Suzuki Skywave 400: specifications, reviews, reviews

MaxiscooterSuzuki Skywave 400became one of the first vehicles in its class, which changed the users' idea of ​​motorcycles for traveling. There is another modification of this model called the Burgman 400. It belongs to the category of business-class maxi-scooters.

Skywave 400 was appreciated by drivers in our country. High technical characteristics, comfort during operation allowed the scooter to become popular. What is Skywave 400? We will describe this in detail in the article.


BeginningSuzuki Skywave 400 reviewIt is necessary to say about the history of the creation and development of the presented model. She appeared on the motorcycle market in 1998. The size of this vehicle exceeded analogues. Due to the design features, it was possible to give the scooter comfort and maneuverability while maintaining a good payload.Suzuki Skywave 400

The first model had a wheel size of 159 cm. It was comparable to the overall characteristics of full-size motorcycles.The model was developed for long trips on the highway. In the city, it also remains quite maneuverable. The developers have provided in the model a good protection from the wind, a roomy trunk.

In 2001, Skywave 400 underwent some changes in design. The headlights, the rear part and the dimensions of the seat began to differ from the first variation. The design also changed in 2003. At the same time, the developers paid attention to the engine. He got a motor with a fuel injection system.


Suzuki Skywave 400 maxi scooterGot a beautiful, modern design. It harmoniously combines smooth lines with optimal color solutions for this group of vehicles. The design is designed in the same style.Suzuki Skywave 400 Specifications

The appearance of the Skywave 400 resembles a sports bike. This is facilitated by the aggressive, powerful shape of the fairings. The shape of the seat is marked by users as comfortable. Traveling on this scooter will be comfortable even together. The back can move. There are three of its provisions.

The trunk is roomy. Its volume is 55 liters. Both helmets are freely placed in it, as well as small things that the driver may need on the road.The trunk is equipped with a light bulb that allows you to light the space inside.

The load capacity of the model is 200 kg. This is a good indicator for motorcycles presented class. New models are not without external respectability. The design was thought out by the creators in every detail.


ConsideringSuzuki Skywave 400 specificationsIt is necessary to note a number of mandatory indicators. They allow to draw conclusions about the features of the operation of the presented vehicle.

Engine capacity is 400 cm ³. The power of the motor reaches 33 liters. from. It has one cylinder. The engine belongs to the four-stroke category. The scooter is capable of speeds up to 150 km / h. This is the maximum threshold.Suzuki Skywave 400 owner reviews

Gasoline consumption at an average load of 4-5 liters per 100 km. The fuel tank capacity is 13.5 liters. The gearbox is classified as CVT. The dimensions of the vehicle are quite large. The scooter has a size of 76x137.5x226 cm. At the same time, its weight is 225 kg. The presented characteristics meet all modern requirements put forward to the vehicles of the class presented.


Engine Suzuki Skywave 400belongs to the class of four-stroke designs.It is equipped with a fuel injection system. This technology can significantly improve the performance of the motor. He has, according to experts, good dynamics.Engine Suzuki Skywave 400

The design of the engine is designed with the possibility of starting the system in a cold state. At the same time moving parts are not abraded. The design is designed to reduce fuel consumption. During its creation, the highest environmental requirements developed by the world community were taken into account. The level of exhaust gases is reduced when using a special system of use of the catalyst and reverse oxygen supply.

The engine is cooled with liquid. The motor is started using an electric stator. Driving style significantly affects gas mileage. Fuel with an octane rating of 92 is suitable for refueling. The engine is unpretentious to the characteristics of the fuel.


The presented model is equipped with an automatic type gearbox. This design is reliable in operation. The transmission is infinitely variable, with a properly tunedCVT. Suzuki Skywave 400,thanks to this feature of driving, it becomes more comfortable. If the driver suddenly turns the throttle abruptly, the course of the scooter will still be smooth. This greatly increases road safety.Variator Suzuki Skywave 400

Main gear refers to the belt type. This is the most simple and common design. If necessary, over time it can be easily replaced. Materials and parts of such a transmission are sold almost everywhere.

At service of the engine and transmission it is necessary to get special oil. This will increase the operational life of the mechanisms. The engine and transmission are classified as reliable, durable systems.

Chassis, brakes

StudyingSuzuki Skywave 400 specificationsattention must also be paid to its running gear and brake system. The first of these systems is marked by good design. The frame is characterized by high rigidity. In this case, the suspension is characterized by high reliability. The design features of the undercarriage make it possible to maintain high vehicle handling in virtually any conditions.Scooter Suzuki Skywave 400

If necessary, the rear suspension can be adjusted by the user independently. To do this, use a special key. According to experts, the driving characteristics of this tourist model are in many ways similar to the sport of scooters.

