Tips for fishermen: how to catch a crucian

To date, perhaps the most popular trophy among amateur fishermen is a crucian carp. It just so happened that this fish at least once, but got hooked on everyone. In addition, it is common everywhere and lives even in those waters where other species simply do not survive. Also captivates the fact that you do not need to be a professional to know how to catch a crucian. Fishing for this species in ponds or small rivers is ideal for beginners who want to learn to float or even a donk. By the way, the excitement can be added by the fact that in addition to gold and silver carp, you can catch a variety of hybrids on the hook.

Types of crucian and its habitat

how to catch a crucian

Crucian carp is one of the most unpretentious and easily accessible species of fish. It floats among the vegetation at the bottom of ponds, lakes and small rivers and favorably survives even such winters when the reservoir freezes through completely. But not only frosts are not terrible for him. During a drought, when the pond grows shallower, the cunning crucian just digs into the mud.It can be found in such a period even at a depth of 70 centimeters. This is the way to survive all the bad weather and explains why this particular species has become widespread.

By the way, there is also a mass of interesting facts concerning the phenomenal survivability of a crucian. If you put it in a bucket with wet moss or grass, he will live there for another two, or even three days. It can exist in overgrown swamps, where there is a clear lack of oxygen in the water. How does a crucian survive? It is proven that this species is able to breathe through the entire surface of the body. Of course, such adaptability allows him to quietly exist where other species simply will not survive. The only thing that is dangerous for a crucian is predatory fish, such as pike. It is this toothed predator often adjacent to it in water. There is no natural way to defend a crucian. He swims quietly in the thickets in the water, hoping that he will not be noticed.

Before you talk in detail about how to catch a carp, it is useful to learn to distinguish between its subspecies. There are two of them. Golden carp has a rounded body shape. His scales are large. Gold is called for color, which varies from brown to reddish-gold. The back is always darker than the belly of a fish.

The body of goldfish is more oblong.Large scales are light, even silver. The caudal fin clearly shows a split.

Despite such differences in appearance, both of these subspecies of carp are the same way of life and are often found in the same body of water. The only thing that can be noticed is that crucian carp prefer running water. Both subspecies freely interbreed with each other. It is also known for certain that a crucian carp caviar can fertilize tench and carp. Crucians will grow from such eggs, although these hybrids may be slightly larger.

Despite the large distribution of these fish, you still need to know when and how to catch a crucian. Although they are very hardy, they still show their activity only when the water warms up to 16-18 degrees. They spawn their eggs later than other species, around the end of May. The young are hiding in the thickets of vegetation and feed on zooplankton. Adult individuals are looking for food, digging in the mud at the bottom. They are happy to taste the vegetation and worms. Therefore, the bait and bait to catch them, there are many.

Collecting float fishing rod on a crucian - fishing rod

Many people consider fishing for crucian too simple and even primitive. But this is far from the case. There are many nuances and features. How well the tackle will be collected and the bait chosen will ultimately determine the amount of catch. So, how to catch a crucian with the help of the well-known float rod? If not only small fish, but also large individuals live in a pond, you need to prepare thoroughly.

First, we determine the rod. The most convenient and practical - telescopic. Rod must be strong, and its tip - elastic. It is also taken into account that the crucian places must be sought, and this means frequent transitions from place to place. Therefore, choose a compact, easily assembled rod. Its weight is also important. The lighter it is, the more convenient for an angler. In general, these are the main points to consider when choosing a rod. It only remains to add that its optimal length is 4–5 meters. But here everything is individual. If you have to catch in the shovels, near the shore, then it will be more convenient to take a three-meter rod.

Fishing line for carp fishing

how to catch a big crucian

How to catch a big crucian? Tackle plays an important role. The rig must be durable, but light.Crucian - fish cautious. His bites are not always clear and sharp. Also, the fish should not feel the weight of the gear, otherwise it will just spit out the hook and the bait. If the carp after the first attempt feels something amiss, it will go away and there will be no bites. Therefore, it is necessary to put a fishing line with a diameter of 0.10–0.15 mm on the gear. This is quite enough to pull out a large copy, as well as feel and see even the most careful poklevochki.

What else can be said about the line on the crucian? Better to be thinner. This will give it elasticity, resulting in more bites. Of course, it is important to the quality of the gear, you do not need to take the one on which there is a thickening or roughness. At the beginning of each fishing season, the fishing line on the rods must be changed. Over time, it loses its strength. And this is fraught with cliffs at the most inopportune moment.

