The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life

Trees in the life of people play a huge role. Without their existence it is impossible to imagine the history of mankind.

Among the many species, there are in Russia the most common trees. A brief description of some species is described in this article.


Among the most common trees in Russia, birch is the undisputed leader. This hardwood has more than 100 species, 60 of which are found in our country. The tree prevails in the composition of deciduous and mixed forests. It can be said with a statement that this tree is a symbol of Russia.

Birch can reach 50 meters in height. There are also dwarf species that reach the meter, and shrub species, creeping over the stones.

The external description of Russian birch differ depending on the species. Among the representatives of this breed white color of bark prevails.Serrated leaves, grow alternately on a branch, up to 7 cm in size. Birch flowers form earrings.

The tree is resistant to climate change. The average age of birch trees is 150 years.the most common tree of Russia

Resources of the most widespread tree of Russia are used for a long time. This is wood, bark, birch bark, birch sap. Birch is the main fuel for kilns for many centuries. From leaves and birch buds prepare infusions with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing properties.

Birch is of great importance for the people of our country. Numerous poems and songs are devoted to her.


The most common coniferous tree in Russia and many other countries is larch. Among the representatives of conifers, larch has the unique ability to drop needles in the autumn.

There are about 20 species of this tree species. It grows mainly in northern latitudes, inhabiting the taiga forests. Avoid places with strong shadow. It has excellent resistance to low temperatures. Differs in the same rapid growth, reaches the age of more than 500 years.

On average, species of larch grow to 50 meters in height. The girth of a tree can exceed one meter. Needles are soft, bright green.tree symbol of Russia

Larch wood is used in construction. Appreciated for its moisture resistant properties. The needles of this most common tree in Russia, among other conifers, are used in the preparation of dishes and healing infusions.


One of the tree-symbols of Russia is pine. This evergreen tree has about 125 species. Pines have a large habitat, form mixed and pine forests.

These evergreen conifers can be represented as a dwarf breed, and species that grow more than 40 meters in height. The color of the needles, like their size, depends on the type. Most often it is dark green and blue hues.

Pines are long-lived among other trees, capable of living from several hundred to a thousand years.

Wood is highly valued for its high quality, durability and resistance to change. It is often used in construction, furniture production.Russian birch

Pine is also famous for its high resin content, from which various substances are obtained during processing. An example would be getting a natural flavor.

Pine needles, buds and cones are very rich in healing properties, essential oils, tannins. Recipes for medicinal decoctions, infusions, ointments, prepared on the basis of these resources, are passed down from generation to generation.

These trees, along with the Russian birch, were often depicted in the paintings of various artists, mentioned in the works of the authors.


From the times of ancient Greece to the present day, poplars have been among the main elements of landscape landscaping. They are characterized by rapid growth and large size: height up to 60 meters, diameter of the trunk more than a meter. Grow in temperate and southern latitudes. The average lifespan of a tree is small, about 70 years.

The poplar has a large branched crown. Blossoms in the form of earrings. The fruit is a box with seeds, surrounded by hairs - poplar fluff.

The planting of poplar as protective bands is very common in our country. Wood is valued for its softness and lightness. Used in the manufacture of plywood, paper, and some other products. It is also used as a fuel.The most common tree in Russia is birch

The genus of poplar belongs to the willow family.There are more than 90 species, among which one of the most common trees in Russia is aspen. This species is often found in mixed forests, near ponds and ravines. It is also used as a landscaping area, in construction and production.


One of the strongest and most majestic trees is oak. This genus includes more than 500 species of trees. Differs in a unique structure of leaves, high life expectancy. The fruit is acorn nuts.

It grows in places with a temperate climate, choosing a well-moistened soil.

Oak wood is considered one of the most valuable, characterized by high strength and resistance to external influences, therefore it is often used in construction.

The bark is rich in tannins that have anti-inflammatory and firming effect. On its basis, medicinal decoctions and infusions are prepared.

Acorns are an excellent vitamin food for forest and domestic animals.

Oak, along with other trees, plays a big role in people's lives. This is reflected in paintings, music, literary works, folk proverbs and sayings that mention a magnificent, mighty tree.

The role of trees in human life

Trees for the whole history of mankind are of great importance. Since the days of the first people, they are a source of heat, light and protection.

The use of forest resources in various industries is very common and diverse, ranging from paper making to the construction of huge objects.

Trees enrich, purify the air, provide a favorable environment for the growth of mushrooms and some berries.

The existence and livelihoods of animals and birds also directly depends on forest plantations.

The bark, leaves and buds of many species of trees have different healing features. On the basis of their preparation numerous medicines. From the young branches of some trees are harvested brooms for baths and steam rooms, which also have healing properties.

To list all the varieties of use and benefits of resources, it will take a lot of time. The contribution of trees to human life is priceless. Therefore, we must carefully treat and preserve this great gift of nature.

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The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 74

The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 63

The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 31

The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 45

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The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 15

The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 94

The most common trees of Russia. Their role in human life 94