Straight-haired Retriever: photos and characteristics of the breed

The straight-haired retriever is a beautiful and very energetic dog with a wonderful character and high intelligence. Initially, he was taken out to hunt waterfowl. But now it is more used as a companion and universal search dog. In today's article we will tell a lot of interesting things about the representatives of this breed.

Brief historical background

The homeland of these animals is considered to be the United Kingdom. Work on their removal lasted about fifty years. Among their ancestors are labradors, setters and greyhounds. The first straight-haired retriever was shown in 1860 at an exhibition held in Birmingham. The owner of this dog, nicknamed Vidham, was Sir Brayldsford, whose dogs became the ancestors of all existing lines.

straight-haired retriever

In 1905, the breed received official recognition from world canine organizations. These animals were brought to Russia relatively recently.But they have already managed to gain a certain popularity among local breeders and hunters.


The straight-haired retriever, whose photo will be presented in today's article, is a harmoniously built, beautiful dog with a noble posture and a proportional body. The long neck smoothly flows into a well-marked withers, a flat back, a strong lower back and wide croup, ending with the base of a short straight tail.

straight-haired retriever photo

The height of an adult individual is 56-62 centimeters, and its mass ranges from 27-32 kilograms. Under the slightly stretched body with a deep chest are straight, muscular limbs with paws gathered in a ball. On the elongated elegant head with strong jaws there are beautiful dark chocolate eyes, a black large nose and small, tightly pressed, hanging ears.

Coat and color

Representatives of this breed have a shiny, thin, straight, silky coat. Curly, curly wool is considered a disadvantage, and its owners are not allowed to participate in exhibitions and to breeding.

As for color, the standard provides several permitted options.The most common are black, chocolate and fawn straight-haired retrievers. All other colors are considered a marriage in the same way as the presence of white spots.

Character traits

These are wonderful family dogs, very sensitive to changes in the master's mood. They are distinguished by extraordinary intelligence, high intelligence and ingenuity. They make faithful companions, good lifeguards, excellent search engines, hunters and guides for blind people.

straight-haired retriever puppies

The straight-haired retriever, the breed characteristic of which is difficult to describe in a few words, is an active, inquisitive and friendly dog, easily contacting a person. He is very hardy and has a wonderful scent.

These sport dogs love running and swimming. They are always ready for active games and retain puppy spontaneity until old age. They are strongly attached to all members of the host family and may be bored alone. Self-sufficient dog often begins to dig and gnaw things.

Maintenance and care

The straight-haired retriever is an unpretentious dog that does not cause much trouble. He does not need complex care and easily adapts to life in a city apartment. It must be periodically combed using a special brush.Especially this advice is relevant in the period of active molting, when the dog loses a fair amount of wool. It is desirable to bathe an animal no more than twice a year. And it is recommended to do this with the use of special tools sold in any pet store.

straight-haired retriever kennel

Hanging ears require no less attention. They should be periodically checked for the presence of inflammation and infection, and also cleaned of dust and dirt accumulated there. As for claws, they usually grind off naturally during active long walks. But if necessary, they can be mowed at the vet or at home. Among other things, these dogs need systematic vaccination and antiparasitic treatment. In the spring and autumn period, they need to be protected not only from fleas, but also from ixodic ticks. To do this, it is recommended to use special sprays, drops, collars or tablets.

Nutrition Tips

Straight-haired retriever is a breed that does not need a special diet. These dogs can be given both industrial and natural food. Those who have chosen the first option for their pet should prefer high-quality products of super premium or holistic class, issued by proven companies with a worldwide reputation.

breed straight-haired retriever

People who decide to feed their retriever with natural food should remember that the basis of their menu should be raw, lean meat. Experts recommend using beef, poultry or lamb for this purpose. Occasionally, the dog can be offered cartilage, which are excellent sources of many valuable substances necessary for the normal formation of joints. Several times a week, meat can be replaced with lean sea fish or by-products, including liver, kidney, lungs, heart, trachea and scar.

In addition to the meat component in the menu of a straight-haired retriever, fruits and vegetables should regularly appear as an excellent source of fiber. As for the croup, these dogs can be given buckwheat, rice or rolled oats from time to time. Also in the diet of these animals should be cottage cheese, yogurt or yogurt.

Like any other dogs, representatives of this breed should not be given tubular bones, sweets, salty, spicy and smoked food. In their diet should not be river fish and the remnants of the master table.

Upbringing and training

Representatives of this breed are distinguished by high intelligence.They are very quick-witted and easy to learn. In the process of training these dogs can not raise your voice and apply physical effects. To achieve the desired results, we need a systematic and comprehensive approach. Do not allow a puppy to do something that will be forbidden to an adult dog.

fawn straight-haired retriever

You can deal with the baby from the first days after its appearance in your home. The first thing a puppy should learn is his nickname. As soon as he begins to happily respond to his name, you can gradually complicate the task by introducing new commands. The first classes are preferably conducted in the form of a game. So that the puppy does not get tired, their duration should not exceed ten or fifteen minutes. With proper upbringing, an excellent companion and a true friend will grow out of a small fluffy lump.

Tips for choosing a puppy

Immediately warn that it is best to buy a straight-haired retriever in the nursery or from professional breeders specializing in the breeding of such animals. Only there can you be given any guarantees that the puppy you have acquired has a stable psyche, good health and working qualities.To determine the breeder or nursery, you can visit specialized exhibitions and personally communicate with dog breeders.

It is equally important to decide for yourself why you need a puppy of this breed. If you do not plan to participate in exhibitions, then you can safely be guided by personal sympathies and buy the dog you like. If you expect that a real champion and breeding producer will grow from an acquired puppy of a straight-haired retriever, you need to take the issue of choice more seriously. In this case, you should carefully examine the pedigree of the baby and, if necessary, seek the help of experts.

When choosing a puppy, it is important to pay attention not only to his appearance, but also to behavior. He must be active, curious and cheerful. A good puppy with a stable psyche and working instincts will never show signs of cowardice or aggression.


Straight-haired retrievers are beautiful hardy dogs that quickly adapt to any conditions. They do not require complex care and special diet. These animals are distinguished by good health and excellent character.They get along well with children and are ideal for living in a large family.

straight-haired retriever breed characteristic

These clever and quick-witted dogs are easy to train. From a well-bred puppy, a good companion and reliable companion grows up. Representatives of this breed have a great scent, so they are often used in a search service. By virtue of a friendly disposition, they are unsuitable for security work and will never become good watchmen. These impressive hunting dogs under no circumstances show aggression against people.

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