Space fiction: best movie list

Space fiction is widely represented in literature and cinema. This is one of the most interesting genres in art.

space fiction


Science fiction is characterized by the assumption of something unusual, incredible, supernatural. This manifests itself in violation of the boundaries of the reality that is familiar to man. The genre is incredibly diverse and has many options and forms: science and space fiction, fantasy, mysticism, horrors.

It takes its origin in the distant past. Separated from the folk forms (fairy tales), fantasy becomes a separate, independent method of art. The beginning of the genre in literature put the poem of the legendary Homer "Odyssey", describing the incredible journey of the protagonist.

The history of the genre in the cinema of the XIX century

Cosmic fiction evolved after literary forms. Interestingly, in the cinema, she had more confidence for the audience.Visual information provided to a person is perceived much better than simple text. Cine-fiction from the very beginning of its appearance caused great interest among the viewer. With the advent of special effects, the popularity of the genre in the cinema has increased.

So space fiction was born - films of this genre appeared in the era of silent films in France.

space fiction movies

At that time they were quite small and walked for a few minutes. In the era of the emergence of the first mechanical machines, new technologies aroused great interest among people. Therefore, in the center of the plot of the first fantastic tapes there was some incredible technology. Even then they began to use special staged tricks, which are now called special effects. The director who first used these techniques was Georges Méliès. In the picture of 1896 “The Devil's Castle”, he demonstrated to the stunned viewers of the scene of the transformation and disappearance of people. The best space fiction in the history of the genre is represented by its famous tapes "Journey to the Moon" and "Incredible Journey." According to the plot of the last picture, its heroes find themselves on Mercury.

The development of science fiction in the XX century

The beginning of the twentieth century brought new technologies, techniques and capabilities to the genre. Space fiction, movies and their characters were all the same interesting to the viewer.

In 1929, in Germany, the picture "Woman on the Moon" appeared. This is the first cinematic work in which the director tried to reliably (from the scientific point of view of those years) tell about space travel.

The contribution of the Soviet cinema to the genre

Space fiction was very popular in the USSR. It had its own characteristics and was clearly propagandistic. But this fact did not affect the artistic value of films. The painting “Aelita”, shot in 1924, was one of the best works of cinema and became a classic of the genre. In her story, a Soviet engineer Elk and a soldier Gusev, who flew to Mars, help the daughter of a cruel tyrant to overthrow her father.

best space fiction

The Space Flight directed by Vasily Zhuravlev turned out to be the only Soviet film on the theme of traveling in space in the 1930s and 40s. He deserves much attention because Tsiolkovsky himself advised its creators.

The beginning of great interest in the space fiction genre: the invasion of Earth and stellar expeditions

Until the 1950s, the theme of traveling to other planets in the cinema was quite rare. In the middle of the 20th century, interest in space fiction increased. Such pictures as "Forbidden Planet" and "Destination - Moon" appeared.

At this time, the plot of the invasion of alien creatures on Earth becomes popular. The films “War of the Worlds”, “The Day When the Earth Frozen”, and “The Invasion of the Body Kidnappers” are devoted to this.

"Golden" decades of space fiction: from "Space Odyssey 2001" to "Men in Black"

Since the 1970s, interest in the genre has only increased. In 1968, Stanley Kubrick’s famous Space Odyssey 2001 came out on the screens, opening up new horizons in science fiction. Practically in the same years, the cult series Star Trek appeared.

In 1977, an important event occurred for the space science fiction genre - the movie “Star Wars” was released.

space fiction 2014

Today, in science fiction, perhaps, there is no picture more significant than the creation of George Lucas. "Star Wars" set a new level of quality for the whole genre. First of all it concerned special effects. The popularity of the picture, which described the civil war raging in the galaxy, led to the emergence of a new religious movement - Jedaism.

In 1979, another cult film appeared, created at the intersection of the genres of space fiction and horror, “Alien” by Ridley Scott. The film was a huge success due to two circumstances - the amazing accuracy of what is happening on the screen and participation in it as the main character Sigourney Weaver. Later, three more sequels of the picture and a spin-off - the 2012 film “Prometheus” came out.

space fiction 2013

In the 1970s, one more cinema masterpiece in the genre of space fiction - “Close contacts of the third degree” - was created. He talks about a series of inexplicable events taking place around the world, ending with the arrival of aliens.

In the 1980s, interest in space fiction continued to be high. Two more parts of "Star Wars" and the continuation of the story of the monstrous monster predator come out - the picture "Aliens."

By the landmark films of the space fiction genre of this period belongs to the work of Steven Spielberg's "Alien." The film is included in the list of the best films of the world. The film received 4 "Oscars" and bypassed at the box office no less famous "Star Wars".

In 1984 there was another significant event - the release of the screens "Dunes".Created from the novel by Frank Herbert, the film told about the struggle of noble families of the galactic Empire for the right to extract a special substance - spices. Without it, space travel is impossible. Although the film at the box office failed and was poorly received by both critics and fans of the writer, he received the status of a cult picture.

The 1990s brought a rich harvest of paintings that added to the list of the best filmmakers in the space fiction genre. Independence Day, which tells about the struggle of the human race with alien invaders, the comedy People in Black, which deals with the problems of relations between earthlings and aliens from other galaxies, Kontakt about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Armageddon, the catastrophe film - all these magnificent films are still loved by the audience.

Space combat fantasy - the best in the genre

Pictures with the dynamic development of the plot, in the center of which are military operations in space, have a lot of fans. Among them are several of the most successful films, such as the epic “Star Wars”, “Independence Day”, which gathered a galaxy of excellent actors, “Doom”, shot from the same computer game, and “Star Troopers”, in which humanity has been fighting for many years arachnids attacked him.

space fiction

The same list of the best space films includes the Stargate series.

Modern space fiction: movies of 2013 and 2014

The last few years, a slightly subsided interest in traveling to other planets and the possibilities of meeting with representatives of unearthly civilizations is beginning to return again. Viewers want to see adventures in the universe again. Space Fiction 2013 is represented by several interesting films.

"Elysium: Paradise is not on Earth" - a picture that tells about the near future of mankind, when a handful of rich people move from the overpopulated Earth to a space station. The rest survive as they can.

Oblivion is a sad story about how people were forced to leave Earth as a result of an alien invasion. Only technical facilities remained on it, which the protagonist of the picture looks after.

space fiction movies 2013

“Gravity” is a film about the attempt of two members of the American shuttle to survive after a collision with space debris through an open space to the operating orbital station.

Space fiction 2014 is represented by several bright and entertaining films.

1."The Edge of the Future" - about the invasion of aliens on Earth. The picture received high marks from critics and viewers for the dynamism of the plot and the excellent work of Tom Cruise.

2. "Interstellar" - about the paradoxes of traveling through black holes.

space fiction

3. "Guardians of the Galaxy" - another successful and entertaining blockbuster in the universe of Marvel comics.

4. "Climbing Jupiter" - the story of an ordinary immigrant working as a cleaner in wealthy homes, on which the fate of the entire globe depended on in an instant.


A man since ancient times, at the dawn of his existence, looked up into the sky, dreaming of someday to be there. And this dream is coming true on the sly. Suppose that through just movies, but today every viewer can take a trip to distant stars.

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