The Blue Pearl Kata (Thailand / Phuket): photo and tourist reviews

It is difficult to imagine another countrySouth-East Asia, which would be so popular among Russian tourists as Thailand. The tropical, unimaginable, almost fabulous kingdom attracts completely different categories of tourists: budget tourists, students and party-goers, lovers of safaris and extreme sports, pilgrims, sightseers, wealthy and prudent guests who like to rest at the highest level, bold and not widely- tourists. Multifaceted and controversial Thailand can offer everyone entertainment to their liking. The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel 3 Phuket

You should only choose the right resort. Noisy and passionate rest-seekers "with peppercorns" are bright Pattaya. Capital Bangkok attracts shoppers or lovers of urban recreation. But colorful Samui and Phuket take demanding tourists, lovers of recreation in the style of "Bounty" or family travelers.

Phuket is an ambiguous resort with a strange name

Phuket - the largest island in Thailand, it is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

In Phuket, they fly for the perfect beaches, picturesquespecies rich in SPA, delicious food, but this resort knows what to do and those who prefer to have fun or be culturally enriched. In Patong, there are many budget hotels, clubs, this is not such a gambling district as the "Mecca of debauchery of Pattaya," but it is also very boring and much safer.

Family travelers and eager for a quiet relaxing holiday should take a closer look at the hotels on the west coast of Phuket.

Phuket is not only the most spacious, but also the mosthilly and relief island of Thailand. For tourists who fly with a view to visiting any specific attractions, it is advisable to look for a hotel near these very attractions. Rent a car in Phuket - not a problem, but the hilly terrain and a very complex, controversial situation with the rules and driving traditions makes many tourists abandon the idea of ​​an independent autotravel along the island.

What to look for when choosing a hotel in Phuket

When choosing a hotel in Phuket, you should payattention to its price, location, quality of the beach, reviews of tourists and a set of services. In general, housing is more expensive here than in the same Pattaya, but the rest here is much better and safer.

Rationalism of official accreditation for"Starry" principle in Thailand, or rather the absence of this very rationalism, leads to perplexity of many travelers. However, the same unfortunate trend is also found in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia.

To the fact that the official category of the hotelcan, to put it mildly, diverge from the real state of affairs, one must be prepared in advance. For example, The Blue Pearl Kata 3 has a category of 3 *, but the quality of services can compete with many fours. Correctly selected hotel can bring to a new level any rest, so when choosing a hotel in Thailand, you should arm yourself with suspicions to star accreditation of hotels and not be too lazy when collecting reviews and useful information about the hotels of this diverse resort.

The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel 3 (Phuket)

This is a small budget boutique hotel, made in a nice marine style, ideal for a youth holiday. The hotel is located in the center of the tourist town of Kuta, 50 meters from the beach.

The official check-in time is 14:00.

Official check-out time is 12:00.

The hotel does not accommodate tourists with pets.

 The Blue Pearl Kata Reviews

The Blue Pearl Kata has non-smoking rooms. For some, this may seem strange, but in Thailand the main category of the population is "smoking", so by default in all rooms and public places smoking is allowed. But the hotels have special rooms for "non-smoking". In general, everything is exactly the opposite, if compared with the world practice.

Children under the age of two years can stay in the hotel for free (without providing an extra bed)

The hotel has a Russian-speaking staff.

The composition of the holidaymakers is not very diverse, consists ofmainly from Russian tourists, Asian youth. Also in the hotel stop pilgrims who came to bow to the statue of the Great Buddha, which is very near.

Hotel location

The Blue Pearl Kata has a very advantageous location. Most of all the advantages of such a successful location of the hotel can be appreciated by dynamic tourists who like to visit attractions, go to interesting places, to shop, etc.

The hotel is 32 km from Phuket International Airport.

Just 800 meters from the hotel there is a famous statueGreat Buddha. The statue is located on a hill, so it can be seen from almost anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. This is one of the most significant monuments of Buddhism in the whole world.

Kata's observation deck is 3 km away.

The Blue Pearl Boutique Hotel At Kata

Also famous Thai markets, the Katy temple, numerous restaurants and cafes, shops, tourist offices, entertainment centers are located a few meters from the hotel.

Infrastructure on the territory of the hotel

The Blue Pearl Kata 3 * hastwo swimming pools, a restaurant with a Swedish line, a bar, parking, a lobby. The hotel area is stylish, well decorated, but very small. Two pools on the roof are very small, there are sun loungers and umbrellas. The hotel has an elevator. Restaurant "Turtle" at the hotel is popular not only among the hotel guests, but also among other tourists. Accustomed to the huge hotels of tourists can be disappointed, because in this hotel there are no gyms, game rooms, tennis courts, or huge pools with slides. The hotel is more suitable as a clean comfortable place for night sleep and breakfast, and entertainment for tourists should be sought in the city or on the beach.


