Specifications, models and reviews about Pozis refrigerators

Pozis has successfully settled on the Russian market of household appliances. Reviews of refrigerators of this brand are encouraging: for a relatively low cost, you can buy a reliable unit that will serve more than one year. Over the past couple of decades, the products of the legendary company "Pozis" from Tatarstan became especially popular with the domestic consumer. Judging by the reviews, Pozis refrigerators are especially appreciated for their excellent technical characteristics and ergonomics at the high power of the freezer compartment.

What is different from analogues

To get a detailed understanding of the refrigeration technology of this brand, you must first examine its technical characteristics, pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages, as well as familiarize yourself with the most popular model range units.fridge pozis rk fnf 172 customer reviews

Experts in their reviews about Pozis refrigerators note their environmental friendliness.Household appliances made of non-toxic metals that do not contain lead and mercury. In addition to the price that is available to customers with any income level, there are other advantages of Russian refrigerators:

  • Powerful freezer that allows you to save food for several months.
  • Antibacterial coating on the inner surface of both chambers (refrigerating and freezing).
  • The possibility of electronic temperature control.
  • Light indicators, sound signals.
  • Instant freeze option.

If desired, the internal design of the refrigerator can be changed to meet the personal needs of each user. All models are equipped with a door, which is easily outweighed to the other side. To provide additional space, you can remove the interfering shelves - they are all removable. And as a nice bonus, it is necessary to note the presence of a butter dish and a cheese bowl - a trifle that will appeal to any hostess.

What users don't like

Despite the numerous advantages of Pozis refrigerators, in customer reviews one can also find notes of discontent with this kitchen appliance.In principle, the products of this brand have no significant shortcomings that would force them to abandon the planned purchase. But still, those who are seriously thinking about purchasing the “Posis” refrigerator should take into account such nuances:

  • Most models make a lot of noise when the freeze function is turned on.
  • The technology No Frost which is fallen in love to consumers meets only in two-chamber refrigerators.
  • Single-chamber models are subject to mandatory periodic defrosting manually. By the way, after automatic defrosting, it is important not to forget to drain the water.
  • Pozis refrigerators are far from the highest energy-saving class, but all models, from cheap to expensive, are equipped with reliable mains voltage regulators.

pozis fridge reviewsAnother disadvantage that may seem very insignificant is the frequent breakage of door handles. Of course, their repair is not a problem, but a potential buyer should be aware of the likelihood of such troubles.

Freezer Features

A good freezer is one of the main criteria for choosing a refrigerator. According to reviews, Pozis did his best to create freezer compartments.The only drawback, as already noted, is the ability to defrost the refrigerator manually in separate models. The manufacturer does not recommend defrosting the freezer automatically and in those cases if the thickness of the ice layer in the chamber exceeds 5 mm. It is worth noting that the defrost is fast enough, and the set temperature is restored in minutes.

The freezer in two-compartment refrigerators "Pozis", as a rule, has several temperature regimes. The upper compartment is equipped as a place for instant freezing. To save fruits, the temperature is needed higher, so the berries and fruits are stored below. Even with intensive freezing, the temperature of the lower compartment remains almost unchanged.

Refrigerators "Pozis" inside

A company from Tatarstan is doing everything possible to keep up with current trends. Each model range is being improved not only by increasing the technical functionality, but also the internal content. All popular designs have ample space. Conveniently, for each product in the refrigerator there is a place.In addition, the company "Posis" follows the innovative technologies used by foreign competitors. Due to this, domestic refrigerators cope with the main function of food safety assigned to them.refrigerator pozis 172 customer reviews

When choosing kitchen appliances, buyers pay no less attention to its appearance. All Pozis refrigerators, according to reviews, fit well into any interior dining room. Models were created by designers taking into account current trends in the world of stylish household appliances. In addition to the opportunity to purchase a classic white refrigerator, the buyer can choose a model of bright colors.

Views of the owners

As already mentioned, in their comments on Pozis refrigerators, customers often pay attention to advantages, rather than product flaws, which, frankly, cannot be hidden. Most often praise the model with a linear compressor - such refrigerators are more expensive, but they are more economical. In addition, equipment with a linear compressor is, as a rule, a guarantee of silent operation of the unit in the kitchen.

The lifetime of products without breakdowns is quite high.Compartments and glass shelves have high strength - this is noted in all positive reviews. In addition, there is always plenty to choose from: models with a different set of options, sizes and colors.

Some buyers remain disappointed with their choice. Most frustrating is the fact of a low level of autonomous temperature maintenance, i.e. in the event of a power outage, the cold will last no more than 6-7 hours. The absence of the No Frost system in budget models is another drawback that users note.

