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The most important role in the mechanism of economic management in modern society belongs to statistics. It involves the collection, scientific analysis and processing, synthesis of information characterizing the economic and cultural development in the country, as well as the standard of living of the people. All this makes it possible to identify existing economic interactions, study the dynamics, and make international comparisons. Thanks to the data obtained, it is possible to make the most effective decisions in the field of management at the regional and federal levels.statistical reporting

Accounting and statistical reporting

Both the one and the second is a specific type of information gathering. Statistical reporting is carried out in accordance with federal programs. It includes all kinds of observations. These include, for example, monographic, sociological, personal, sample surveys, various censuses, one-time counts, periodic, regular reports, and so on.Programs and methods for implementing these measures are approved by the State Committee or by agreement with it by the authorized bodies of the regions. Statistical reporting forms of 2014 and previous years were approved by Rosstat. In addition, the body develops and accepts lists of data collected, methods for their determination. If the report contains financial information (accounting entries, for example), then the forms are also approved by the Ministry of Finance.


Information on the activities of legal entities comes in a timely manner to the relevant authorities. Data is presented in the form of special documents. The forms of these acts are called reporting forms. For each of them developed a special code and name. Accordingly, certain statistical reports are provided on one form or another:

  • Form 1. It provides information on the distribution of the number of employees in accordance with the size of the salary.
  • Form 2. This form contains information on technological innovations in an industrial enterprise.
  • Form 5. It provides data on instances of new types of equipment, machines, instruments, devices, first created in Russia.statistical reporting 2014

There are also other forms on which the statistical reporting is submitted.At the end of the year, a single database is formed in different directions. The statistical reporting of 2014 will be used at the end of this year to conduct a comparative analysis of the dynamics of economic development.


Statistical reporting varies in frequency. Thus, during the urgent collection of information, information is received for a month and a shorter period. Also distinguish between annual, semi-annual and quarterly reporting. The most detailed is the annual base. Urgent statistical reports are often e-mailed or faxed. Information for a longer period, if necessary, can be sent by registered mail.statistical reporting enterprise

Data source

Statistical reporting of the organization is compiled on the basis of documents. In the first place it is consumable paper. For example, the statistical reporting of 10-f (quarterly) is almost entirely compiled from the data of the balance sheet and the appendix on losses and profits. Rosstat of Russia is pursuing a policy of unifying the reporting system.

A responsibility

The statistical reporting of an enterprise must be submitted within the time limits established by law in the prescribed manner. Since May 1992, the Federal Law on liability for violations of these regulations.In accordance with its provisions, the authorized bodies have the right to apply to management and other officials of associations, regardless of the form of their property, penalties in the form of warnings or fines. The size of the latter can be from three to eight times the minimum wage. Penalties of this kind are applied if the statistical reporting of the enterprise and other information were not provided on time, were distorted. Fines are imposed when committing repeated similar actions. In this case, the size of the fine will increase and will be from eight to ten times the minimum wage.statistical reporting organization

Types of violations

Distortion of information is recognized as their incorrect reflection in the forms. It may be admitted intentionally by officials in order to conceal profits and for other mercenary motives. Distortion of data may be a consequence of violation of the rules and existing instructions, methodological recommendations on the compilation. Also, incorrect data entry is often the result of arithmetic errors. Violation of time is considered to be late for the day If this period is more than 24 hours, then this is considered non-reporting.

Accountable persons

Their definition is one of the most important functions of the State Statistics Service. To accomplish the task, all legal entities (regardless of the form of their ownership) and citizens engaged in commercial activities must submit constituent documents to the appropriate authorities. All specified subjects are assigned identification codes. In addition, the classification criteria are determined in accordance with the current classifications of technical and economic data for inclusion in the EGRPO, as well as reflected in the state unified statistical reporting. In the case of reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity, provide to the relevant authorities all data for the entire period of its activity. Information is submitted on official forms for the reporting year before liquidation. In addition, legal entities provide regulations on the procedures performed to make adjustments to the EGRPO.accounting and statistical reporting

Data value

The information contained in the reporting allows you to trace the dynamics of the production volume of the industrial sector and other sectors of the economy,to assess the complexity of the development of the state and its regions, to study the correlations of various forms of ownership in accordance with the sectors of the national economy and the subjects of the Russian Federation. At the same time, it is possible to conduct a qualitative analysis of the effectiveness of the activities of non-state and state associations.

Key features

The stability of statistical reporting in today's market conditions is of particular importance. The content of the forms provides the ability to predict long-term dynamics, identify trends, assess variability, develop new, more effective development programs. Undoubtedly, the list of indicators and forms changes over time. However, before making these or other adjustments, it is necessary to clearly determine their feasibility. Reporting prepares many employees - accountants, financial workers. This mass method is able to give reliable information if the whole system is stable.statistical reporting form 1


Its formation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the adopted State Program, which determines the order of transition of Russia to the world-wide adopted system of statistics and accounting, as well as the domestic scheme for attracting and processing data.The rapid development of small business associations required a special solution to the issue of collecting information about them. Such enterprises report using the minimum number of forms and indicators. Today, there is an approved integrated scheme for collecting quarterly periodicity data for legal entities of this category, as well as the annual procedure for submitting information. The latter provides a form that contains indicators of the production activity of such legal entities.statistical reporting forms 2014


All data from enterprises are received by statistical authorities, where they are being tested. After that, the information is used to compile summary tables. All data are combined by industry, territory, ownership and legal structure. From local authorities, information in the form of summary tables is sent to Rosstat. There also data are being systematized and processed. As a result, summary tables are compiled throughout the country as a whole.

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