Than to wash out the engine?

With the development of the chemical industry, and, more precisely,with the appearance of the first washing facilities for engines, scrupulous motorists added a headache. In addition to all the others, there was another question: can I clean the engine? And, the motley camp of motorists was split into additional groups - supporters and opponents of the innovation.

Do I have to clean the engine

At first glance, the question may seeminappropriate or ambiguous. In the end, this is strictly a private matter for every car owner. Yes, but among the huge number of them there are those who could not decide on their own, and counts on the help of more categorical colleagues.

First, let's try to decide on the generally acceptedunderstanding the procedure for flushing the engine. Finding washing aids will lead you to a choice between special washing oils and so-called "five-minutes" - a set of concentrated additives for washing, which is added to the already used oil. Both in the first and in the second case, it is envisaged to use aggressive washing compounds in order to clean the engine, and especially the oil channels, from all sorts of contaminants.

Here begins the search for the answer to a difficultthe question is whether to flush the engine. The fact is that any oil in its composition is quite a complex compound, containing many additives to improve the performance of the engine. And, for different engines used different in composition oil. Predict the chemical reaction of existing additives with active substances for engine washing is extremely difficult. And, will not these substances have a negative impact on the life of engine parts and mechanisms, for example, oil-removal rings? Wash compositions contain additives, the purpose of which is not to prolong the life of the engine. Therefore, they are unlikely to be useful.

When to flush the engine

If you own a car for a long timetime and, at the same time, use high-quality oil, then there is no need to flush the engine. The main thing: the oil must be the same; replacement is always on time.

Modern motor (especially synthetic ones)Oil can keep the engine clean and prevent the deposition of new debris. When you replace it, there is some amount of old oil, but it can not in any way worsen the properties of freshly cut, especially if they are identical.

If your car was operated in heavyconditions - a strong dustiness of the air, bumpy terrain, low temperatures, trips to short distances with frequent braking, operation as a taxi, it is better to shorten the service interval of maintenance than to wash the engine.

It's another matter if you bought a car. Then, it is unclear, in what conditions and on what oils it was necessary to work the engine. Or you decided to change the oil used up to now for some, more attractive. Then the engine of your car with the oil change must be rinsed. But not doubtful chemistry under the brand name "five-minute" or "special oil", if the car is of value to you.

The better to flush the engine

So, the cases when the engine before changing oil just need to wash is not so much already:

  1. When changing the brand or manufacturer of oil.
  2. When changing the viscosity or type of engine oil.
  3. If there is a suspicion that a poor engine oil, antifreeze or fuel has got into the engine.
  4. After engine repair.
  5. When buying a used car.

The following washing method can be called the most loyal. In any case, it will not cause damage to the engine of your car and will carry out a high-quality washing:

  1. With the engine warmed, drain the "old" oil and let the car stand, so that the maximum flowed out.
  2. "New" oil is poured and install a new filter.
  3. A couple of days we operate the car in a gentle mode, keeping the maximum speed at the level of engine running-in.
  4. We carry out the next change of oil and filter.
  5. The subsequent replacement is made after half of the service life of the car.

The motor is washed. Not the cheapest, but reliable way. Neither a nail, nor a rod!

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