The memorable script of the woman's 80th anniversary!

How often do we have to celebratevarious holidays, events, organize celebrations and anniversaries ... And each time it is joyful and exciting moments that can not leave indifferent even those who by their nature do not particularly like to have fun and celebrate significant dates. Consider what the standard scenario of the woman's 80th birthday is and see what features and "secrets" he is in himself.

So, the woman turns 80 ... Age, I must say frankly, rather big ... But away all the prejudices and prejudices - on this wonderful day, you can safely remember how much the birthday girl knocked, especially if it's a close friend! Congratulations on the 80th birthday of a woman should be both tactful and memorable, bright and at the same time neat. Do not "overdo" with pathos phrases and too pretentious, ridiculous statements. Simplicity, conciseness and sincerity - that's what should include 80 years of congratulations to a woman. Nothing extra.

So, the script of the jubilee of a woman of 80 years ... First of all, you should understand that organizing a holiday, you should try to make it as enjoyable for the jubilee, as well as for all guests. In addition, it must be borne in mind that most of the preparations you may have to take - at such a venerable age there is not always enough health and strength to take care of everything yourself. However, it is very important that everything from the list of invitees to the selection of menus and festive music be negotiated with the jubilee. It's no secret that older people are sometimes excessively vulnerable and even capricious, so you need to do everything to make the culprit of the celebration feel like a queen on your holiday.

In order not to be unfounded,what could be the scenario of the woman's 80th birthday. If the birthday girl is full of energy, the anniversary may well be held not only in the circle of friends and relatives, but also former colleagues (for fairness, it should be noted that in very rare cases the lady, despite her age, still continues to work - in this situation the more desirable it is to invite her colleagues to a festive banquet).

To begin the holiday and the script itself, the jubilee of a woman of 80 years can be written in the following words:

"Kind all day, dear friends (colleagues)!

To properly and unforgettably hold ouranniversary, I will ask the help of everyone who is present in the hall. It is you who can help create and maintain an excellent mood and a charge of joy and fun throughout the whole evening. Let's get going! ... "

Saying the first toast, the presenter can say this:

"I am very glad that we are gathered today alltogether in order to spend an unforgettable evening in a wonderful company and a great mood, and, of course, to celebrate a wonderful holiday - an anniversary of our dear ...! "

Then you can read beautiful touching poems that will give the whole celebration a special atmosphere. For example:

Today is a wonderful day,
Today is an anniversary,
We all run to you all together,
Congratulate soon.

Where can I find such poems? In greeting cards and the Internet, they can also be written to order (in this case, it is possible to reflect in the work the main milestones of the life path of the culprit of the celebration).

After this, all the guests can congratulatebirthday. Needless to say, such a soulful approach is able to paint the brightest colors of any, even the most modest holiday ... not to mention the memorable anniversary.

Some useful recommendations aboutcongratulations. Despite a decent age, the jubilee is a woman - and this gives you every chance to remind her of how charming, gentle, caring, kind ... Do not miss such a wonderful opportunity! Thoroughly preparing the script for the holiday, you do not just provide "smoothness" of the speaker's speech and amusing entertainment - by this you show your warm attitude to the birthday girl and give her happy moments. In the scenario developed by you (and he, as you know, should be unique, because we are talking about a close person!) Many aspects of a woman's life should be mentioned and reflected. Of course, her personal happiness, children, grandchildren, husband ... In addition, her hobbies and hobbies. If, for example, a woman is fond of needlework (knitting), you can come up with a beautiful poem on this topic and include it in the script of the woman's 80th birthday. This deeply touches her and invited guests. Next, we must not forget about "work days". Former colleagues present at the celebration can say kind words touching the professional qualities of the anniversary, its responsibility and reliability in the work, as well as good-natured attitude towards the employees!

In the scenario of the 80th anniversary,be provided time not only for sincere toasts and congratulations, but also for dances and even for soulful songs.

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