The best foreign TV shows. Popular overseas series: list

Soaps are becoming more popular day by day. There are several reasons for this. First, the directors come up with exciting plots that keep the viewer in constant tension, he is looking forward to the next series. Secondly, it is an opportunity to enjoy the game of talented actors every day. Thirdly, the variety of genres is captivating, that is, everyone will find a film to his liking. In this article we look at the popular, the best series of foreign. This list is far from complete, but it is these films that are loved by millions of viewers. They can be revised with pleasure several times. Would you like to watch foreign TV shows? The list of recommended for viewing tapes is presented to your attention in this material.

"Game of Thrones"

best foreign series

This epic drama will appeal to fans of the genre of fantasy. She was shot in America after the novel of the same name by George Martin.The audience appreciated the first season in 2011, and at the moment there are already 4 of them. All actions in this tape take place against the backdrop of civil war and political intrigue. The Västerås continent is in a “suspended” state. When will the power struggle over him end? Representatives of each region want to become the owners of the crown of this magical continent. As a result, passions run high, intrigues trudge, destructive wars go on, one betrayal is replaced by another. The magical world, which is somewhat similar to the Middle Ages, attracts the viewer, carries him on an unknown, but such an intriguing journey. Thanks to such story lines, people adore foreign TV shows. Many people like science fiction, and if you are one of them, be sure to watch this movie. He is pleased with the cast, the superb film adaptation, the historical scenery, and high-quality special effects. Fortunately, very good foreign TV shows are being filmed today. Science fiction is a genre for which filming requires a lot of skill and money. For example, in this case it was necessary to create double sets of armor, clothes, weapons, since the tape was shot not in one place, and it was not possible to carry all the ammunition with me all the time.So, it was only the beginning, and we consider further the best foreign series.


interesting TV shows overseas

Surely there is not a single person who has not seen at least one episode of this comedic sitcom. 10 seasons - 10 years of hard work of the whole team. What characterizes the best foreign TV shows? By what criteria we refer them to this category? Firstly, a multimillion audience, secondly, crazy ratings on all points, and thirdly, a developed network of fan clubs. Accordingly, the Friends tape, we can safely include in the list called "The best foreign TV series." The creators have relied on healthy humor and love. They did not lose. The series not only did not lose popularity with each new season, but, on the contrary, acquired it. The heroes are still quoted, their preferences and tastes have become mandatory for the modern young man. Such foreign youth series, like this one, raise their spirits, banish boredom, relieve depression. You will surely laugh from the first minute of the tape to the last. You will forget about your problems and difficulties, as you will fully plunge into the world of heroes, their feelings and experiences.The series touched upon another very important topic - the problem of friendship. You will learn to look at many things in a new way, to appreciate what you simply did not notice before. The best foreign TV shows are not only good actors, an interesting plot, but also the presence of instructive, motivating moments.

"Dr. House"

mystical serials foreign

Although the identity of the doctor and fictional, but it has already become legendary. If you organize a survey among the population about what interesting series foreign people prefer to reconsider, then the name of this tape will probably be heard from many. The first season was filmed in 2004, the film immediately took the lead in many ratings. The role of the protagonist and extraordinary staging are the components of the series’s success. This is what makes a medical detective look almost without interruption from the screen. The series about the hospital staff is permeated with sparkling humor, and at the epicenter of all the events is a brilliant doctor - Gregory House. This is a great diagnostician who prefers unclear cases, but even more likes to “delve” into the personal lives of his patients. Thanks in large part to this, he makes the correct diagnoses.The hero does not wear a robe, his patients rarely see him, he uses drugs, any moral norms are alien to him. However, this is the idol of millions. So this film can be safely included in the nomination “Interesting Foreign Series”. Watch and enjoy.


If you prefer detective series overseas, then take this movie to note. This tape was taken in Britain, and the plot was borrowed from Sir Doyle. That's just the action takes place nowadays. The film is simply amazing quality and dynamism. The confrontation of Professor Moriarty and Sherlock very brightly set in modern London. DNA tests and numerous modern technologies are completely useless for a modern detective, he is guided only by his deductive method. So far, 3 seasons have been filmed, and the fourth creators promise to present to the audience at the end of 2015. Well, let's wait, because high-quality and exciting detective series foreign deserve to be.

"The Big Bang Theory"

historical series foreign

The series first appeared on screens in 2007. He immediately fell in love with the audience, the six main characters allow you to plunge into an unprecedented world of geniuses.These are real talents in science, but they are completely unsuitable for everyday life. The plot of the film is very simple, but at the same time comic. The two best friends can communicate either only among themselves or among the same learned minds. One speaks six languages, and the other without drinking cannot approach the girl. But then she appears - a modest and simple Penny. Will genius help here?

