Than to poison bedbugs? Actual question!

Even in our modern world, many people stillAsk this question. Neighborhood with bugs for a man is not that unpleasant, but also extremely dangerous. They live in our apartments, and drink our blood. Small oval brown insects (furniture or bed bugs) for their existence choose mainly warm, hard-to-reach places that are "protected" from light and fresh air (furniture, cracks and cracks, skirting, in the folds of the mattress, and behind the upholstery of the sofa). These insects are very dangerous, although you will not even feel their bite, but eventually a blister will form in its place, and it will start to itch. In addition, many people have bug bites allergic, and they are terrible because they bite not only people, but also cats, dogs, and even hamsters.

To bug bugs is necessary, becausethey are terrible, first of all, by the fact that they are carriers of anthrax, tuberculosis, smallpox and plague. Although this is theoretical information, but in fact itchy bites, because of which a person stops sleeping normally, and which also cause allergies, it is unlikely to be avoided.

Before you know what to bait bugs, you needunderstand how they get into the apartment. And they go there directly, either on their own, or thanks to a man. There are cases when they were brought into the apartment with new furniture! Another way is to get "on a person", more precisely on his clothes, or in a bag, if he was sitting on furniture in which bugs live. Some people think that it will be enough to throw away the sofa with its undesirable inhabitants. But this is not enough, so it will be necessary to poison bugs.

With them the cleaning with applicationchlorine or manganese. They, of course, will be unpleasant with these smells, but they will endure. The lights on at night can still be scared for a couple of days, but no more. To be smeared with some ointment is also not an option, it's not mosquitoes, so there will still be. So you need to think carefully about what to bring out bedbugs.

To destroy these insects usedmechanical, chemical and physical methods. So, than to poison bedbugs, choose you. A mechanical method will not help you much. To collect them manually, or to throw out a sofa? But it is impossible to predict how much they have already increased their territory. But in the case of machinery, the dump is inevitable, it is unrealistic to get them out of the electronics. The physical method involves the use of hot water vapor, steep boiling water and all sorts of searing liquids (kerosene, turpentine or denatured alcohol). This method was known to our ancestors. The chemical method of destruction is the use of all kinds of poisonous drugs. Of course, for this purpose it is better to apply to special institutions, but otherwise you can do it yourself.

Often people ask themselves what to bait bugs,not turning to the sanitary service? The most common method is to use alcohol denatured, which is poured directly into the nest of insects, and then air the room until the smell disappears. The smell disappears, and the traces on the furniture also do not remain.

If this does not work, then there are still options,than to poison bedbugs. For example, the habitat of insects can be poured with steep boiling water. Or give them plenty of breathing ammonia. Also helps a solution of naphthalene, benzene and methylated spirit, or - kerosene, naphthalene and cresol. Such treatment should be carried out for several days, but these funds may not yield the expected results. Then you can resort to the use of poisons - carbofos, chlorophos, and dichlorvos, but note that for you they are also harmful. When using these drugs, you should definitely protect yourself with rubber gloves and a respirator. After 7-8 days, the procedure should be repeated. But still, to say goodbye to these insects for sure, it is better to turn to professionals.

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