Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo

As soon as Tatarsky Viktor Vitalievich begins to speak, there is an impression that he was familiar with this voice from childhood. This great TV and radio presenter of Russia has been the permanent author of the popular program "Meeting with the song" for many years, which was once presented for inclusion in the "Guinness Book of Records", as it appears on the air for many years in a row. This is considered a unique case in the history of domestic and world radio. Some details from the life of the facilitator are found later in the article.

Childhood and youth

17 November 1939 came into being Victor Tatarsky. His biography originates in the city of Leningrad, where he was born. He spent his childhood there, so he went through the whole blockade. When the war was just beginning, his parents decided to give it to the orphanage, because they thought that it would be safer. At this time, his mother remained in Leningrad, and his father in connection with military scientific work was forced to go to another city.

Tatar viktorIn 1946, Tatarsky Victor was reunited with his family, and they all left for Moscow to live permanently. The future artist graduated from the Moscow general education school and decided to enter the Maly Theater School-Studio for the course of Igor Ilyinsky and Mikhail Tsarev. In addition to theatrical education, Tatarsky Victor also has a directorial and journalistic education.

This combination of three professions, in his opinion, gives him the opportunity to understand the genre of the famous program, which makes it so popular for many generations.


According to many journalists, Victor Tatarsky is considered a mysterious person. Biography, family, photos and many other facts from his life did not become public, but still about some points he tells in his interviews. For example, the fact that his parents were scientists. Father worked as a professor, and his mother as a mineralogist.

After the Leningrad blockade, Victor Tatarsky left for Moscow. Biography, family, as well as the worldview of the eight-year-old boy after that changed dramatically. His mother got married a second time, and the stepfather was the director Valery Mikhailovich Bebutov. As Victor Tatarsky himself says, he considers meeting with this person not an accidental and one of the main things in his life, since it was he who influenced in some way the choice of the profession of the future artist. My stepfather never scolded and never punished Victor, but as if by his presence he influenced all the events at home.

Almost always was a single person Tatarsky Victor Vitalievich. The wife did not become for him an eternal companion, therefore the work remains to this day the whole meaning of his life.

viktor tatar biography family

How did the career begin?

Initially, the talented presenter tried himself in the role of an actor. Tatarsky Victor played in the Astrakhan theater, where he fell completely by accident. This happened when the troupe of actors came on tour to Moscow, announcing a vacant post, to which they took Victor. After working in Astrakhan for a year, he decided to quit and go to Murmansk, where television was born, so he decided to become the presenter. The young man realized that he did not want to completely depend on the directors and on how things are going in the team, but he wants to work independently.

The telecentre turned into the place where Tatarsky Viktor Vitalyevich spent most of the day. His family was worried that the young man was practically at work. He left home at six in the morning and came only after midnight. Thus began his career as a presenter on radio and television.

viktor tatar biography

Create a legendary TV show

Victor Vitalievich, being at the age of 27 years, set himself the task of not just being a speaker reading someone else's text, but becoming a real conversationalist on the air. So the idea of ​​creating the program "Meeting with the song" came. Thus, 31 January 1967, all Soviet radio listeners first heard it on their receivers.

Initially, only domestic music sounded in the program and only after a while the foreign stage was allowed. This program has withstood more than one test in its entire history of existence and even became shorter by ten minutes, but still survived on the air and reached our days. Now this legendary show with its irreplaceable lead sounds on the waves of the radio station "Culture" on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

viktor tatar biography family photo

Other creative programs

In addition to his star project, Victor from 1960 in 1990 conducted a program called "The Music Globe". In 1970, Mr .. went on air "Write to your tape recorders", which lasted two years, whose voice was also Tatarsky.

Since 1973 year in 1976, he was the host of the program "At all latitudes", as well as with 1996 and for seven years the face of the telecast "The Story of a Masterpiece". She appeared on the First Channel of the country and she talked about Russian art and many famous museums. Since 1994 the festival "Slavianski Bazaar" is taking place in Belarus, where he conducts the program "The Star Hour".

The voice of this outstanding artist can be heard in many other films he has voiced in Russian, such as "Amarcord", "Eight and a Half", "Cabaret" and the series "Family Exchange". And, despite the fact that for all these years the name of Viktor Tatarsky has been heard by everyone, the biography, the family and all his life have never been accessible to the public.

Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo


This master of artistic expression was a laureate of the Russian award "Golden Microphone" in the nomination "Legend", and is also an honored artist.

In September 1988 Viktor V. was awarded an honorable award of the RSFSR for his invaluable contribution to culture. In March 2012 under the decree of the president it has been noted by a prize and named the People's artist of Russia.

Reviews of enthusiastic fans

Many radio listeners call this man-legend "the lunar voice of Moscow". People grew up on his programs, so they still write to him their letters filled with gratitude and love. In numerous messages, fans claim that this transfer has taught them only good qualities and remains to this day a real diamond in modern radio air.

Most radio listeners love this music program even more because of the letters and the way that their presenter reads in a heartfelt voice. This velvet and beautiful timbre can be recognized almost immediately. Undoubtedly, this artist has a certain talent for transferring human warmth "from heart to heart", and in whatever projects he participated, it is simply impossible to present these programs after him with another presenter.

Interesting facts from the life of the presenter

It turns out that the great-great-grandson of the great Russian philosopher-materialist is Victor Tatarsky. The family of the leader, or rather his mother is considered to be a relative of Nikolai Chernyshevsky.

Tatar Victor Vitalievich familyIn addition to his main program, he recorded fifteen more solo performances, among which were famous works of Russian classics.

Viktor Vitalievich is still an honorary member of the team of judges of the "National Radio Prize".

The penetrating voice of this eminent person is a kind of connecting link between people, and his author's program remains to this day a popular transmission that has replaced more than one generation of radio listeners.

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Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo Tatarsky Victor: biography, family, photo