Solenoid valve: description, types, application

Most of the modern plumbing valves are functioning through the investment of manual labor. The pipeline overlap by turning the valve or valve. However, in sophisticated systems, this verification method is objectively considered slow, complex and inconvenient. Installation of basic electric drives is not always justified, because it is very expensive. This difficulty can be overcome if a solenoid valve is installed at the site.solenoid valve

What is it for?

Electromagnetic valves are widely used in water treatment systems, cold water in extruders, the supply of steam generators and boiler facilities, the connection of various media, as well as for filling and emptying vessels with automatic control systems. The use of such installations makes the technological procedure more convenient and reliable.

Special features

A solenoid valve is a small structure that operates due to electromagnetic voltages.In simple valves, the device is quite light, and it consists of a small element that blocks the flow. Such a component can be a ball with a hole or a disk. But to close the pipeline, you should turn the additional handle on the crane, while the solenoid installations need only be connected to electricity, and they will do the rest on their own.solenoid solenoid valve


The peculiarity of the operation of such a device is clear and simple. In the inner part of the mechanism there is a coil that responds to electromagnetic shocks. When an electromagnetic field is applied to it, it gives a voltage to a small plunger. The locking part is pressed in by a piston or a simple device of several springs, like a plastic pipe. The process of a particular job depends on which solenoid valve is installed. In one equipment, when the electricity is applied, the fixing disk is raised, and in the other, quite the opposite, it is lowered to completely shut off the flow.

Principle of operation

Feature of this installation - simplicity and performance. In comparison with bulky cranes with electric drives, this device needs minimal human effort.Just enough to apply a short electric push so that the solenoid solenoid valvestarted his work. For this reason, a similar device is used in complex piping systems. For example, in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, where you need to have the rights to manage all procedures with clarity up to a second.solenoid valve

Valve Benefits

There are, of course, many advantages of such devices, namely:

  • practicality;
  • functionality;
  • the ability to accurately monitor all processes and adjust the order of the system;
  • reliability;
  • no installation difficulties;
  • comparative ease of construction.


However, besides advantages, the valve (solenoid) also has disadvantages:

  • requires the connection of the device to electricity;
  • the cost of such an installation is much higher than the average price of simple stop valves;
  • if used incorrectly, the part will break.


Electromagnetic valves are available in different versions. Each additional variety is defined for the implementation of certain goals. The quality of work they are divided into several types.

  1. Normally closed solenoid valve. In a fixed position, it is blocked. This means that it will open only if an electrical impulse is applied to the coil.
  2. Normally open. Such a device, on the contrary, is always open. And the stream itself is blocked only after the call.
  3. Adjustable to square tubes. This type of installation can be individually adjusted from one position to another, which is very beneficial.normally closed solenoid valve


By type of device valves are:

  • simple polypropylene pipes having 2 entrances and being stereotypical stop valves;
  • three-way - fulfilling the purpose of the mixer, as they differ in 3 inputs and can check them;
  • Combined models are the most complex installations with unregulated characteristics and mechanisms (they divide these products according to the class of the working environment and install certain functions on request into systems).

On a note

The most popular and popular is the solenoid electromagnetic valve for water. It is also the cheapest. More expensive items can be used with oil, aggressive chemicals, gasoline, gas and other substances.

An important characteristic of such a device is considered the lower and outer diameter. These numbers are indicated in inches or millimeters. Inch definition set two indicators. For example, a closed valve (solenoid) ¾ inch in diameter is suitable for pipes with the same parameters. When you count in millimeters, you can see that this installation has a diameter in height of 19-20 mm.

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