The meaning of the name Stas (Stanislav). Fate, name day

It has Slavic roots. It came from Poland, where its etymology is directly related to such meanings as “reliable camp”, “glorious fortress”. In the history of ancient Russia, Stanislav is often mentioned - the son of Vladimir the Great. Thanks to the prince, the name became popular: often it was called the descendants of royal persons and nobles. After a while, the name was forgotten - only in the Middle Ages did it return to everyday life.


The meaning of the name Stas for the boy is ambivalent. On the one hand, the baby seems soft and kind, on the other - it has a complex and controversial character. Little Stasik already in the manger demonstrates selfishness and pride. He is touched by any bad word, crooked look, criticism or instruction. Because of this, the boy often conflicts with his peers, gets into fights, and even himself is their instigator.

value of the name stasIt will be difficult for parents to raise from a capricious and stubborn kid a decent man. It will be necessary to make a lot of effort to teach Stas balance, restraint, control over emotions.At a young age, he brings mom and dad a lot of anxiety and problems. The boy requires constant attention, he spends a lot of time in the company of adults, in which he is interested in adopting manners and traits. The elder must be careful, follow the words and actions, otherwise the kid will copy all the negative aspects of their character. Stasik has a very low self-esteem, so raising confidence in him is another prerogative of his parents.


The meaning of the name Stas is reflected in the character of an adult. He really becomes an impregnable fortress, in which he solely reigns and manages. The man is very arrogant, he is able to go over the heads to his goal. The main negative trait of character is egoism and even narcissism. He never admits his mistakes. It is easier for a person who is in love with himself to hang his own blunders on the environment, the society, the difficult epoch, the crisis, but only not on the beloved and beloved. Often it flares up like a match when there is no particular reason for it. Paradoxically, in the situation when the reaction is really necessary, it remains calm and indifferent.

meaning of name stas for a boyAmong the positive qualities of Stanislav I want to highlight his amazing sense of humor, wit, generosity. He is ready to give the last shirt to help someone. In any company, this person is in the center of attention: he is a joker and a merry fellow. Close people notice that under the mask of a proud person a vulnerable soul is hiding. A man is afraid to look weak in the eyes of society, therefore he builds himself of a conflict and proud type.


Before you call a baby, parents do not always take into account the meaning of the name Stas for a boy. And the fate of his son is influenced by a certain energy. The love side of life is no exception: Stas loves to be in the center of female attention, he is experiencing unearthly pleasure, seeing a crowd of fans. By the way, he has a lot of them: the girls "peck" at his jokes, the atmosphere of the holiday, which he skillfully creates around his person. But all of them are waiting for disappointment, as a man for a long time does not want to sacrifice freedom for the sake of a serious relationship.

Having finally decided to capitulate, Stas in a relationship can become unbearable. His main enemies - the desire for attention and pride - will prevent him from devoting the life of a single woman.The chosen one will suffer from constant betrayals, flirting, signs of special attention, which he generously gives to all women without exception. But if Stanislav is lucky to truly fall in love, he will become a real knight for his soulmate - faithful and romantic.

A family

If the marriage is created on such fertile soil as love, then Stanislav will be very happy. Some time lapse. Unfortunately, here the meaning of the name also manifests itself on the negative side. Stas quickly cools down and begins to bend his line: he can turn into a tyrant, because he does not take the initiative, does not take into account the opinions of others, does not tolerate disobedience. Often a woman is not able to withstand such pressure, so often the first marriage breaks up. And only by becoming quite mature, having gained experience and having learned patience, can Stanislav create a strong family: the second attempt is successful.

meaning of the name stas for a boy and fateFor a man, the family is another method of self-affirmation. Therefore, the best option for him will be a modest, kind and flexible girl. Ladies with such a character see him as a defender, so they unconditionally fulfill his orders and demands.As for the financial side of the issue, Stas has no equal in this matter. His house is a full bowl. He is able to earn, manage households and increase capital. With children, the man is strict but friendly. The heirs respect and love him.

Sex life

Intimate life for a man becomes a source of inspiration, joy, happiness. It is located almost in the first place in the hierarchy of its life values. Sex in his mind is a whole mystery that borders a cult. He worships him and is completely dependent on him. A man likes the emotions that he experiences during the process, the sensual pleasure that the body receives. If you find a partner who is ready to share his passions, fulfill desires and give him true passion, then Stas will remain true. He will try to open his girlfriend to the end, scooping new emotions every day with her.

meaning of the name stas for a childThe meaning of the name Stas makes a man reliable behind: the second half is sure that it is located behind a stone wall. The spouse will run home with flowers and gifts - not only the process of physical pleasure, but also the period preceding it is important for him.Seeing the joyful eyes of the chosen one, when she unwraps another present, he gets a range of incomparable sensations. You can even say that it excites him.


The professional activity also reflects the meaning of the name: Stas is endowed with creative talents, he is absolutely not interested in the “male” sphere of interests - sports, cars, equipment. Therefore, he can perfectly realize the potential in show business, acting, journalism. It will leave a gifted musician and an extraordinary artist. Strange as it may seem, Stanislav lacks solidity to move up the career ladder. But if there is a devoted and understanding person nearby who is able to stimulate and guide him, he will become successful and even famous.

The work of Stanislav usually chooses the one where provided for constant communication with people. He loves activity, loves to solve issues and at the same time feel indispensable, special. The complex nature is imprinted on his relationship with colleagues: he often argues and provokes conflicts. Scandalous reputation prevents him from finding a job and gaining a foothold in the position.His promotion often depends on the loyalty of his superiors.


The meaning of the name Stas for a child is closely connected with the physical state of the body. From birth, the boy is sickly, he is prone to almost all diseases. Immunity from Stasik is bad, he starts to hurt from the first day of his life. Parents should conduct regular complete examinations of the baby, since by nature his organs are weak, so it is very important not to miss the onset of the development of chronic ailments. One of the weakest points is the throat and the stomach. Sore throats can just torture the baby, if you do not take precautions.

meaning of name stas name dayStanislav needs to be protected from drafts, avoid hypothermia. Cold drinks are banned, the same applies to food, which in its unheated form can cause problems with the digestive organs, and they are in a zone of increased risk. Stasiku is recommended to take vitamins, food enzymes and fish oil. It is useful for its weak stomach and oat infusion, which you need to drink three times a day after meals. It should be a habit to lead a healthy lifestyle: eat right, walk a lot and play sports.And do not get upset about trifles and avoid stress as much as possible.

Interesting Facts

Angel Day is as important as the meaning of the name. Stas celebrates the name of only the Catholic calendar: April 11, May 8, August 5 and November 13. In the Orthodox calendar this name is absent, therefore representatives of this faith celebrate the holiday on the day when they were born. Interestingly, Stanislavas, born at different times of the year, are very different in character. "Winter", for example, the most balanced, they are restrained and coldish. Such Stasik closed, but others admire them. "Summer" men are the favorites of the public. They love to waste money and shine in society. “Autumn” is vulnerable and touching, it is difficult for them to build relationships with women. "Spring" Stanislava love themselves. These are natural leaders.

meaning of the name stas with the zodiac signThe stone talisman for a man is golden topaz, which is able to tame rage, expel anger and calm passions. He gives his owner optimism and happiness. The meaning of the name Stas with the sign of the Zodiac is also closely related. Its patron saint is twofold and windy Twins.

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