Smoking in public places. How to get around the law?

Smoking - this is when developing dependence on nicotine. Someone thus relieves stress or dulls the feeling of hunger, and some even can not cope with the bad habit and stop worsening their health. What does smoking in public places entail and how to circumvent the law?Smoking in public places

Ban on addiction

Smoking in public places is not pleasant enough for a large number of people who monitor their health. This is no accident, because a passive smoker gets a huge amount of harmful trace elements, not wanting it. Scientists have shown that a person who breathes tobacco smoke, receives much more harmful substances than the smoker himself.

In the cities of Ukraine and Russia, in the last five years they have been actively fighting for a healthy lifestyle. That is why in Ukraine in 2012, and in Russia in 2013, a law was passed that prohibits smoking in public places.Ban on smoking in public places

Pros and cons

The adopted law implies that smoking is allowed either on the territory of private property or in specially designated places.Such an innovation to ban smoking in public places has both positive and negative nuances. Of course, such a law like people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. They can easily enjoy the fresh air, breathe deeply and not worry about their lungs and health.

But not without negative moments. Law implies fines. In Russia, their amount ranges from 500 to 90 000 rubles. It would seem, nothing supernatural, if not one but! The owner of a public institution where the visitor lit a cigarette is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 40,000 rubles. There were many cases when a visitor, without permission, smoked a cigarette and the owner of the institution paid for it. Yes, and smokers themselves often do not support the law, because in order to smoke, you will have to find a place where it is allowed.Ban on smoking in public places

How to get around the law

If you are still a smoker and you want, as before, to retire in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, then this information is for you. It is no secret that not all institutions adhere to the ban on smoking in public places. After studying the information, you can easily find a cafe or restaurant, which is allowed to smoke.However, you need to be careful, because it is forbidden, and you risk paying a rather large amount for a five-minute weakness.

smoking in the porches of residential buildings

Statistics of violators

Every day at least five smokers in each city lay out a rather large sum for smoking in public places. Statistics show that every year the number of illegally smoking people is becoming less and less. They catch offenders in a wide variety of places, starting from house platforms and ending with stops.

Erroneous opinion

It is no secret that some smokers are minors. Teenagers often smoke in the hallways and believe that this is not prohibited, since it is private property. This opinion is wrong. By law, smoking in the porches of residential buildings is also unacceptable. Most often, the entrances are the property not of the tenants themselves, but of the housing department, and that is why it is possible to earn a fine there.

Ban on electronic cigarettes

After a three-year war with smokers in the summer of last year, it was proposed to ban electronic cigarettes, but only if their negative impact on the human body is proved. It is even planned to allocate funds for a detailed study of this topic.

Where exactly is prohibited to smoke?

Smoking in public places has been banned for 4 years. A lot of people are fined every day. Despite the long-term effect of the ban, they know about where you can not smoke, not all. The law prohibits smoking in cafes, elevators, apartment buildings, transport, as well as sports and children's playgrounds. Simply put, smoking is allowed only in designated places.

Do I need to smoke?

Smoking, of course, has an irreversible effect on the active and passive smoker. A person with this bad habit risks not only his health, but also the well-being of others. When smoking affects absolutely all the internal organs. The heart and lungs are most at risk. Smoking or not - you decide. However, if you do not have extra cash and are not willing to pay the fine, then carefully choose a place for this.

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