The son of Viktor Tsoi: biography and creativity

Alexander Viktorovich Tsoi is a famous Russian rock musician, composer and graphic designer. His life is always in the spotlight, as he is the only son of the famous singer and composer Viktor Tsoi.

Childhood years Tsoi Jr.

Alexander Tsoi was born in 1985 in Leningrad. Date of birth called the twenty-sixth of July. By this time, the relations in the family of his parents, Marianna and Victor, were complex and conflicting. As soon as the baby was one year old, his father left the family.

Officially, the divorce was not registered, but the celebrity father did not stop communicating with his son, he constantly visited and took him. The boy's mother at this time began to meet with another rock musician - Ricochet, who soon moved to live with them.Son of Viktor Tsoi

About childhood, the son of Viktor Tsoi remembers little good. The way of life of the mother and her roommate was unacceptable for the child. From early childhood, Alexander saw constant drunken parties of his parents and the same drunken guests against the background of loud heavy music.Of course, such a “creative” atmosphere within the walls of one’s own home could not help but reflect further on the lifestyle of the young man.

At the same time, he had to endure the greatest shock in his life - the death of his father, who was a vivid example for Alexander. By the way, the last meeting of native people took place in 1990, in the summer. They then traveled to the Baltics together, where they celebrated 5th anniversary of Sasha. 10 days after this event, August 15, 1990, Viktor Tsoi died.

Youthful years

At school, the son of Viktor Tsoi studied poorly. According to some reports, the young man was not even able to graduate from an educational institution, having escaped from an unbearable home life in the capital. At that time, he was barely sixteen years old.The son of Victor Tsoi now

In Moscow, the son of Viktor Tsoi studied textile design, improving the knowledge gained in practice. Along the way, the young man learned English and became interested in computer programming.

Completely alone

At the age of 20, a new shock awaited the young man: in 2007, his mother died, having suffered from oncology for several years. In 2009, another beloved grandmother went to the world, with whom Alexander lived after his mother’s death. Marianne asked her son to avoid publicity.Perhaps that is why Alexander Tsoi, the son of Viktor Tsoi (photo), leads a solitary life, tries not to meet with journalists.Viktor Tsoi's son photoHe often withdraws into himself and refuses to communicate with the outside world. Alexander, even with time, changed his surname, taking the pseudonym Molchanov.

Music hobby

From five years old son Victoria Tsoi began to write poetry. Soon he became interested in music, which is a little different from the one that his father wrote and performed. At one time, Alexander's mom was able to sue the rights to the songs that were performed by the Kino group and her famous husband.

All rights to the work of Viktor Tsoi, she issued on his son. Trying to avoid the attention of journalists, the young man sold the rights to one of his father’s songs to a famous banker Oleg Tinkov.

Alexander Tsoi, son of Viktor Tsoi: biography and creativity

Alexander Tsoi is the owner of his own club. He also has his own band, Para Bellvm, with whom he also performs, but only as a guitarist. He writes music and words for his songs.Viktor Tsoi's son photo

The son of Viktor Tsoi is now earning a living on design skills. All friends say that he is fluent in English and computer, perfectly draws.

Interview Alexander Tsoi is still trying not to give and not to have any business with journalists. Still, he has one interview in 2012, where, when asked by the media about his father, the young man left to answer, saying that he knew too little.

It is known that in 2014, Alexander filed a lawsuit against a libel case against Viktor Tsoi. The culprit, who slandered his father, was Yevgeny Fedorov, then acting deputy of the State Duma.

The film about the father - Viktor Tsoy

In 2014, Alexander became an active participant in the filming of a film about his father. Choi Junior not only took part in the shooting, playing himself, but also performed all the computer graphics for this film. The music in the film was recorded based on the songs of the Kino group. The initiator of the filming of this film was film critic Natalia Razlogov - the last woman of Viktor Tsoi. For 22 years, she kept a unique record, once sung by Viktor Tsoi on a two-cassette tape recorder. This is the song "Ataman", which has never been performed anywhere. Natasha realized that the time had come to present this song to the attention of fans of the famous rock musician.

For the sake of filming in this film, Alexander traveled to Moscow, lived there for three weeks and tried his best to help in all organizational matters.

Alexander's personal life

Alexander Tsoi got married in 2010. Elena Osokina became his chosen one. It is interesting that at the same time his grandfather, the father of Viktor Tsoi, with whom the young man never had a relationship, got married.

But friends of Alexander Viktorovich believe that Elena negatively affects her husband. Recently, unusual pictures began to appear, in which a young man is suspended from hooks. The son of Viktor Tsoi, whose photos surprise not only admirers of his father’s work, but even his friends, tries to spend time in such circles where hanging the body on hooks is considered the norm. By the way, the causes of masochism are often rooted in childhood experiences. His wife, who, most likely, dragged her husband into such understandable games, is also engaged in torturing his body. But Alexander Viktorovich doesn’t say anything about his personal life either.Alexander Tsoi, son of Viktor Tsoi, biography

All the acquaintances of Alexander Tsoi are surprised: he completely abandoned all his hobbies and is busy only with this. But it is a pity that such talent disappears.

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