The children of Julia Roberts are the most important part of the life of an incomparable actress.

Julia Roberts is an unconditional star of the Hollywood skyline, known to every other inhabitant of our planet. The brilliant performance of many bright and memorable roles gives us so much: it is our laughter, our tears, our sincere emotions, empathy. Many of her films involve important psychological and social aspects and give us the opportunity to look inside ourselves, deal with our problems and make important life decisions.

The filmography of the actress has dozens of wonderful works, talk about which can be infinitely long, but today we would like to touch the personal life of a brilliant actress and see her with her family.

Childhood years Julia Roberts

The favorite of millions of viewers was born on October 28, 1967 in Atlanta (Georgia) in the family of amateur actors Betty and Walter Roberts, and she spent her childhood in the small town of Smyrna of the same state with her mother and older sister. Julia was the youngest of 3 children in the family.The actress survived a tragic childhood, when she was only 4 years old, her parents divorced due to financial difficulties. Betty Lou remained in Smyrna with two daughters, and Walter moved to Atlanta with sixteen years old Eric. When Julia was 10 years old, her father died of cancer, she was very hard going through this first life tragedy with her little children's heart. Subsequently, the mother married Michael Mots, from whom she bore a daughter, Nancy. The arrival of his stepfather in their family brought rudeness and scandals, sometimes even reaching to battering, and after six years the marriage broke up. Julia does not like to remember this period in her life. Julia's mom is no longer alive; she died of lung cancer at the age of 80 in 2015. And a year before her mother died, her younger sister Nancy died from a drug overdose. Julia was very hard going through the death of her mother and was morally suppressed. She says she doesn’t have a day to remember the dearest person in her life, and thanks her for the support and love that Julia constantly felt on herself.

Julia Roberts with mom

Despite the fact that the family had difficulties, Betty was a very cheerful person, always ready to help.When Julia, who had gone to conquer New York, was tired of enduring hardships on the way to acting glory and was about to return home, her mother instilled in her that everything would work out, just need a little more patience. Support Betty gave the world an excellent actress. Julia Roberts is proud of her mom and uses her advice in raising her own children.

Family Happiness of Melpomene

Despite the huge demand for the profession, the main thing for our heroine is her family, she is very sensitive to building a family nest, protecting it from other people's views and judgments. Julia Roberts' husband is a successful cinematographer Daniel Moder, whom she met while working on the film "Mexican" in 2001. At the time, both of them were not free: Daniel was married, and Julia was tied up with the actor Benjamin Bratt, but they were powerless before the magic of love, between them began a beautiful affair, which in 2002 they sealed their bonds of legal marriage. Their wedding took place on July 4th at the Julia Ranch in New Mexico. After some time in her interview, she said that Daniel gives meaning to her life and makes her glow from the inside.Before meeting with “her man,” according to Julia herself, she was a selfish and spoiled child, but everything changed after the appearance of Daniel in her life. They devoted quite a few beautiful words of love to each other, and Julia's radiant smile on their common family photos shines somehow especially when looking at a loved one. Recently, more and more information about difficult times that a celestial couple is experiencing appears, but fans do not lose hope that they will adequately survive the family crisis and continue their life journey hand in hand. And we will see happy Julia Roberts with her family and children.

Julia Roberts with her husband, Daniel Moder

The couple worked together on three films, and Julia notes that she feels tense while working together, as she faces a person whom she would like to make the best impression of, as well as whose opinion is so important to her.

Julia Roberts: children photo

In June 2004, the couple announced that they were waiting for the birth of their first child. On November 28, 2004, the twins Hazel and Finneas Moder were born, and three years later we were waiting for the joyful news of another replenishment in this star family: on June 18, 2007, their third child, Henry, was born.

Julia Roberts family

Some stars lead a fairly open lifestyle, and the public has access to information about their family and children, down to the size of shoes and the smallest details of growing up. But Julia Roberts falls into a completely different category. Her children are growing away from the cameras, and, despite the world fame of stellar mother, information about her family life is not available to wide circles. When Julia Roberts attends school activities for children, she always observes incognito: glasses, cap, and inconspicuous clothing. She expects admirers to confess her personal space alone with her family, tactfully rejecting requests for autographs and politely explaining her demand for privacy. She and her husband are trying to keep the family away from their professional activities and to save space for their personal lives.

Joint family vacation

Julia admits that she is tired of being on top, constantly worrying about maintaining balance. Now she is fifty, and behind her back are many beautiful films and wonderful roles, in which she embodied much of what she wanted to tell the world. She can afford to be selective about new jobs and spend more time with her husband and children on their family ranch in New Mexico, indulging in ordinary family chores and doing favorite things.Julia Roberts arranges her shootings for the family schedule, if something goes wrong, she tries to arrange it so that they can be together. It happened on the set of the famous film “Eat, Pray, Love”, when Julia Roberts family (children and husband) were with her for 4 months in New York, Rome, India and Bali.

Recognition of a Hollywood star in the family circle

She would like to devote her work and achievements to a family whose opinion is so important to her, but children do not perceive her as a superstar and a multiple Oscar winner, because for them she is simply Mom. They do not watch her famous films, and Julia tries to treat this with understanding, given their young age. Therefore, she was so glad to participate in her new project - the film “Miracle” about a little boy named Augustus with a congenital physical disability (he has no face). He goes to school, so he faces a difficult task for his age - to convince others that appearance is not the most important thing. After all, much more important is what is inside us.

Julia Roberts in the movie Miracle

The film is based on a book that Roberts read to her children. Reading is important in their family and this tradition was laid by Julia's father, Walter, who always read to her with her sister and brother before bedtime.There is something special in this mysterious process, when children enter the world of alluring magic dreams, voiced by the native voice of their parents. Julia is a little upset when children ask her to be natural and not to include acting, but she has to accept the fact that the performance of a first-class actress does not find loud applause in the family circle of their cozy home, where they want to see her in one single, but so important roles - Moms.

Children of Julia Roberts do not yet show interest in a family business related to cinema - perhaps because they are too young. They do music and, as Julia says, they have a violinist, a cellist and a trumpet player in their house. Although this is not yet a serious choice, as now the most important thing for children is education, therefore all their forces are concentrated on this.

Holidays and weekdays star family

But what about our favorite actress spends his free time, and what is related to the joint entertainment of Julia Roberts with children? One of the favorite activities for them is shopping during preparation for school. Being quite indifferent to shopping clothes,Since childhood, Julia has a passion for acquiring school supplies, which she gave to her children, and they turned this event into real family fun. They are happy to spend time choosing a variety of colorful little things for school: pencils, pencil cases, lunch boxes ...

Joint shopping

As for education, Julia Roberts enjoys watching the process of growing up her children, especially with the opportunities that the modern world allows. She admires the fact that today young people have the whole world in their hands, not like during the days of Julia’s youth. If earlier to be a citizen of the world meant a backpack on the shoulders and a train ticket, now it is not necessary to even leave the house. This is truly amazing, although at the same time it implies additional responsibility. Julia is trying to convince her children of the need to participate in the fate of the world. She believes that they are old enough to realize everything that is happening in the world and not be indifferent to what is happening. For her and her husband, it is important to be honest with your children. They want to help them realize that their voice is really important for achieving what they believe.Both parents adore children, even though they have rather different ideas about parenting. Daniel considers it important to be just a friend for children, Julia is worried that because of their Hollywood lifestyle, children need more strict boundaries. Despite the fact that stellar parents do not always find a common language in the matter of education, they agree that trust is the most important thing in a family.

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