you wish, you can find more or less tolerable counterparts of the famous perfume. However, the fragrance will not last long and will disappear in just a couple of hours - that is why it needs to be updated regularly. Like perfumery water, toilet compositions are gradually revealed, but rarely please the owners with middle notes. Most often, only the initial ones are clearly revealed, consisting mainly of ginger or citrus hues.

women's toilet water

Instructions for use

Regardless of the final choice and preferences, every woman wants her favorite fragrance to hold on as long as possible. To do this, you can use the obvious, seemingly practical recommendation: spray perfume or toilet water on clothing.As a rule, aromatic compositions last much longer on fabric textures than on bare skin. In addition, with each movement the aroma is updated, giving the owner a bouquet of fresh notes. If you are going to an important meeting, apply the scent just before leaving the house (or better, just before you leave the car). In addition, the persistence of smell contributes to the dispersion of water on the elbows or the area around the neck.

perfumery water reviews

There is another little-known trick. Unfortunately, it does not increase the resistance of the fragrance, but it will allow you to enjoy the true smell of the selected perfume or eau de toilette. Its essence is as follows: for the full disclosure of the aromatic composition, it is enough to press the vial dispenser only once or twice. Many try to spray on themselves as much water as possible, hoping that in this way your favorite notes will last longer. This is a wrong opinion. The persistence of the aroma does not depend on the number of sprays, nor on the high cost of the bottle (whether it is "Christian Dior" or "Avon", perfume water will be the same in its chemical properties).It is better to sprinkle the skin with the fragrance once and update the composition every hour than to use a fivefold spray and repeat it every two hours.

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