Smolensk Region Governor Alexey Ostrovsky: biography, family, interesting facts

Alexei Ostrovsky at one time became one of the youngest governors, leading the Smolensk region in 36 years. He made such a dizzying career working in the central apparatus of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, the State Duma, having spent several years in many committees. During this time, he earned a reputation as an energetic, competent political consultant who is able to solve the tasks assigned to him.


Alexey Vladimirovich Ostrovsky was born in Moscow in 1976. The tumultuous nineties found a young man in the period of his formation as a person, and he acted according to the unwritten rules of those years, without particularly disdaining at means to achieve the goals set. As a schoolboy, he worked as a photojournalist and stringer for foreign publications, and was a freelancer at Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The fat dark spot in the biography of Alexey Ostrovsky is connected with this period.In 1993, the stringer set about completing the Times on Child Prostitution order. As a result, Ostrovsky saw a photo report with shocking shots, in which pimps dressed ten-year-old boys in dresses, took them out to the streets, offering their “live goods”.

However, instead of earning the title of a journalism star for exposing social ulcers, Alexey Ostrovsky got into a very unpleasant story. Some time later, the Washington Post published an article in which the authenticity of the photo story of the young stringer was questioned.

Alexey Ostrovsky

The meticulous journalists found the heroes of the shooting - two minors who confessed that Aleksei, from the beginning to the end, directed a scandalous photo session, in other words, “releasing” false information. Alexey Ostrovsky interesting facts of this story pretty annoyed and left an indelible imprint on his reputation.

LDP Mouthpiece

At a certain point, a native of Moscow decided to try his hand at politics, putting on success the stably popular LDPR headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He joined the party, worked for several years in the youth organizations of the Liberal Democrats.In parallel, he raised his educational level, successfully studying the fundamentals of the international economy at MGOU.

A young, energetic journalist who knows his business has become a real find for the party.

Ostrovsky Alexey Vladimirovich

At some point, Alexey Ostrovsky caught the eye of his party leader and entered his confidence in him. The status of Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s assistant in the Duma of the third convocation gave political weight to the young activist, he could now count on an independent career. Having headed the press service of the LDPR in the State Duma, he actually took control of representative functions, having the opportunity to actively influence party policy.


By 2003, Alexey Ostrovsky, in the opinion of his senior party comrades, was finally ripe to go on an independent voyage through the “abyss” of Russian politics. His name was entered into the federal list for the nomination to the State Duma. Debutant successfully overcame pre-election frontiers and became a full member of parliament.

Here, Alexey Ostrovsky developed a stormy activity, knowing full well that he had to use the chance given to him.In terms of his journalistic profile, he joined the committee of the information policy and won the place of deputy chairman. In addition, he was also a member of the leadership of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, participated in the work of the commissions on deputy ethics, respect for human rights and freedoms.

governor of Smolensk region

In 2004, the political consultant runs the election campaign of Oleg Malyshkin, a candidate for the presidency of the LDPR.

In 2007, Alexei Ostrovsky was again successfully elected as a deputy on the federal list of the Liberal Democratic Party. Already an experienced deputy headed the Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Abroad.

Young veteran

Gradually, the future governor of the Smolensk region has become increasingly important in his own party. He became Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s deputy for ideology, propaganda and international relations.

Alexei Ostrovsky biography

Despite belonging to a formally opposition party, the young politician receives recognition from the authorities. Among other new “Komsomol members”, Alexey Vladimirovich Ostrovsky in 2009 is among the first 500 people of the personnel reserve of the president.

It is not surprising that in 2011 he was re-elected to the State Duma, and in the federal list of the LDPR he is listed under the honorary second number.

Alexei Ostrovsky continued his work in the Duma as a member of the LDPR faction, and secured the appointment of the chairman of a committee of public associations and religious organizations. However, his stay in the third deputy term was short.

Moving to Smolensk

Regions of central Russia are traditionally considered not the most successful subjects of the federation. Provinces that do not have access to oil and gas fields usually live on subsidies from the federal budget.

Alexey Ostrovsky interesting facts

In order to revive the situation, the central authorities periodically make attempts to throw at stagnant regions young, energetic governors with unconventional thinking, designed to give impetus to the economic and social development of the areas entrusted to them.

In 2012, the turn reached the Smolensk region. Governor Sergey Antufiev was dismissed, and a young politician from Moscow was temporarily appointed in his place. In April 2012, the regional Duma unanimously approved Alexey Vladimirovich in office.

Despite the lack of leadership experience, the deputy was full of strength and determination to "move mountains" in the new position and zealously set to work.One of the most noticeable steps of Ostrovsky was personnel cleaning of the regional administration staff. During the first term, more than 500 full-time employees were eliminated, the costs of cost items of the regional budget were optimized.

Supporters voices

Alexey Vladimirovich is the only head of the region who has membership in the Liberal Democratic Party, and therefore enjoys the great support of all the power of the party apparatus. According to his colleagues, the activity of the new governor of the Smolensk region had a very positive effect on the development of the region. Real steps were taken to combat corruption, as a result of which the number of crimes related to this phenomenon of Russian reality decreased significantly.

In addition, during the reign of Alexei Vladimirovich, new production facilities were opened, in particular in the agro-industrial complex.

Indirectly, the effectiveness of managing the region is also demonstrated by the support of Alexei Ostrovsky in Moscow. In 2015, he voluntarily resigned to be able to participate in direct gubernatorial elections. The president of the country supported the candidacy of a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, according to the head of state, the governor of the Smolensk region coped with his duties with dignity.The population of the region agreed with the words of the president, with the result that with the result of 65%, Ostrovsky was elected to the post of governor.


Opponents of Alexei Vladimirovich do not share the confidence that, under his leadership, the Smolensk region is confidently moving towards a happy future. Many political scientists point to the negative dynamics of the socio-economic development of the Smolensk region in the period 2012-2016.

Alexey Ostrovsky family

This is especially pronounced against the background of other regions of the Central Federal District.

There are suggestions that this was the reason for the lack of a clear and consistent development policy for the Smolensk region from the governor. In response, Alexey Vladimirovich is justified by the fact that in his land there is no such black soil as in the neighboring Belgorod and Voronezh regions, therefore, there is no point in waiting for rapid economic development from his region.

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