The most popular breeds of guinea pigs with photos and names

Cavia porcellus, guinea pig or guinea pig, cavey - all this is about a guinea pig, a small domesticated rodent called "mumps" for the published characteristic sounds.

Representatives of the most popular marine speciesThe pigs reach 25-30 cm in length and weigh from 1 kg to 1.5 kg. Animals live from 5 to 7 years. Description of some of the numerous breeds of guinea pigs with photos and names will be given in the text of the article.

Why in ancient times domesticated rodents?

It's hard to believe, but the guinea pigs weredomesticated more than 7 thousand years ago. This happened in the countries of South America, in the Andean mountains. In those days, the guinea pig was a dish on the table of the South American tribes.

With animals, selection work was carried out, andAt the time the conquistadors appeared on the continent, there were many varieties of guinea pigs. In the middle of the 16th century the guinea pig enters Europe, and not somewhere, but into the royal family, where it becomes the favorite of Elizabeth I of England. Further guinea pig is gaining popularity and ceases to be a "food".

The portrait of the 16th century depicts the children of a wealthy English noble family. One of the boys holds a bird in their hands, and the girl's hand depicts a guinea pig.

breeds of guinea pigs with photos and names

Since the 1540s, about 20 breedsguinea pigs, with photos and names of some of them can be found in this article. Crossing of the guinea pigs was aimed at obtaining animals of unusual appearance.

Why are the breeds of guinea pigs so popular?

The secret of fame of small rodents is very simple. They are incredibly nice and unpretentious for keeping at home. It's easier to follow a guinea pig than a wayward cat and a playful dog. The animal does not need to walk, comb and wash it much easier than a large animal. An important role is played by the lower cost of keeping mumps.

breeds of guinea pigs description

Make sure the sweetness of the animals is easy, you needjust look at the photo of the family of a popular breed of guinea pigs, the name Satinova. Satin's guinea pigs are so adorable that more than once and not two participated in the shooting of children's films in the lead roles.

Variety of breeds of guinea pigs

Although the breeds of guinea pigs are very many, recognizedare considered only 13. The descriptions of the breeds of guinea pigs, the exterior have been developed and the standards for assessing individuals have been established. Exhibitions of guinea pigs are held in Europe and many others.

All 13 breeds are recognized not only by European standards, but also by the American Association of Seagull Breeders.

In addition to recognized breeds, there are a number ofspecies of guinea pigs for which standards are not available. Unrecognized varieties of guinea pigs include: Harlequin, Baldwin, Belted, Panda, Ridgeback, Skinny, Soroka. These rocks are considered rare, individuals of the species were obtained as a result of unsuccessful attempts of crossing. Rare breeds are not popular with professional breeders.

After one attempt to mix different speciesa strange mutation appeared. Cubs appear shaggy, but with full age they completely lose their hair. To get acquainted with the description and photograph of the breed of guinea pigs with the name Baldwin it is possible below.

breeds of guinea pigs with photos and names

Since Baldwin is completely bald and artificiallyexcreted breed, its individuals require special care. Guinea pigs do not tolerate cold or heat and are not adapted to living outdoors. Animals can burn in the sun, because they have a very delicate silky skin.

Description of the breed of American guinea pigs

American breed or English Kevi is one of thethe most famous and popular in the world. The animals of the American breed have a smooth and short coat. The color may be different, but more often there are multi-colored individuals.

longhaired breed of guinea pigs reviews

Mink of the American breed will become a wonderful pet for the child. The animal is characterized by a calm character. Pigs are not fastidious and do not require special care for the fur.

A lively and cheerful animal perfectly coexists withdecorative rabbits and their own kind. It is worth noting that in nature pigs are social animals, so they like to communicate with people and love affection and attention. They are able to show even a certain attachment to the owner.