"How I Met your mother"

Foreign comedy series are not limited to the above tapes. A huge amount of them. We recommend to watch the film "How I Met Your Mother". It is with this phrase that each series of the sitcom begins, in which Ted (this is the main character) tells the children fascinating stories about how he once met his mother. This is a cute series about friendship, mutual assistance, love. The children in vain thought that Dad, with his fascinating history, would be able to keep within several hours, just like the audience. After all, filmed for several seasons, but the intrigue does not disappear.

"Witches of the East End"

newest foreign series

Those people who love the thrill, and, accordingly, the mystical serials overseas, were just in awe of this film.In the US, 2 seasons have already been shot, we hope the 3rd is also just around the corner. The film is about two teenage sisters who enjoy life and even in the strangest dreams can not imagine what secret they will learn. Girls are brought up in strictness by their mother, who in every way hides the secret of their origin. However, everything sooner or later becomes apparent. So the girls, seeing the incomprehensible ghosts and doubles of the mother, discover strange abilities. It turns out that they are powerful witches. What awaits teenagers next? What events will they be involved in? We will not destroy the intrigue, because then it will be completely uninteresting to watch mystical foreign serials.


In Ireland, the second season of Rognar, the famous king of the Vikings, has already been filmed. He makes every possible effort to win the Scandinavian lands and create a united and powerful state. Historical foreign serials are an opportunity to see for themselves the events, customs that took place in ancient times, to experience the power and strength of ancient peoples. On those lands that Rognar is trying to win, most real barbarians live,who had neither education nor writing, they were united only by bloody rites, pagan religion, and terrible sacrifices. You will travel with the main character, you will see all the injustices of that time. Such historical series foreign can not leave indifferent a single viewer.


This is another picture that will surely appeal to history buffs. It cannot be included in the list of “The Newest Foreign Series”, because it was filmed in 2013, but the plot, the quality of the film adaptation, the play of actors, the magnificent reproduction of ancient times will conquer any viewer. This is the story of the Roman gladiator, who with great difficulty was able to achieve, albeit temporary, but freedom for slaves. Such a famous person in history has managed to raise a rebellion of unprecedented scale, she led thousands of other people. Together with his henchmen Spartak won far more than one commander. Can you stop the rebellion? What is the fate of the Roman Empire?

"12 monkeys"

serials foreign fiction

Now is the time to talk about new products that the cinema industry will appreciate. At the very beginning of 2015, the series “12 monkeys” was released.He is very fond of thriller, detective, fiction. You are transported to the year 2043, where humanity lives absolutely differently than today. And all the changes are not the best. The population is dying due to the spread of an artificially created virus, powerful powers have been destroyed, the entire planet is a solid decline, where there is no hope for a bright future. Although one way to change everything for the better exists. Will the main characters be able to influence the further course of the story? If so, how? The film is fascinating from the very first minute, you will not regret the time spent.

"Brooklyn 9-9"

The latest foreign TV series filmmakers release and for fans to laugh. There are police officers who are dissatisfied with their work, they complain about the difficulties and regret their choice. But Jake Peralt does not. He is intelligent, has a great sense of humor, works with non-standard methods, and his boss closes his eyes to all the tricks of his subordinate. But everything could not go so smoothly. Came a new boss. What is their relationship? Can Jake be equally productive and behave in the same fretful manner? Watch the show - and find out.

"Black list"

Fans of a crime detective can also rejoice, because for them the second season of this popular series has already come out. The criminal by the name of Raymond Redinkton is wanted by all federal services. And what is he guilty? His guilt is that he helps various criminal personalities to escape from the country in every possible way in order to escape punishment. One day he just declares to the FBI. No, not in order to surrender, but with the goal of working here and helping to look for criminals. But he even has his own conditions. What awaits him next? Punishment or work?

"The Ancients"

Gorgeous fantastic drama, shot in the United States, tells the story of the town called Mystic Falls. This is a place where absolutely everything is subordinated to supernatural forces. The city is almost completely divided between werewolves, scary witches, vampires and other creatures. And the ancients who arrived here are not going to observe such a state of affairs from the outside. Klaus, the protagonist of the film, will try in every way to rectify the situation, he will even go on to simulate the death of his own child. And his wife will help him in this. Will they be able to cope with evil spirits and restore calm and peace?


foreign detective series

Although this series cannot be called absolutely new, yet its regular season has just appeared, so that Patrick Jane's fans can rejoice again. Once a connoisseur of behavioral analysis and psychology worked as a consultant in the bureau of investigation, but he did not always try to fight crime. Patrick pretended to be a psychic for his own purposes, fooling people's heads. Payment for deception was not long in coming - they killed his family. It was then that he became engaged exclusively in his direct duties. What awaits viewers in the new season? What will please the plot? We recommend to see the picture and see everything with your own eyes.

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