Survey of parents in kindergarten. The main aspects of

In the period of adaptation of young children to new living conditions, specialized psychological support is required for all members of this process, both adults and children. Practicing psychologists are confident that questioning parents in kindergarten proves its effectiveness in practice. Own family is a source of positive and negative experience for a child. Baby grows, imitating peers and households. In order to grow up a healthy moral and physical generation, it is necessary to raise a baby with the assistance of all possible parties: family, community and kindergarten.

Purpose of the event

The analysis of the submitted works allows teachers to get in addition to information about the family and its values, as well as requests and expectations from attending a preschool institution.

questioning parents in kindergartenQuestioning parents in kindergarten is rightfully considered one of the most active forms of exchanging and receiving various information blocks of the unit’s work.

When is the research needed?

The procedure should take place during the entire stage of adaptation of the babies to the group. A good start will be the initial meeting of the teacher with adults before the arrival of the child in society, where parents will be interviewed in the younger group of the kindergarten. This will be a kind of forecast, revealing the parameters of a child’s readiness for admission to a pre-school type institution. True parents' answers to the questions asked will help to assess the real picture of the readiness of the baby to new conditions of stay. Also, every adult will be able to probe the ground of possible difficulties in raising their own child.

analysis of the survey of parents in kindergartenIn the first two weeks of the nursery visit, the following questioning of parents in kindergarten should also be conducted. The information obtained at this stage will help specialists and teachers working at the institution to consider the personal characteristics of each child, to plunge into the roots of family education, and also to determine the methods of possible psychological assistance or support.

The dynamics of the adaptation process

Topics of the survey for parents in kindergarten may be different, but each of the suggested works in line with the assessment of the physical and psychological state of the child during the period of adaptation in the preschool institution.

the results of the survey of parents in kindergartenA few months later, adults can offer a so-called observation map, in which they will make their notes and notes. An analysis of the parents' survey in kindergarten will help identify positive or negative trends. The proposed products will help to establish cooperation between employees of the educational process and parents.

Creating a child’s social passport

The child’s social passport is the result of a parent’s questionnaire in kindergarten. A base with a large reach of diagnosed children and collected primary data will help in the planning of counseling activities, as well as the development of individual lessons and remedial lessons.

Topics for parents in kindergartenIn order not to involve adults in creating another meeting that takes time, the psychologist can include questioning parents in kindergarten in the list of documents when registering a baby in an institution.You can also distribute questionnaires for self-filling at home when parents come to the parent meeting. In some cases, such questionnaires are considered the outline for the primary dialogue with the mother or father.

How should the process go?

Mandatory points and aspects that are present in the process of filling out each questionnaire should be:

  • polite appeal to the target audience;
  • a brief explanation and instruction that can tell about the purpose of the study;
  • thanks at the end of testing for constructive interaction;
  • examples of questions and answers for complex questions;
  • absolute confidentiality is a prerequisite for teachers to observe. If they adhere to this rule, the answers of fathers and mothers will be more sincere. When transmitting feedback, the teacher must be impartial and tactful.

What is useful analysis of acquired information?

questioning of parents in the younger group of kindergarten

If preschool employees actively use a variety of ways to interact with parents of preschool children attending kindergarten, this will be an incentive to voluntarily attract the asset of adults participating in events and implementations of new projects.

The analysis of parents' questioning in kindergarten as a percentage will be able to tell about the issues of preserving children's health, education, upbringing and successful socialization of an individual.

What can be profiles?

Subjects of the survey entirely depends on the goals pursued by the administration of the kindergarten, as well as the curriculum, designed for a year of stay in the institution. Variants of answers can be either closed, implying a brief affirmative or negative answer, or open, that is, expressing one's own position in a free form.
Approximate topics of surveys for parents:

  • The main aspects and style of education in the family.
  • Opinion about specialists and visited preschool institution.
  • Your baby - what is he?
  • Attitude crumbs to the group and educators.

Parents should understand that test results will benefit them and their child. Joint activities and interaction with teachers will help to stop possible problems in the bud.

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