Stuffed Goose. Baked goose with apples and buckwheat in the oven

Every family has a holiday when a stuffed goose is necessarily present on the table. This is Christmas. Traditionally, goose is usually stuffed with buckwheat and apples, but this is not a rule or law. Apples, for example, it is possible to replace mushrooms, and the dish will not become less tasty from this. Also, the usual recipe can be improved by adding honey, grate the carcass or add it to the stuffing. The meat will become unusually tender and will get a sweetish pleasant taste.

The general principle of cooking stuffed goose

To perform a standard traditional recipe, boil buckwheat until half cooked, mix it with onions, pre-fried to a rich golden brown color, and slices of apples, sliced ​​without a core. Pepper and salt are added to taste. Before stuffing, the goose is very carefully prepared.All entrails are removed from it, it is thoroughly washed with a large amount of running water, and then dried with a towel. The next step is to rub it with pepper and salt inside and out.stuffed gooseIf desired, for rubbing can use and honey. After that, the goose will be ready for the final stage. Fill the carcass with minced meat, carefully sew it up, remove the remnants of the filling from the surface and place it on a baking sheet, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil. Sent in the oven and bake until done. After two or three hours, the stuffed goose is ready.

Traditional goose recipe

We will need: a goose, a large needle and a thick thread, a cutting board and knife, apples, parsley, dill, mayonnaise, various spices, for example, cinnamon, cloves, paprika and pepper, apple vinegar, berries (prunes and ashberries). So that the stuffed goose does not turn out to be tough, it is recommended to put it in a pickle for five to eight hours, for which you need: water - three liters, apple vinegar - 50 grams, greens.stuffed goose in the ovenSoak the cut goose. After soaking, rinse with water, dry and wipe with a towel.Cooking apples: peel and core peeled, cut into four pieces. We need up to one and a half kilograms of apples, which depends on the size of the goose. Prepare the sauce: mix the mayonnaise with herbs and seasonings, add rowan, chopped and mix well.

Cooking process

The preparatory work is completed, now we will prepare the dish “Stuffed Goose”. Recipes, of course, differ from one another, but the basis is traditional. Apples dipped in seasonings with mayonnaise and tightly tamped them inside the goose. Then sew it with a needle and thread, then wipe with sauce. We try to do it better, because the goose will absorb a lot of moisture when frying. We put the bird into the goose and lay it on the apples that are left, no need to feel sorry. From above it is advisable to lay pieces of 8-12 prunes.stuffed goose recipesSent to the oven for 2.5–3 hours. At the same time a constant temperature of 250-270 degrees should be maintained. Be sure to put a bowl full of water under the goose so that it languishes more than it roasts. When the stuffed goose in the oven is ready, you should remove the thread from the carcass and decorate it with greens.

Goose Stuffed Potato Recipe

Probably one of the easiest. We will need: one goose, up to two kilograms of potatoes, up to a kilogram of dough, pepper and salt.

And now we invite you to learn how a goose stuffed with potatoes is cooked. Goose carcass, well washed and processed, pour hot water and cook until half cooked. We take out from broth, we give to cool and we rub from all directions with pepper and salt. Then fill with raw potatoes, salted and cut in half. We make unleavened dough, roll out with a half-centimeter layer and wrap the goose in it.potato stuffed gooseWe put it in the roaster, first laying it out with damp paper, covering it with it, and sending it to the oven for three to four hours. When ready, carefully remove the potatoes, chop the dough and carcass into portions and lay them on plates. Add the potatoes. Goose stuffed with potatoes, ready.

Recipe for goose stuffed with buckwheat

We offer another fairly simple recipe. Products: two-kilogram goose, 200 grams of buckwheat, pepper, salt.

How to prepare stuffed goose stuffed with buckwheat? We take the carcass of our poultry, gut it, scorch, wash well andusing a mixture of salt and ground pepper, rub. Finely chop the giblets, mix with buckwheat, boiled previously.goose stuffed with riceSalt is not necessary. Fill the mixture with the goose and sew. Lubricate with vegetable baking sheet, put the bird on it and send it to the preheated oven. Every 20 minutes we turn over the carcass and pour it with the melted fat. When the goose stuffed with buckwheat is ready, we serve it whole on the table.

Goose Stuffed with Rice Recipe

We will complicate this recipe a bit by adding apples to rice groats. We will need the following products: one goose, two large apples, a glass of rice, five or six dried apricots, mayonnaise, sour cream, pepper and salt.

Stuffed goose is cooked like this. Soak dried apricots in the water for half an hour. We wash the carcass of the bird, dry it, if necessary, grind it over the burner, removing the remnants of feather stumps and down. Pepper and salt it from all sides.buckwheat gooseApples, not peeling, wash and cut into cubes, dried apricots, soaked in strips. Cook rice in salted water, about ten minutes in time, over low heat. Fold in a colander, put butter, 50 grams, and stir.Now we mix everything together - dried apricots, apples and rice. We start the belly of the goose with this mixture, as tightly as possible. Next we will prepare the dish “Stuffed Goose” in the oven.

Cooking process

We sew up the belly of an ordinary, better - with a culinary thread, just not synthetic, which will melt in the process of cooking. If this is difficult for you, pin down gently with toothpicks. You can tie the legs of the goose on the abdomen, then when feeding there is an option to lay up your back. Put the carcass back on the baking sheet, grease it with a rich mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise, taken in a 1: 1 ratio, add some water and send it to the oven, preheated. A goose stuffed with rice should roast in it for about three hours. Every 30 minutes it is necessary to water it with grease that is being heated. In the case when it is not enough, pour hot water on a baking sheet.ready stuffed gooseThe resulting mixture of water and fat is watering the bird. We do this so that the crust does not dry out and is of golden beautiful color. After three hours, piercing a toothpick, we check the readiness: if the juice is clear, our goose is ready.We take it out of the oven and remove the thread. Carefully remove the stuffing from apples, rice and dried apricots. We spread on the dish the carcass, cut into portions and put together, lay out the stuffing around, sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve on the table. It turns out great stuffed goose.

We hope that the recipes outlined in the article will help you to please your family with a delicious festive dinner.

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