Tips on how to conceive a child

Jul 12, 2018

Tips on how to conceive a childHave you decided on the conception of a child? And you are wondering what you need to do to conceive a child? The first thing to do is to cancel contraceptives. The second is to relax and get ready for pregnancy. Third, have patience and wait. Today we will consider how the conception takes place, what you need to know before conception, etc.
So, the topic of the conversation is "how to conceive a child".

If you used any non-hormonal contraceptives, you can immediately begin to conceive a child. If you used pills as contraceptives, as Russian doctors think, conception in this case should not be planned in the nearest menstrual cycle. Since the hormones you take can affect the reproductive system of the unborn child. However, Western experts do not insist on this precaution before conceiving, because there are cases when women became pregnant, forgetting to accidentally take another pill. At the same time, pregnancy and development of the baby proceeded as expected.

How the conception of

occurs If the cycle lasts 28 days, from the first day to the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, thanks to the follicle-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland( FGS), about ten follicles develop in each ovary. The walls of the follicles produce estrogens( female sex hormones).When a follicle reaches maturity, the FGS receives a signal and sends a "messenger" - the luteening hormone of the pituitary gland( LH hormone), which causes ovulation. Then in 12-36 hours a single mature follicle bursts and releases an egg from itself, which then enters the fallopian tube, where it waits for the appearance of spermatozoa. And conception occurs if they appear. But the "patience" of the egg, unlike spermatozoa, which do not lose within two days of their strength, is enough only for a day, at this time and there must be a conception.

Thanks to this exact schedule, we can say that a woman is only ready for conception three days a month. The length of the menstrual cycle determines which days you can get pregnant. This can be calculated on the basis that the egg leaves the uterine tube in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If it lasts 28-30 days, then wait for ovulation 14 days after the onset of menstruation, if your menstrual cycle is 25 days, then wait for the egg on day 11.

Before conceiving a child

It is important to be healthy to conceive a child, this applies to both women and men. For women, the state of their uterine tubes is important. Pipes should be flexible, without various restrictions and obstacles of a different kind. And the uterus should be healthy and ready to take a fetal egg. In addition, a woman should have enough cervical mucus of good quality, which helps the spermatozoa get to the coveted target as soon as possible.

If you decide to conceive a child, a full medical examination is optional. The exception is women who have ever faced gynecological problems, for example, with infections. Before deciding on pregnancy, in this case it is necessary to undergo a survey and get confirmation that all problems are behind. The rest of the future mothers are enough before the conception of a simple consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist, during which he will give some recommendations.

Reset excess weight, as it very often disrupts the production of hormones, and due to ovulation. The same happens with leanness.

Refuse in advance from smoking. Since pregnancy and tobacco are not the most ideal combination. Moreover, the addiction to nicotine can increase the risk of premature birth.

Remember about the right to rest and have a good rest before conception. It is known that stress and fatigue can prevent conception.

Otherwise, live a normal life and do not stick to any particular regime. For example, to have sex more often is not necessary. On the contrary, frequent relationships reduce the chances of conception: with ejaculation the concentration of spermatozoa decreases over and over again. The ideal option is regular sexual intimacy three days before ovulation and within three days after.

Define ovulation day before conception

Remember that even with strict implementation of all the recommendations of doctors, while maintaining physical health and a psychological state at a high level, the chance of getting pregnant in the first month is 25%.This is normal, so do not worry. But if for a year and a half you can not conceive a child, in this case, consult a doctor. The specialist will recommend you a basal temperature chart, as this is an effective and very simple way to know when ovulation occurs. To do this, every day, measure the temperature in the rectum, before getting up in the morning from bed, and draw a graph from these indicators.

Before ovulation in the rectum, the temperature will keep below 37 degrees C, and on the day the egg leaves, the temperature rises sharply. This is due to progesterone, which is produced in the 2nd phase of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurred if the temperature difference is 0, 5 degrees C.

If you combine the basal temperature schedule and the "health history" of a woman, it will be easier for a specialist to help a future mother, offer her a checkup and prescribe a treatment. One of the surveys is called hysterosalpingography, it allows you to assess the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes. And to determine the quality and mobility of spermatozoa, doctors can advise the father to make a spermogram.

In a man up to 40-45 years of age, spermatozoa remain superactive. Although later men can conceive a child, there are cases of men becoming fathers at the age of 60.

Doctors believe that before the age of 30, it is necessary to decide on the birth of the first child, since after 35 years the woman in most cases has difficulty with conception, as more often at this age cycles occur without ovulation, and also with the course of pregnancy itself.

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