The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol?

The Indian mandala came to us from Buddhism asthe main sacral symbol. Many lovers of secret knowledge are attracted to the mandala: what is this sign, what hidden information does it contain, how to apply it in practice?

Mandala - what is this?
So, the mandala is a drawing ofcertain rituals picture in a closed circle for special purposes. Inside the circle is a square with encrypted information in the form of symbols. In this square, another circle fit harmoniously. The sides of the square are located strictly on the sides of the world and correspond to certain colors: the north of the green shade, the east of the white, the south of the yellow color and the west of the red. On each side of the square are the gates, which continue farther, outward.

Mandala: what is this?

Many are confident that this must necessarily bewoven of yarn pattern. In fact, this is not so. Mandala can be painted, it can be made of any materials - metal, dough, sand, stone, clay ... Of the most famous mandalas is the model of the universe.

Universal mandala

Universal and individual can be a mandala. That this is exactly your option, suitable for you on energy, you can feel for a few minutes looking at its center. If you are pleased to be with her, you like her colors, so this is your mandala. That this is not the right energy for you, you will know right away - your head may get sick or unpleasant associations may arise.

Mandala practitioners of esotericism use inrituals of meditation as a powerful source for the disclosure of internal energy. Individual mandala can be produced independently - as a program for implementing the desired scenario for you. You can draw a mandala for the fulfillment of a specific desire, increase the welfare of the family or attract the right person to your life. After its activation, a certain chain of events begins to unfold in the life of a person, materializing encoded information.

Working with the mandala

Save the drawing of the mandala and print it onprinter. Hang at eye level at a distance of about two meters and look at its center. Try to feel the energy of the mandala, thinking at this of your desire and fulfillment. Close your eyes and imagine the waves of gracious energy that guide you. They envelop your body and carry you to the center of the mandala. You and the mandala are one, enjoy its beneficial energy. After 15 minutes, open your eyes and thank the mandala for working with you. Repeat is recommended once a week.

Mandala of love

Mandala of loveTry using a universal mandala forattracting in his life the other half. Do not try to use the mandala for the love of a particular person. You should feel already loved (in the present tense)! Imagine what feelings you will experience when your second half appears in life. See what you do, how you behave, what you do. Ask the mandala to bring to life your person, with whom you will be happy. Do not allow negative images, remember that thoughts are material, and the energy of the mandala increases them dozens of times.

Numeric mandala

Numeric mandalaNumeric mandala - what is it? This is a kind of horoscope, built on the principles of numerology. The knowledge of ourselves and the world around us is made through figures that from the moment of birth largely determine our destiny. Everything that happens in our life is not just a coincidence - the date of birth, name and surname carry a certain potential and opportunities for its implementation.

The date of birth in theman, his essence. The person of a person is his name and surname (sometimes his patronymic). Surname - patrimonial protection, the name - the highest goal, and the patronymic - ways to achieve this goal.

The compilation of a numerical mandala helps a person understand the life purpose, see his weak and strong sides.

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The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol The Indian Mandala - what is this symbol