Surgical abortion: consequences

Statistics indicate that approximately every second pregnancy on our planet ends in an abortion. However, the ways to interrupt the development of the ovum may be different. They all have their consequences. This article will tell you about the dangerous surgical abortion. You will learn the main implications of this procedure.

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Surgical abortion

Currently, there are three main ways to terminate pregnancy. This gynecological curettage, vacuum aspiration and the use of medicines. For each method there are certain restrictive terms.

Each woman can have a surgical abortion of her own accord until the third month of pregnancy (12 weeks). After that, the interruption can be made solely on the testimony. Gynecological curettage is performed until 22 weeks of pregnancy progression. After that, we are talking about artificial childbirth.

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How is the intervention?

Surgical abortion (curettage) is done under local or general anesthesia. In most cases, the patient is in a state of sleep. The procedure lasts from five to fifteen minutes.

With the help of a special device (curette), the gynecologist sneaks into the uterus and scrapes it. If necessary, the resulting material is sent for histological examination. The woman regains consciousness immediately after the manipulation, but for some time should remain within the walls of the hospital. Quite often, surgical abortion causes consequences. However, they can be instantaneous or delayed. Consider the main effects of the procedure.

What are the consequences of a surgical abortion?

Tissue damage

One of the most serious and dangerous (instantaneous) effects of gynecological curettage is perforation. In some cases, during the introduction of dilators into the cavity of the cervical canal, tissue damage to the cervix occurs. However, this consequence is eliminated by banal suturing of the mucous membranes. Perforation of the uterine wall is a more severe complication.

Damage to the uterine wall due to frequent inflammatory diseases and various chronic pathologies. Also the size of the curette and the professionalism of the doctor play a significant role.It is worth noting that when perforating the uterine wall, the patient requires emergency surgery. Sometimes it leads to the complete removal of an organ.

The occurrence of adhesions

This complication is delayed. The field of surgical abortion is often a woman spikes. At the same time, they are formed in the cavity of the genital organ, fallopian tubes. Often the process involves the ovaries.

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When such a complication occurs, the woman experiences constant pain in the abdomen. Their localization is mainly in the lower part of the peritoneum. Also, the patient may notice increased discomfort during menstruation and the inability to become pregnant.

Hormonal disbalance

Monthly after surgical abortion come right away. The day on which the manipulation was performed is considered the beginning of the next cycle. It is worth noting that such secretions are caused by unnatural interference. That is why the strongest hormonal failure in the woman's body occurs.

The first phase of the cycle is characterized by estrogen production. It is under their influence that the dominant follicle in the ovary grows. After ovulation and fertilization, it is time to release progesterone. This hormone supports pregnancy.When it is abruptly interrupted by surgery, the release of progesterone is replaced by oxytocin, which, in turn, goes into estrogen. Such a restructuring does not go unnoticed. It is always stressful for the female body.

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Inflammatory diseases

If you had a surgical abortion, the discharge should be completed within one week. In the case when this does not happen, we can talk about inflammation.

Sometimes bacteria and pathological microorganisms are acquired during the procedure. However, most medical institutions currently use sterile disposable instruments. The risk of acquiring pathology in this case is minimal. Also, inflammation may develop as a result of an untreated infection. In this case, the bacteria simply penetrate into the damaged mucosa.


Many women who underwent a surgical abortion suffer from infertility. In this case, the reason for the inability to conceive a child may be different. Some women after the manipulation acquired problems with the endometrium. Others are faced with a lack of ovulation.

It is worth saying that most problems can be corrected. However, this is not always easy.Some representatives of the weaker sex after surgical abortion have to be treated for several years.

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Ectopic pregnancy

If a woman after a surgical abortion does not have problems with conception, then a different problem often arises in her way. Sometimes formed adhesions lead to ectopic pregnancy. The inflammatory process in acute and chronic form aggravates the situation.

In most cases, the pathology occurs in the fallopian tube. However, the ovum may be fixed in the area of ​​the ovary or at the exit of the genital organ. Such a pregnancy cannot develop normally and requires prompt medical intervention.

Psychological side of the issue

Surgical abortion has consequences not only in the form of deterioration of the woman’s health. Often, manipulation deals a big blow to the psyche. In this case, the representative of the weaker sex voluntarily commits this step. However, the subconscious of each woman is set to have children. That is why abortion permanently leaves a mark on a woman’s life and quite often subsequently causes a feeling of guilt.

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Many women for a long time can not recover from such an operation.Anesthesia, which often causes headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and so on, has a great impact on the patient's health.


Now you know how a surgical abortion can end. The price of such an event can vary from 3 to 10 thousand rubles. In public medical institutions this procedure is performed free of charge.

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