Disk hydraulic brake system ensures safe stopping. If necessary, the scooter will quickly stop. The combination of two types of brake systems gives reliability to the unit. For the front caliper meets the right lever, and for the rear, respectively, the left. The model provides the ability to block the rear brake.

Performance specifications

ConsideringSuzuki Skywave 400 Specifications, it should be noted a few features of the presented model. It is equipped with anti-theft mechanism. It is built into the ignition lock. A special shutter prevents the installation of a non-original key. Also, it will not be possible to use its copy or other fake.Maxiscooter Suzuki Skywave 400

The difference between the original key is a special magnet. It is applied to a special place on the lock. Only after that the curtain will move away, the key can be inserted into the ignition. This is a simple but effective anti-theft system.

Landing on the presented motorcycles can be changed in accordance with their needs. It can be classic, chopper, etc. Some drivers say there is a lack of legroom space. If the driver is more than 180 cm tall, there may be some discomfort due to stiffness.

Installation of mirrors performed on the steering wheel. This somewhat worsens the review. However, when moving in an urban setting, this is rather an advantage.

Purpose of the model

Scooter Suzuki Skywave 400was originally designed as a vehicle designed for driving on the highway. The luxury model from the company "Suzuki" allows you to create maximum comfort when moving in a highway. It develops high speed, while remaining fairly maneuverable and stable. Control over the system ensures high user security.

The developers have created a large trunk for this model is not accidental. Going on a trip, you can hide a lot of necessary and valuable things here. Putting equipment in the trunk will be much safer than leaving it in a backpack on your shoulders.

Returning from a trip, you can freely cut in the conditions of the city road.The scooter cannot boast excellent maneuverability. However, this does not reduce comfort even when moving in traffic.


ConsideringSuzuki Skywave 400 reviews, which are left by experts in the field of motorcycle, should be noted a number of advantages of this model. Presented scooter belongs to the category of highly environmentally friendly vehicles. In terms of emissions, the unit meets one of the highest European standards, Euro-2.

The motor runs at all speeds dynamically. Chassis is very reliable. The combined brake system adds safety to the driver on the road. The scooter seats are comfortable. This allows a long time to be on the road. Roomy trunk provides the opportunity to take with you on a trip all the necessary things.

The light system is also reliable. The stylish design and good maneuverability also distinguishes the presented vehicle.


Suzuki Skywave 400There are also some drawbacks. They, however, are irrelevant. The positive qualities of the model completely overshadow the disadvantages. However, before buying, you need to know about some of the flaws of Skywave 400.

The dimensions of the model are quite large. This factor affects the reduction of vehicle maneuverability in urban driving conditions. Experts also note that in the manufacture of the exhaust system and rear brakes there are small errors. Replacement of gaskets in this system has to be done every 2-3 years.

In the manufacture of the manufacturer too tilts the windshield. Therefore, when operating a scooter, it must be properly configured. You should also say that the cost of the presented model is quite high. However, it is fully consistent with the high quality of Skywave 400.

Cost of

PriceSuzuki Skywave 400depends on the year of manufacture of the vehicle. The first generation (1998) will cost less. However, these motorcycles are implemented mainly by private traders. Therefore, there is no clearly established price for this equipment. The scooter of the first generation can be purchased for an amount from 70 to 110 thousand rubles.

Later versions are a bit more expensive. So, Skywave 400 release 2001-2002. can be purchased from 100 to 140 thousand rubles.

If you want to add dynamics to the engine, you can purchase a CVT separately. This, for example, may be a device Malossi Multivar. Its price is 6-8 thousand rubles.If you want to replace it yourself will not be difficult.

If the driver wants to modify the design of the steering wheel, it is also quite possible to do it yourself. The cost of such an event is about 2-4.5 thousand rubles.

Driver Reviews

The presented model almost always gets only positivereviews of the owners of Suzuki Skywave 400.Drivers note the high reliability of this scooter. It is powerful, comfortable. Driving a submitted vehicle is simple. He worked well when driving in various conditions.

The scooter quickly picks up speed and, if necessary, responds immediately to the brake. This is a beautiful model that favorably differs in design from the products of competing companies. Users note the durability of the scooter, its high quality and stability of all systems. Thanks to these qualities, this model is in great demand, it receives a lot of positive reviews.

Having considered what is a tourist modelSuzuki Skywave 400,its high quality and reliability can be noted. It provides a comfortable ride for a long time in various conditions.Due to the high performance characteristics of the scooter from the company "Suzuki" today in demand in our country.

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