Peruvian guinea pig - description of the breed

Efforts of professional breeders to eliminatenew breeds of animals sometimes lead to an unexpected result. First is to get acquainted with the photo of the breed of guinea pigs and the name of this amazing animal.

longhaired breed of guinea pigs reviews

Appearance of animals is more like decorativerabbits, rather than guinea pigs, only hanging ears and a round tail are missing. Peruvian guinea pigs are known for their long and silky hair to touch. This breed is very fond of breeders and individuals can often be found at international dog shows.

Long-haired breed of guinea pigs, reviews aboutwhich is not the most flattering, not the best choice for an lazy or inexperienced host. The wool of Peruvian guinea pigs can grow to 50 cm, so animals require daily combing and hair care, otherwise garbage accumulates in the wool. Also representatives of the species are very active, they require a lot of space for games and attention of the owner.

Description of the breed of Abyssinian guinea pigs

The Abyssinian is the oldest and most widely known breed of guinea pigs. The mole of this breed became the pupil of Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century.

variety of breeds of guinea pigs

The ancestors of the Abyssin became famous for their incredibly dense fur. Wool grows in bundles - rosettes, located throughout the body.

Incredibly energetic and inquisitive, animalsare real individualists with their own character and habits. Animal fur requires compulsory combing 2-3 times a week. Abyssinians need a spacious cage and regular walks in the fresh air.

Description of the coronet

The coronet pigs are very similar to guinea pigsSheltie. Both breeds are famous for their unusual long hair. Beasts of the Coronet have one large rosette of hair growth on the head. Due to the tuft, the guinea pig looks funnier. Below is a photo of the animal.Peruvian Guinea Pig Description

Like all long-haired pigs, it requires daily care. If the animal does not participate in exhibitions, wool can be cut. The length of the beast's fur for the exhibition should not be less than 15 cm.

Description of the breed Merino

The Merino breed was obtained by crossing the guinea pigs Coronet. Throughout the body of the animal grows a short curly coat.popular breeds of guinea pigs

Like the pigs Coronet, Merino - very activebreed. To keep them, you need a large cage with a lot of tunnels, squeaking toys and balls. Mumps Merino enjoy the attention and caress of the owners. The wool of guinea pigs is noticeably shorter than that of the Coronets, but it also requires regular maintenance.

Description of the Texel breed

Texel hails from England, pigs are a hybridSheltie. Representatives of the species have a large round head and a long curly hair throughout the body. It is very difficult to take care of fur of guinea pigs, therefore it is not recommended to give them to children.breeds of guinea pigs description

In addition to combing, the animals need regular haircut, pruning claws and cleaning the ears. Pets should also be washed regularly with shampoo, otherwise the wool will have an unpleasant smell.

Otherwise, Texel guinea pigs do not differ from other breeds. They are energetic, curious, attached to the owner, funny in tricks and beautiful.

Description of breed White Crestled

Guinea pigs of the White Crested breed received theirThe name for a white crest on the forehead characteristic of all individuals. The most common coloring of animals is a monophonic redhead, it is rare to find other variants.

popular breed guinea pigs

Animals are unpretentious in care and requirecombing once a week. Crested are very modest mumps, they are not as brazen and curious as mumps of other breeds. Also, animals show exceptional ingenuity, memorize words for feeding and games, can distinguish voices of owners.

White Crested will be an excellent choice for people of ages and families, for some reason, wary of starting large pets.

Tips for breeding guinea pigs

In one litter of guinea pigs is from 3 to 8cubs. Like all rodents, mumps are very sexually active and can bring offspring 3 times a year. Individuals carry the cubs for 2 months. Toddlers grow very quickly and after 3-4 months become fully adult.

When crossing, it is necessary to refer tospecial literature and learn the compatibility of species and coloring of animals. The books describe the possible and undesirable consequences of mixing rocks, and do not neglect such valuable information.

Immediately after purchase and before breeding the animalit is necessary to show the vet. Do not forget that the beloved pet is primarily an animal that can tolerate dangerous diseases. Therefore, visits to vet clinics should be regular, this will not only protect family members from illnesses, but will benefit the mumps itself.

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