The best push-button mobile phones: a review of models and reviews

There is an opinion that the market of telephones has become outdated and no one needs the classic ones anymore. Despite the global expansion of smartphones, such an opinion is more than mistaken, the market for conventional phones is very much alive. Even today, new solutions are being marketed. Why this situation is justified is not clear, the availability of such devices or a contingent that failed to master smartphones plays a role, but the fact remains that the good old “dialers” are not yet ready to retire. This material was inspired by the best push-button mobile phones released over the past year.

Philips Xenium X1560

Philips is a fairly well-known office, in particular in the market of household appliances. In the field of mobile devices, Philips engineers have been out for a long time, the Xenium line has even grown into smartphones, but these gadgets have not been popular. Philips Xenium X1560 is a niche product targeted at users who want to get maximum work time and good quality of communication.The phone has a classic design, a black matte case, a compact keyboard and a joystick for navigating menus and games. The display diagonal is 2.4 inches, and its resolution is 320 by 240 pixels. The TFT matrix is ​​involved, therefore the color rendition and viewing angles suffer a lot, but in order to dial the number, this is enough. The main feature of the gadget is a massive battery, the volume of which amounted to 2900 milliampere hours. The manufacturer promises up to 40 hours of operation under load, 2400 hours in standby mode.

Users, for the most part, speak positively about the new product. Many praise the monolithic body, resistant to damage. The battery was not ignored. Enthusiasts managed to stretch their work time to three weeks. The inhabitants appreciated the ability to charge other devices using the phone.

push-button mobile phones

Micromax X2400

Push-button mobile phones with a powerful battery are in great demand. Of the lesser-known representatives of this category, Micromax is also worth highlighting. Micromax X2400 baby is equipped with a massive battery for 2800 milliampere hours. The manufacturer promises up to 13 hours of talk time and up to 500 hours of standby time.The phone looks similar to classic devices from the Sony Ericsson K750 series. The same plump, with an extended keyboard and a wider display. There is a camera with a size of 0.3 megapixels, which is only suitable for performing utilitarian functions (filming documents, for example). There is no access to the Internet and most of the standard multimedia features.

Despite the very limited functionality, the phone was able to hook the public at an extremely low price. Of all the push-button phones that came out in 2016, the Micromax X2400 is perhaps the most affordable for the general public.

mobile phone "Nokia" button

Fly FF241

British brand Fly is very popular in Russia. The mobile division of the company offers a lot of interesting devices, including excellent push-button mobile phones for 2 SIM cards. Visually, the FLY FF241 resembles the Philips Xenium described above. Same compact and ergonomic. The phone has an identical display with a diagonal of 2.4 inches and a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. Of the advantages worth highlighting the presence of a full chip with a frequency of 260 megahertz. It is possible to access the Internet using the GPRS protocol.

The gadget has a 1.3 megapixel camera.The indicator is not the best, but among the budget button phones it is quite tolerable, you can still make a more or less intelligible photo. The camera is equipped with an LED flash, and can also shoot video.

As for autonomy, the phone from Fly is not far from its main competitors. Under the hood of this kid lies a massive battery of 2750 milliampere hours. According to the manufacturer, the phone can live up to 11 hours of talk time.

The phone caught many users in the first place with its high functionality (counting on the price, of course). They only scolded the flimsy assembly and the lack of a dual communication module (SIM cards work alternately).

push-button mobile phones with a powerful battery

Blackberry Q10

Perhaps the best push-button phone that can be found on the market. In the post-Soviet space, Blackberry is not so popular, but in the west it has been going crazy over them for a long time. Externally, the phone is no different from other devices of the manufacturer. Classic rounded rectangle for comfortable one-hand grip. Awesome QWERTY-keyboard, typing on which - a pleasure. No random clicks, no discomfort with speed dialing.