Hooks for carp tackle

Hooks also have their own requirements. Since they are completely different in shape, thickness and length, then not everyone is suitable for catching crucian carp, of course. Experienced fishermen put only those whose bend width is half the length of the fore. When buying hooks, it will be easier to rely on the fact that No. 5 and No. 6 are suitable for small and medium fish, and if it is planned to catch large crucians, then No. 7.

Check the sting.It must be very sharp. Several times a season the hook should be replaced with a new one. But, of course, this is not all the wisdom of how to catch a crucian on a lake or river. It is very important to choose the right float.


how to catch a big crucian

An experienced fisherman always has several floats in stock. All of them are of different types. What kind of float to install on the gear, determine the conditions of fishing. For example, if fishing is carried out with boats in the thickets of aquatic vegetation, then it is best to use a fixed two-gram float. In such conditions, the fish is right under the fisherman. Long casting is not necessary. The sound of a heavy heavy float will only scare the crucian.

It is a completely different situation if you fish from the shore to the depths. Here you can have a sliding float. Its weight varies from 5 to 8 g. Well, in order to make it easy to see from afar, bright colors are used. The question remains how to quickly catch a crucian on rivers with a pronounced current. Here fixed heavy floats weighing at least 8 g will be useful. As a rule, they are shifted almost to the very top of the rod.

A little bit about snap fishing rods

For fishing carp on ponds, as a rule, use float fishing rods. Therefore, it is necessary to describe in more detail the options for their equipment. If you need to decide how to catch a crucian on a lake with overgrown water lilies and calm waters, then everything is pretty simple. It is best to take the usual float rod with a fixed float. The length of the rod will depend on how far the casts will be. It can be from 3.5 to 7 meters.

The second option of equipment means use of the sliding float. It slides freely along the fishing line, but the depth must be adjusted by stops. Most often it is rubber clamps that are installed slightly above the float. Well, the casting distance is adjusted using a reel, unwinding the required length of the fishing line. The main thing here is to be careful and not to be confused.

Carp bait

how to catch a crucian on a lake

After the tackle has been collected, the depth is set, it will be necessary to hook the bait on the hook. This is where the most interesting thing begins in fishing for crucian. Crucian, perhaps the most capricious and at the same time omnivorous fish. He will not miss the moment and will not swim past the worm and a piece of bread crumb.In densely stocked ponds to feed the fish does not make sense. But if there is a question, how to catch a large crucian, for example, on a river or a lake, then lure is obligatory.

The balls with the feed mixture are thrown directly near the place where the baited hook is located. Since a crucian is a cautious fish, splashes can scare it away, then you just need to wait 15 minutes and the fish will return. If after feeding for a long time there are no bites, then it is time to experiment with the bait. It is best to use two float fishing rods for catching crucian. On the first we string the worm and throw it. But on the hook of the second fishing rod we put another alternative bait. In the case of a crucian, it can be maggots, bloodworms, caddishers, bread crumb, semolina, barley, mastyrka. In general, there is plenty to choose from. As for how to catch a crucian on a bait, then it is most important to correctly guess what this fastidious person wants today and at the moment. His preferences may change several times a day. Therefore, you must always be prepared and "fully armed."

The main bait on a crucian is, of course, worms.As a rule, fish prefers them, especially in the spring and autumn periods. In the summer, the carp is sometimes “crazy”. He can abruptly stop taking a worm. Bites in this case become very rare. Then you should offer him other options. Cruss wormfish complains rarely, these larvae are best used in the manufacture of bait mixture. In the spring of a fisherman can help out the presence of moth The crucian loves him, but here it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that ruddies and verkhovs will immediately fly over him. So, deciding how to catch a big crucian, you need to remember that the best treat for him is, of course, a bunch of dung worms.

Vegetable nozzles

If while fishing the bites die down and the crucian carp disappears, then you need to navigate and change the bait in time. Consider what else can be offered on the hook of this fish. In addition to animal bait, a fisherman should also have a vegetable one. Best of all the carp is caught on a monkey talker, steamed barley and pea mastyrku. There are cases when a crucian takes corn. But this nozzle rather carp.

So, how to catch a fish carp when it starts to "act up"? Once again it is worth recalling the basic rule: the more nozzles, the greater the chance of success.We plant an attractive bundle of worms for one bait, and on the second we start experimenting. First, it is recommended to make a sandwich, for example, put a worm and a barley on the hook right away. If there is no bite, take a mastyrku or mash. On something the carp will bite. In any case, if there is a lull, then you need to change the bait.