In a 3 * hotel in the heart of the resortKaty would not be logical to organize "All inclusive", because most of the guests do not spend the entire tourist day on the territory of the hotel. The Blue Pearl Kata has a wonderful, colorful bar in the marine style and a restaurant serving breakfast. Breakfast at the hotel is served on a buffet. Breakfast starts at 07:00 and ends at 10:00.The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel 3

The hotel is located close to the Thai market,where the street food industry is very developed. Street food in Thailand, for all its spice and attractiveness, is a dangerous experiment for the Slavic stomachs. Even for those who are going to eat only in decent establishments, a first-aid kit with enterosorbents in the luggage will not be superfluous. Water should only be bought in sealed bottles. Local fruits are known throughout the world, it is impossible to refuse to taste local fruits for pleasure, so it should not be tried. You can protect yourself if you thoroughly wash the fruit.

Kata Beach

At guests' disposal, The Blue Pearl Kata 3 Phuket Kata has an entire beach buffet

The hotel is just 50 meters from Kata Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket and all of Thailand. The beach is a little in the bay, so the formidable waves that plague only the inveterate surfers, there is a rarity. On the contrary, Kata Beach is 1 km of a quiet, tranquil coastline. Log into the sea is gentle, suitable even for children and beginners swimmers.

Beaches of Karon and Patong

In 10-15 minutes a leisurely walk from the hotelis the beach of Karon. Directly to it adjoins many residences and huge network hotels. Consequently, Karon - this is the cleanest, pompous and comfortable beach. It is not in a bay or a bay, so the water here is cleaner, but sometimes the ocean can be too rebellious, and the waves are too high, especially during the rainy season. In such situations, a "red flag" is hung on the beach.

The feature of Karon beach is its unusual quartz sand. It is not similar in texture to the usual, it crunches under your feet like snow, and under direct sunlight it heats much less than usual sand.

The Blue Pearl Kata 3 Phuket Kata

The proximity to expensive hotels contributed to the fact that this beach is most developed infrastructure: many shopping centers, water sports, entertainment centers, restaurants, Thai markets.

A 15-minute drive from The Blue Pearl KataBeach is the beach of Patong. This is the most crowded, noisy and depraved Puhket beach. It is very well equipped, but always crowded, it certainly is not suitable for a peaceful holiday, but for fun and dating it is an ideal place.

All these beaches are public, therefore, the entire infrastructure for tourists on the beaches is paid: beds, umbrellas, mattresses. Beach towels for Blue Pearl Kata Phuket guests are given for deposit.

Service at the hotel

As you know, all the services offered to guests inhotels, can be divided into free, or those that are already included in the price of the room, and paid, those for which you must pay separately. In general, tourists pay extra for optional services: internet, sea view, babysitting or laundry services, use of a safe. A nice feature of The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel is that most of the services in it are already included in the price. This despite the fact that the price of a room in this hotel is below average.

Free services:

  • daily room cleaning;
  • free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and in the rooms;
  • concierge;
  • luggage office;
  • taxi ordering;
  • wake-up service on the phone;
  • parking;
  • round the clock reception;
  • use of safe in each room;
  • Beach towels.

 The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel

Paid services:

  • laundry and dry cleaning services;
  • transfer from / to the airport;
  • Rent a Car.


In total, The Blue Pearl Kata Hotel 3 41 rooms. All of them are decorated in a pleasant marine style. Rooms are Standard, Superior and Deluxe. The average area of ​​one is 24 sq.m.

The Blue Pearl Kata

Each room has a double bed or twosingle room (Twin), air conditioning, safe with electronic lock, TV with three Russian channels, telephone, desk, wardrobe, electric kettle and free set for making coffee and tea, mini-bar (1 bottle of water for each guest once a day for free ). An iron, ironing board, hair dryer are available on request at the reception. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, washbasin, toiletries, slippers, bathrobes, towels.

Rooms are cleaned daily. Change of towels - once a day, bed linen - twice a week.

Recreation and Sports

Phuket is a very fun-filled resort,so in many hotels there is no animation or a rich entertainment infrastructure. It is the prerogative of Egyptian and Turkish hotels with their ubiquitous "all inclusive".The Blue Pearl Kata Beach

Tourists who wanted to spend half a day without leavingThe Blue Pearl Boutique Hotel at Kata has all the chances to get bored. From the entertainment in the hotel there are only two small pools on the roof with sunbeds and umbrellas with a nice view of the city and free internet. There is a mini-golf club 50 meters from the hotel. And on the beaches of Kata or Padong, the whole range of sports water sports.

Also in Kata lovers of successfulshopping. Apart from the stores of well-known chains, the area also has many authentic markets and shops with local interests. Buy tourists mainly spices, spices, fruits that you can take, dried fruits, sweets, essential oils.

The Blue Pearl Kata. Reviews of tourists

Reviews of tourists is a rich sourceinformation that helps inexperienced guests to form an opinion about the resorts and hotels in which they have not been. One should only take a sober view of information obtained from such recommendations. Naturally, the opinion of most tourists is very subjective.

As for the hotel The Blue Pearl Kata 3 *, the reviews are mostly positive, but come across and quite contradictory and frankly negative.

The authors of positive reviews note gooda combination of price / quality in terms of services, the presence of Russian-speaking staff, excellent location, stylish design, free internet, use of a safe, friendly staff.

 The Blue Pearl Kata 3

In negative reviews, travelers complainon nonspecific food, slow maintenance, small rooms, a tiny pool, on the quality of cleaning, which is slightly improved in accordance with the size of the tip. Also, the authors of negative reviews rightly noted that rooms of even one category and identical in price can differ significantly in quality and design.

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