STO: what is it and what for

Technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out at certified service stations (STO). What is this? Answer this and other questions in this article.

STO: what is it?

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A HUNDRED is an enterprise that offers planned and non-planned maintenance services to a company, and also deals with repairs, including capital repairs. At the service station you will install additional equipment if necessary.

The following equipment is available at the service station:

  • various lifts;
  • leveling stands of platform type;
  • tire machine;
  • balancing stand;
  • devices for a collapse descent;
  • paint drying equipment;
  • equipment for diagnosing the operation of car chains.

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HUNDRED: abbreviation interpretation

Motorists often communicate with each other. It is more convenient to use an abbreviation in a conversation than to mention the full name. What is car service? Decoding denotes a car service station.

Services provided by service stations

HUNDRED (abbreviation deciphering above) provides various types of services. Here are some of them:

  • all services related to warranty service;
  • inspection of any car;
  • vehicle repair;
  • diagnostics of automobile systems;
  • body repair of varying complexity;
  • painting;
  • installation of alarms;
  • embedding of various systems;
  • washing of various classes from economy to luxury.

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Above, we considered the SRT what it is. And what equipment is installed at the service station?

Here is a sample list:

  1. Locksmith shop can hold about ten cars. It is located in a separate room. It is equipped with a lift, exhaust utilizer and pneumatic tools.
  2. An OBD scanner for cars is needed in order to find out what is wrong with a car and fix these problems using an electronic system.
  3. Cranes and jacks are useful for installation work.
  4. Machine, restoring brake geometry. With such equipment, it is possible to fix problems with the brakes without disassembling the car, which greatly speeds up the work.
  5. Oil change equipment controls the color, composition and amount of oil that was used.
  6. Apparatus for flushing motor systems. Such equipment is made in the Netherlands, and it is considered one of the best.
  7. Air conditioner cleaning equipment removes harmful bacteria and cleans contaminated areas without causing damage. Also with the help of this equipment you can trace leaks and fill the system with oil.
  8. Equipment "camber toe" must be located in each center. With it, you can adjust the angles of convergence and camber when replacing ball bearings. This equipment has a special database, thanks to which it is possible to carry out a "similar collapse" on a car of any manufacturer.
  9. Aggregate machine. It includes various equipment and tools that can be used to disassemble and assemble various components of a car.
  10. Body shop. It includes a special slipway. This workshop is needed in order to eliminate various deformations in the car body. Specially designed measuring system is able to very accurately restore the geometry of the body. The built-in base allows repairing more than three thousand car models.
  11. The welding machine is used in welding work of various types. You also need to have a spot welding machine available. They will help to get rid of defects in hard accessible places.
  12. Posts for painting. In a good paint shops there is an apparatus for removing dust. Lighting should be very good. At the end of painting using infrared lamps for drying products. The size of the paint shop should be such that it was possible to paint not only small cars, but also buses, "Gazelles".
  13. Contactless car wash. This washing is possible without the use of detergents, various sponges and brushes. It is equipped with a special vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  14. During all the work at each stage, special covers are used to help preserve the appearance and protect the upholstery of the seats and the interior of the car.

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Service stations for dealerships

Very often, a certain dealer center on its base opens a specialized service station. What is this? What is its difference?

At these service stations, focused on a particular brand of car, there are specialists who can easily cope with any malfunctions of the car.After all, this is the key to high-quality elimination of problems that may arise from a vehicle. Also an important factor is the presence of such original parts for the car at such stations.

If it is possible to come to a specialized service station, then you need to do so.

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