The phone is equipped with a 3.1 inch display with a resolution of 720 by 720 pixels. Used AMOLED matrix, which means that the owner of the gadget can enjoy bright colors and maximum viewing angles. Under a cover huddle: the powerful chip with acceleration to 1500 megahertz, 2 gigabytes of random access memory and 16 gigabytes of memory of the main. There is an 8 megapixel camera capable of taking great pictures in good light. The gadget works on the basis of an advanced operating system created by RIM engineers, and supports all key services of a Canadian company. Also, the phone is one of the safest on the market. With all the features of the device, including a full-fledged operating system Blackberry OS, autonomy does not suffer at all. In talk mode, the device lives up to 13 hours.

best push-button mobile phones

Samsung Metro B350

Push-button mobile phones "Samsung" is now a rarity. This direction is no longer a priority for Koreans. Nevertheless, it is still supported, and from time to time there appear quite good devices that are in no way connected with the world of Galaxy.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that Samsung has increasingly relied on its brand and corporate design, the Metro B350 is not an exception. The phone looks stylish. Neat, austere design is pleasing to the eye, and high-quality assembly of hands.The diagonal of the display is 2.4 inches, and its resolution is 320 by 240 pixels, everything is the same for everyone. There is a camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels. Of the features we can distinguish the presence of a full-fledged radio. The modest dimensions of the device did not allow to install a capacious battery in it, therefore, all those who prefer an interesting design will have to come to terms with rather low autonomy in comparison with competitors.

Fans of "Samsung" speak positively about the gadget. The bright display displaying saturated and exact colors is most often noted. Many have scolded the keyboard for its overly compact size.

mobile phone "Nokia" button, new

Vertex S103

A little-known brand Vertex is rarely where you can find it. Employees of the company are clearly not enough stars from the sky and are content with what they have, producing inexpensive devices for their category of consumers. The Vertex S103 has a long-forgotten clamshell form factor. The phone catches its aesthetics, it is very neat, it looks stylish and practical. This will look great in the hands of the fair sex.

Actually, the exterior of the gadget is the only thing that can hook on it. Technical characteristics of the device leave much to be desired.A tiny 1.7 inch display with low resolution, a small battery for 800 milliampere hours and a terrible VGA-camera. All this speaks not in favor of the Vertex brainchild, but rather, on the contrary. On the other hand, those who are nostalgic for the good old "clamshell" or simply want to use a cute thing for a small price, should turn their eyes in the direction of this miracle.

push-button mobile phones "Samsung"

Nokia 230

One of the last in the list is the legendary brand, which suffered a difficult fate. Mobile phone "Nokia" button. Novelties from this series appear less often. After the company was sold to Microsoft, the Lumia gadgets from theWindows.

Despite this, the classic phones have not disappeared anywhere. Finns have not gone far from their roots and continue to make decent "dialers" for connoisseurs of all varieties. One of these phones is the Nokia 230, and it's really good. The stylish, monolithic, metal case is captivating from the first sight. Feels the hand of the once great brand. Corporate design is perfectly combined with new trends in the design of gadgets. The first thing that catches your eye is a large display with excellent color reproduction on the front panel. Under it is a classic keyboard with a joystick in the center.The phone is equipped with two cameras with a resolution of 2 megapixels. A kind of push-button phone for selfie lovers. According to the manufacturer, the device can live more than 20 hours from a single charge.

Owners of new items in full delight. The phone meets the needs of an absolute majority. The display and keyboard are at the height. Basic functions, such as speed dialing and saving multiple numbers with one contact, are present. The only thing that occasionally causes criticism is the metal case, which to many seemed heavy and inappropriate in such a phone.

push-button mobile phones for 2 sim cards

BQ BQM-3200 Berlin

A massive and rather heavy brick with a speaking name. BQ company is actively promoting devices from this series. Each unit has its own unique character, and is named after different places and cities. Berlin is a very strict, even rough gadget with a large keyboard. The back panel is made of plastic, imitating the skin. The visual charms of this phone fade away immediately after it comes to studying the technical specifications. And all, ranging from a shallow camera of 0.3 megapixels, ending with a battery of 1250 milliampere hours.Other specifications are the same as in the Philips Xenium X1560. When using the device there is a double impression. On the one hand, we have a surprisingly stylish gadget, at an extremely affordable price, on the other - a confusing menu and weak features.

Reviews on this device describe an approximately identical picture. Many who bought this miracle, put up with a number of minuses that the device has. At the same time, he appreciated the quality of communication, the volume of the call and other basic features of the phone.

push-button mobile phones

Instead of conclusion

Based on the above, we can say that push-button telephones are more alive than all living things, and for those who still need them, there will always be a number of positions that we can pay attention to. Users have plenty to choose from, and this fact is good news, because the phone was originally created as a means of communication, and so far classic devices, “unkillable” and long-playing, cope with this function best of all.

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