Still life with fruit: how to draw in stages

Did you know that the process of drawing not only brings up a sense of beauty in a person, but also helps to cope with stressful situations, calming the nerves and giving rise to peace in the soul? In view of this, it is recommended to give this lesson at least a little of your free time. Let's learn how to draw a still life with a fruit pencil.still life with fruit

General information

To learn how to depict a still life with fruit, you must first understand what the term itself means. In addition, you need to know what attributes the future artist should prepare to create his own masterpiece. The painting depicting inanimate objects (it doesn’t matter one or several things) is called still life. Translated from the French, this term sounds like "dead nature". Depending on the flight of fancy in the pictures you can use flowers, household items, fruits and vegetables. In the still life there is often an element such as fabric (of any color and texture).

Required Attributes

To cope with the work ahead and master all the nuances, it is required to prepare the necessary tools in advance. You will need:

- a sheet of paper or canvas (it all depends on what size you want to create your first masterpiece);

- a simple pencil;

- fabric and objects that you will use as nature;

- good lighting.

how to draw a still life with fruit

If you intend to paint a picture, then, besides everything, you have to decide what type of paint you will use (watercolor or oil) and in accordance with this pick up brushes and a palette. And, of course, do not forget about the water.

Technique graphics

To make your picture the most similar to the selected composition, you must first master the technique. It should learn to transmit glare, shadows and texture. Still life with fruit pencil begin to create a sketch. He is depicted on a separate sheet. Here they simply fix the arrangement of objects, without drawing them completely. When the sketch is ready, you can proceed to the image elements on the main canvas. While drawing, do not press the pencil too hard. Otherwise, if you remove an incorrectly drawn line on the paper, traces will remain.Creating the outlines of objects, it is not necessary to draw each line, apply a sketch with chaotic movements. You should know that artists for individual lines use pencils of various softness. In the image process, the set allows you to create various effects on paper. That is why, if you want to do everything right and depict a beautiful still life with fruits, approach the choice of the “tool” with great responsibility.still life with fruits and vegetables

Creating a sketch

As everyone understands, to get started, you first need to create a composition. You must decide on the main background of your picture, and also on what elements will be present on it - whether you will depict one object or decide to use several. For example, you can draw a still life with fruits and vegetables or diversify your picture with a bouquet. As a background, it is desirable to use plain fabrics. Next on the drawing paper, determine the center of the composition and sketch a sketch of the future picture. The first thing to draw is simple elements: an oval or a circle. For example, an ordinary apple is depicted using a circle, for sketching grapes use details in the form of small balls.The main thing is to make sure that the objects are in their places, that is, respect proportionality.

We depict objects

When you managed to correctly arrange all the objects on the sheet, it's time to move on to drawing them. To do this, enter the fruits in the depicted figures using clearer lines. Make clear all the details, contours and remove the auxiliary lines. To create the correct image do not forget to correctly arrange the shadow with a pencil. This action is performed using shading, initially darkening the darkest places with a gradual transition to lighter. The shadows are drawn with an extremely sharp pencil when applied layer by layer. The final stage is to check the image of all items, special attention should be paid to the tone mapping.

still life with fruit in stages

Still Life with Fruit - Step by Step

Let's learn how to create a picture of the example of orange, grapes and kiwi. To this end, it is better to use real objects, so purchase them in advance. Believe me, for the acquisition of skills and training is better to draw from life. To make it easier to create your first masterpiece, strictly follow our instructions.

Drawing details

To begin, we outline the location of fruit on paper. To depict the halves of kiwi and orange, one should draw slanted lines and only then draw ovals. Now you can proceed to the immediate drawing of fruit. Let's start with an orange. To do this, we divide its sketch with the help of an auxiliary line into two parts. Then in each half we draw the slices, depicting them as triangular sectors.

still life with fruit pencil

The area where the grapes should be located is filled with circles, while at kiwi we draw only the core. Shading the sketch is advisable to start with grapes. To do this, use the softest pencil (8 "M") to draw each circle with circular movements. Note that the brightest place in the grapes should be the middle, as well as the edge. This is done so that the berries do not merge with each other. We now turn to drawing an orange. To begin to shade the skin. To do this, using a pencil "T" impose a shading in the shape of the fruit. After that we will put specks and points. This is done with a pencil "TM". So you can transfer the texture of an orange.

still life with fruit

Fruit slices are drawn in pencil "T". We are moving from the center to the edges.To more accurately convey the image of the fruit, pencil "TM" depict the "feathers". To make the picture more similar to the original, we use an eraser to make the corners more round and in the center wipe a small circle. It's time to portray kiwi. To this end, with a pencil "TM" put on its surface strokes (without pressure). And in order to give the fruit greater realism, we will make small lines on the surface with stronger pressure. Now let's draw a core. In the center of the kiwi with a pencil "TM" draw the rays (several layers). So give the texture of this fruit. Use a soft pencil to draw the seeds, then use the eraser to make the middle of the light.

Grape leaf

If you have enough space left on the working field, you can add an element such as a grape leaf to a still life. To do this, we represent the shape of the sheet in the form of a spatula. After that, we will create veins that must necessarily come from one point (this is a characteristic feature of a grape leaf). We make a more accurate sketch of the shape of the sheet. Now you can add veins with smaller branches and create corners of this element. We start shading.Pencil "T" from the point of convergence of the vein plotted dashed lines to the ends of the element. Next, we add volume.still life with fruit and flowersFor this pencil "TM" put an additional layer. But you need to make it only at the edges and the top of the sheet. The final stage of drawing includes the application of shadows and a clearer image of the veins of the sheet. Your picture is ready. Many believe that drawing a still life with fruit is much easier than depicting, for example, a still life with a bouquet. In principle, there is no big difference between these pictures. When creating both of them, it is necessary to depict every detail. The only difference is that still lifes with fruits and flowers have more elements.

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