Besides, not everyone is satisfied with the dimensions of Pozis refrigerators. None of the model series you will not find huge samples, however, as well as too miniature units. However, for a large family, a medium-sized refrigerator is not exactly what you need.

Most popular model

Judging by the customer reviews, the Pozis RK FNF-172 refrigerator is a true sales leader. This model is chosen by those who would like to get a roomy two-chamber device for a relatively low cost. In the reviews of the Pozis RK FNF-172 refrigerator, users consider the important advantage of being equipped with the No Frost function. You do not need to defrost it manually.

The power of freezing is also impressive - this unit is able to freeze more than 10 kg of products per day. According to customer reviews, the Pozis-172 fridge will give odds to the high-priced Samsung, Elgy, Bosh, Indesit branded models.

The hostesses mark another plus of this model: the location of the freezer at the bottom and its division into 4 compartments, which allows to sort products, separating, for example, fruit from meat, and ice cream from fish.refrigerator pozis 172 reviews

Pozis-172 Disadvantages

At the same time, some customers claim that the unit works almost silently, while others consider the sounds that it makes, almost the main reason for the urgent sale of the Pozis FNF-172 refrigerator. According to reviews, the device cracks several times throughout the day. Most likely, the crash is caused by the impact of the ice crust on the plastic surface during the defrosting of the freezer. To combat this problem, buyers in the reviews of the Pozis RK FNF-172 refrigerator recommend setting a minimum temperature setting.

From the little things that potential owners should also be aware of, it is worth noting the difficulty of removing the sticker on the door and the unpleasant smell from the rubber bands on the door. Everyone who used the Pozis-172 refrigerator, in reviews, advised to wash both chambers from the inside with warm soda or soapy water before use.As a rule, the next day, no smell remains.

Reliable Pozis RK FNF-170

This model is the predecessor of the above-described refrigerator. According to reviews, Pozis RK-170 embodies the concept of a standard and most ordinary refrigerator, as it is in the understanding of most of us. Possesses elegant and at the same time universal design. Removable door shelves are convenient for storing bottles of any height.fridge pozis rk 170 reviewsThe volume of the freezer is almost equal to the two-meter "giant» Pozis RK-172. According to reviews, a refrigerator of similar dimensions is not very convenient for use by people of small stature - in order to reach the highest shelves, you have to use a stool. The height of the Pozis RK-170 is 186 cm. Thanks to the “Nou Frost” system, this model will also not have to be manually defrosted.

Budget two-chamber Pozis RK-139

In comparison with the two previous models, this one is the most affordable. Among the units of this brand, the RK-139 series of refrigerators is distinguished by a rich selection of colors, comes in white, gray, black, beige, red and other color variations.

The freezer is located at the bottom, consists of three spacious compartments.The dimensions of the refrigerator do not interfere with determining its place even in a small kitchen. At the same time, the internal volume of the unit allows to consider it quite spacious. In contrast to the more expensive analogs of Pozis, this model works really quietly. Buyers of the refrigerator in their responses from the flaws point only drip thawing system. Many people do not like the manual defrosting procedure, in which each time it is necessary to open the lower boxes. Some users have noticed that the back wall of the refrigerator compartment slightly freezes.

Universal Pozis RD-149 S

This is another model that is ideal for a large family. There are no fundamental differences between this refrigerator and the RK-139. A drip defrost and manual defrost system is also installed here. At the same time, the unit is equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use control panel. The height of the refrigerator is 196 cm, the body is made of durable plastic, which, according to the reviews, is almost impossible to damage and scratch with ordinary daily use. The internal coating is no less practical, and the glass freezer compartments withstand 40-kilogram loads.pozis refrigerator reviews

Tips for choosing

Among the products of domestic and foreign competitors, “Posis” refrigerators stand out noticeably due to the affordable cost. The relatively low price of most models goes against the functional diversity and technical equipment. If you are planning to buy a refrigerator and are faced with a choice, first of all it is important to understand for what purposes you are going to buy it. Would you like to store store products? Then you can choose economical low-cost options. If you have a large family, and you can’t do without winter blanks, the fast freezing function is of paramount importance, so choose roomy two-chamber models with the Nou Frost system.


According to reviews, Pozis refrigerators are trusted today. Experts note the decent quality of domestic assembly and component parts. The undoubted advantage for kitchen appliances is the ability to maintain a given temperature. Each model has ergonomic LED bulbs that save energy consumption and brightly illuminate the space inside.refrigerator pozis customer reviews

Those who have already used the Pozis refrigerator for years are satisfied with the strength of the shelves and boxes for vegetables that do not crack or scratch. For lovers of frequent changes in the situation, all models are equipped with wheels.

The manufacturer guarantees three years of uninterrupted operation of this brand's home units At the same time minor damage is not excluded, but all of them are eliminated without problems by the staff of service centers.

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