The binary SU file needs updating: what to do?

The wide distribution of the software platformAndroid, which runs a large number of a variety of devices - smartphones, tablet PCs, media players, etc., has led to the emergence of a huge number of applications that act as additional components that expand the functionality of the underlying OS.


All users who do not want to put up withsome limitations of "Android" imposed by the manufacturers of devices, refer to the so-called customization - the modification of individual components of the operating system or the expansion of its capabilities with the help of additional software packages.

Route Rights

To make serious manipulations withthe software part of the "Android" -apparatus, the user will need superuser rights, as well as software that will manage the root-rights. One of the most popular solutions for managing superuser rights is the SuperSU application. It should be noted that the utility performs its functionality well, but sometimes causes problems, the most common of which is the inability to update the binary SU file. Let's take a closer look at the application itself, and also try to figure it out: if the binary SU file needs updating, what should we do in this case?

binary su file requires an update

SuperSU program

SuperSU may appear on the deviceuser in automatic mode after carrying out the procedure for obtaining the root-rights. In addition, many developers of custom firmware add to their solutions already installed SuperSU. If the root-rights are received, and the application for managing them is missing, you can download and install SuperSU from the Google Play Store.

Update SuperSU

Regardless of the way in which it was received andinstalled SuperSU, after its first launch the user in most cases receives a notification: "The binary SU file needs updating." Continue the use of the program quite often you can and without updating. But still it is desirable to follow the recommendations of the developers and execute the procedures, according to the prompts of the program, when the binary SU file needs updating. To perform the necessary actions is not difficult, just click the "Update" button and select the appropriate update mode.

binary su file requires update failed

Emerging issues

It would seem, when using theprograms for managing the root-rights of the user should not be a problem. What could be easier: when a binary SU file needs updating, update it in three simple steps and continue to enjoy all the benefits that gives full access to the software part of the device.

But, as in many cases with otherapplications, the uninterrupted operation of SuperSU, unfortunately, is not guaranteed. Very often the following situation arises. After the user receives notifications from the program "the binary SU file needs updating," it tries to execute the procedure according to the prompts on the screen. The procedure is not always successful. Often, after rebooting the device, you receive an error message: "The binary SU file needs updating, the installation failed". How to be in this case?


To prevent the above error, there isseveral ways. First, we must first take into account that SuperSU should be installed on a clean system that is not "littered" with other applications, especially in our case, those that manage superuser rights. Thus, if the SU binary file needs to be updated again and again, the installation fails and / or other errors occur, the solution can be to reset the device to the factory settings and repeat the procedure for obtaining the root-rights, and also to install the SuperSU again.

binary su file requires updating continue

The second thing that a user should remember isattentiveness and slowness when carrying out the renewal procedure. When you receive a notification that the binary SU file needs updating, you first need to try to update it in normal mode. At the same time, one should not forget about the necessity of having a Wi-Fi Internet connected to the device (a connection via a mobile network is not suitable in this case). That is, after applying the "Update" button in the SuperSU program window, select "Normal". Then wait for the necessary data to be downloaded from the Global Network and the end of the manipulations by the application itself, and after that - exit SuperSU and reboot the device.

In the case when the previous methods did not bringresult and already buggy binary SU file needs to be updated again, it will be necessary to resort to the method of installing / reinstalling SuperSU through the modified "Android" -review. The most common use of TWRP or CWM-recovery. To permanently forget about problems with SuperSU, we download from the Web a zip-package containing application files and install the resulting file through custom recovery. This cardinal method of solving the problem helps in most cases.

binary su file requires update what to do

If the above methods do not helpto fix problems with SuperSU, the user should think about the compliance of the firmware files and / or its components with the "Android" device. Very often the cause of many problems is precisely inappropriate or damaged installation files, especially if they were obtained from untrusted sources.

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