Crucian - lazy fish. Going fishing, you should never forget about bait mixes. However, expensive bait do not need to take. In the villages, this fish is generally lured with food waste. But still there are small nuances concerning how to catch a large crucian. Bait must have a smell. Carp has a wonderful sense of smell, its taste buds are also well developed. The best bait for him is porridge. But the main ingredients - at the discretion of the angler. To give the finished mixture the desired flavor, most often used anise and sunflower oil.

Carp fishing in the spring

how to quickly catch a crucian

Spring fishing is very interesting. How to catch a crucian during this period is not a simple question. When the water in the pond warms, the fish approaches the shore. Carp begin in late April.But fishing at this time is very difficult. The water is light, so the visibility is very good. Crucian spring is very shy and shies away from coarse gear and incomprehensible sounds.

It is also necessary in the spring to choose the right bait. There are many options. In the spring time animals for bait are preferable to carp. These are earthen and dung worms, maggots and bloodworms. If the fish stops responding to animal baits, then you need to replace them with something vegetable. This can be a mastyrka or semolina. Also the carp well reacts to the bread crumb. It is necessary to search for fish near thickets of reeds. In open spaces it is difficult to catch.

Carp summer fishing

In the warm period, a stable bite is observed starting from the first days of June and ending in mid-August. But here the weather and atmospheric pressure play their part. The most lively bites are observed in the morning and evening dawn. In general, it can be noted that a carp takes a good bait until 11 o'clock in the afternoon. Then there is a slight lull, during which the bites are sluggish and at intervals. The second wave of activity accounts for 17 hours. Crucian continues to pull the float until sunset.But even after sunset there are chances to catch. So, how best to catch a carp weighty sizes? It is noted that such individuals go out to feed in the wee hours and in the evening twilight. The place of catching must be sought carefully. In the summer, especially on hot days, the fish keeps in the thickets of grass in the shade. But feed it goes to the overgrown shoal, where the water is heated and you can find an abundance of food. During this period you can catch a crucian on a worm, steamed peas or barley. Lure areas of the reservoir should be a mixture of corn porridge and crackers. Smell such a mixture should anise or sunflower oil. But just do not mix these flavors.

In the second half of August, the nights become colder. The water slowly cools. Aquatic vegetation gradually settles to the bottom. Carp in this period departs from the coast to the depth. You can find it, but the catch will not be as abundant as in previous months.

Carp fishing in the fall

 how to catch a fish crucian

In the autumn, the crucian carp bite weakens and sometimes disappears altogether. The fish goes to the depth, and near the coast it is practically impossible to find. So, how to catch a lot of crucians in this unfavorable period? Search for fish in the backwaters and in the pits.Here she gathers in packs. If fishing from a boat, it is easy to find such parking, or as they are also called - "stingrays". Throw tackle need not in the pit itself, but along its edge. And, of course, do not forget about the bait. It is very important. Suitable peas and cake. Worms are always taken as bait. In some regions, carp is caught even on the first ice.

Influence of the bottom when fishing for carp

Crucian obtains its own food, digging at the bottom, while rising cloud of turbidity. Experienced fishermen can find a crucian trail along the abundance of bubbles that float to the surface. This means that at the moment a flock of carp is digging in the ground, tearing it in search of something nutritious. But in the summer, on especially hot days, the fish may burrow shallowly in the mud to cool a little. In the same place the crucian and winters, but find it somewhat deeper.

But sometimes this type can be found on solid ground. Here you can think about how to catch a crucian on the donku. On a hard bottom in a large number live small organisms live, so the fish must be attracted to the place of fishing. That's what the feeding trough with the bait mixture is necessary for.But first you need to find out what the nature of the soil in this area of ​​the reservoir. To do this, they catch a weight of 30 grams on the line and make a cast. We wait until it falls, and begin to slowly drag it to the shore. If there is practically no resistance, then the bottom is muddy. If the line comes with effort, then probably the sinker fell into the clay. In areas with sandy or rocky bottom carp is practically not found. To catch him in such places is useless.

how best to catch a crucian

So, how to catch a crucian in a pond with a silt bottom? The main thing is to understand that, most likely, the bait with a bait will go with a sinker into the mud by a few centimeters. Of course, the crucian will be able to find it if it swarms around in search of food, but it is best to give the bait buoyancy, for example, wearing a polystyrene ball on the hook. If a feeder is used, then it must be equipped with special foam strips. Also it is worth refusing metal models. Silicone feeders are best suited.

Fishing carp on spinning

The only question that remains is how to catch a crucian on spinning. Many people think that it is impossible to do this and they don’t catch this type of fish with this gear.But lately, in some regions, large crucian carp began to be caught just by spinning.

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