The best machine for cutting beard and hair

Today, thanks to modern technology, professional beard and hair cutting has become available for everyone. A few years ago, stylists and hairdressers had to work only with scissors, but now they can use such interesting devices as beard clippers or trimmers. Each of these devices is endowed with certain functions. Therefore, when choosing the optimal device, it is necessary to take into account the main differences and features of these devices.

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Beard and mustache trimmer or trimmer

This is a multifunctional device that, due to the presence of very thin blades and special nozzles, allows you to trim the edging of hair in the chin and neck areas, remove unnecessary bristles, shape a mustache, bring eyebrows in order, remove and eliminate unnecessary hair in the ears and nose.

From the classic hair clippers, the trimmer differs by the distance between the teeth, which is much narrower. Due to this, the risk of skin injury is reduced.In addition, the beard clipper is several times smaller in weight and size, which allows you to take the tool with you on the road. These devices are equipped with a powerful battery, due to which they can be used even without recharging for a long time. Another feature of these devices - they allow you to adjust the length of the cut hair.

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Instructions for choosing the device

The machine for trimming a beard and mustache should be chosen according to the purpose and personal needs of the buyer. When buying a trimmer, it is recommended to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • type of blades, for example, self-sharpening options are in great demand;
  • maximum and minimum length of cutting hair;
  • battery life;
  • compactness, lightness, etc.

beard and mustache trimmer

Best beard trimmer

Today, the market provides a very wide range of electric machines for modeling beards, thanks to which each of the men has the opportunity to model facial hair at home. Each device found on store shelves has certain functional features, so you can easily choose exactly the devicewhich meets the needs and preferences.

hair clippers and beards

For home use, you should not stop your choice only on professional models. It is also not recommended to choose cheap Chinese devices, since they are often of low quality.

The cost of different models of these devices varies in a fairly wide range and depends on many factors: manufacturer, material manufacturing blades, the presence of self-cleaning function, additional functions and nozzles.

According to consumer reviews, a list of the best beard razors has been compiled, which have shown themselves positively and are the most popular among men.

Hair clipper and beard machine Philips QG3340

This is a modern and high-quality device that can be used for cutting hair on the head, as well as for modeling a mustache and beard. The kit for this device includes a number of different attachments that allow you to trim the beard and mustache, trim the contours, and remove vegetation from the nose and ears. The length of the haircut is set telescopically - the nozzle pitch is one millimeter. The maximum nozzle length is 12 mm. Battery life is 10 hours.

Men reviews about this model are mostly positive. Users noted good quality, a lot of nozzles, quiet operation of the device, interesting design.

Moser 1531

This is a high-quality machine for beard trimming at a very affordable price. The main advantage of this model is a powerful enough battery that allows you to use the razor without additional charge for 50 minutes. The device is equipped with a blade whose width is 32 millimeters, while the length is 0.5-24 mm. The kit includes a handy brush, which easily allows you to remove hair that remained after shaving. This beard clipper has received the most positive feedback from users. They rated the device as compact, lightweight and efficient. The machine is quite ergonomic and in the hand is very comfortable.

Remington MB4030

This is a high-tech and high-quality device. The blade part of the device is made of durable steel and ceramic spraying, which is a guarantee of the most convenient and effective shave. It is worth noting that in this model, the blades do not require additional grinding, because they are self-sharpening.With the help of the nozzle it is possible to adjust the length of cutting the hair in the range from 0.5 to 18 mm. The device can be operated by using a battery rated for 40 minutes of operation, or by connecting the machine to the mains.

Philips QT4000 15 model

This is a classic device for the correction of mustache and beard. This machine for trimming a beard has a regulator of the length of sheared hair. You can install it in one of ten positions. The maximum hair length is 10 millimeters, the minimum is 1 millimeter. The device has a battery that allows you to work offline for approximately 45 minutes. The kit includes a small brush to remove any hair that fell into the blade part of this device.

Braun Cruzer 5 Beard

This is a high-quality and stylish beard trimmer. The device has a six-step system for adjusting the length of cutting the hair in steps of 2 mm. The length of cutting is 1-10 mm. It is possible to use the device offline, without connecting it to the network. The model is equipped with two batteries, which ensure the quality of the shaver for about 40 minutes. A feature of the device is that it can be washed under water for hair removal.

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Ranking of the best cars of 2016

This list includes the following models:

  • The best machines with power from the network:Philips QC5115, Remington HC5030, Philips QC5125, Polaris PHC 2501.
  • Best self-powered models: Philips QC5132, Braun BT 7050, Polaris PHC 0201R.
  • The best models with a combined diet: Moser 1591-0052, Philips QC5130, Panasonic ER1611, Scarlett SC-HC63C52, Panasonic ER131.

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