Smartphone Nokia Lumia 720: characteristics, instructions, settings, reviews

Nokia, being a monopolist in the market of Windows-smartphones, has always tried to fill the market with devices for every taste, ranging from the cheapest to the premium. In this material, we will discuss the latest representative of the era of Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Lumia 720. Characteristics on the thinnest and most "tenacious" gadget in the series.

Market positioning

This device is a kind of final chord in the line of smartphones running on Windows Phone 8. The Nokia Lumia 720 smartphone took a central position between the ultrabudgetary 520 model and the flagship of the Nokia Lumia 920 series. The phone is focused primarily on the near-budget market and is positioned as one of the most affordable smartphones made by Nokia.


So, immediately after unpacking, the happy owner, in addition to the gadget itself, will find in the box:

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Cable for connecting to a computer (for charging, data transfer and synchronization) of micro-USB format.
  • The standard stereo headset is the Nokia WH-108, which has become the business card of the entire series, including the Nokia Lumia 720.
  • Instructions for setting up and working with the device.

nokia lumia 720 Specs

Body design and controls

- Dimensions: 67 by 128 by 9 millimeters

- Weight: 128 grams

Despite the fact that the gadget in its status is closer to the 520 model and budget class, the exterior of the smartphone resembles the older models. Design solutions Lumia 720 inherited from the premium segment of devices. Classic sandwich consisting of a plastic body and a glass lining. It looks interesting, but this design provides only a monolithic case, I mean, you can’t disassemble the phone. Bright colors on the spot, as is the case with other models, the Lumia 720 comes in black, white, red, blue and yellow. Some panels have a glossy finish, the other part is matte. Matte panels look a little more reliable and practical (small scratches are less noticeable). An important difference from other models of the series is an extremely low weight - only 128 grams, which is an absolute record for Nokia smartphones.

A large part of the front panel is occupied by a display, in the upper part of which there is a speaker, a proximity sensor and a front camera. At the bottom of the front panel is a standard set of control keys (touch). On the back of the smartphone, there was nothing left except the camera’s eye and the main speaker. On the right side there is a single SIM slot (it can be opened with a special clip). On the left side you can find the classic control keys (volume rocker, lock / on key and camera shutter). At the top there is a 3.5 mm port for headphones and a slot for memory cards, and at the bottom is an input for connecting a micro USB cable.

nokia lumia 720 Price


The display panels created by Nokia engineers have always been famous for their high quality and well-designed calibration, and the Nokia Lumia 720 screen is no exception. palette and provides maximum viewing angles, which is very important when using a mobile device. The display panel has reached a diagonal of 4.3 inches, and its resolution is 800 by 480 pixels.By today's standards, the diagonal is small, and the resolution is rather weak, the sophisticated consumer, who has seen the HD or Full HD screen at least once, will surely recognize detached pixels and will be somewhat disappointed. However, if you do not quibble and do not peer, then a small resolution does not cause any discomfort. An important role in this is played by the minimalist aesthetics of mobile Windows.

Another important point is the proprietary technology Clear Black. The ascetic interface elements (mostly in black) of Windows Phone not only make it possible to smooth impressions of low resolution, but also reveal all the advantages of Nokia development. Clear Black is a polarizing layer in the design of the display, acting as an anti-reflective coating and significantly increasing the readability of the screen in the sun (even if it hits direct rays).

The display of the Nokia Lumia 720 is also extremely sensitive, which means that it is able to recognize any touches, whether it be in gloved hands, nails, or even a stylus.

All this stuff is protected by second generation tempered Gorilla Glass.

nokia lumia 720 reviews


The production component is not the most important in such gadgets like the Nokia Lumia 720. The characteristic on the hardware is quite contradictory, due to the characteristics of the operating system.The hero of the review works on the basis of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core chipset. The frequency of each core reaches 1000 megahertz. Adreno 305 acts as a video accelerator. Actually, the contradiction lies in the fact that such “hardware” is considered low-grade and weak, but only if it is evaluated separately from the program part. Thanks to the optimization of Windows Phone 8, even old chipsets can achieve high performance and smooth operation of the smartphone. As for the graphics subsystem, everything is very ambiguous. Adreno 305 is not so common in Windows-based devices, but its descendants performed well on Android devices.


Achilles' heel of any budget gadget, working on the basis of mobile Windows. Almost all representatives of this category are equipped with 512 megabytes of RAM, which, of course, is not the minimum level, but already a low enough level for the user to see the restrictions in the app store. The owner of the Nokia Lumia 720 will not be able to see most of the complex 3D games, since they require 1 gigabyte of RAM to run.

As for the main memory array, the situation is slightly better. The phone is equipped with 8 gigabytes of ROM (5 of which are available, the remaining 3 are occupied by the system and firmware). There is a slot for micro-SD memory cards.

battery Nokia lumia 720


Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of any modern smartphone is a battery. Nokia Lumia 720 is equipped with a powerful battery, the volume of which is 2000 milliampere hours. Such a high rate is observed only in the flagship of the Lumia 920 line. At the same time, the size of the device itself is much more modest. Such a large battery (coupled with a low resolution display and a rather weak processor) has a positive effect on the time of the gadget on a single charge. According to the manufacturer, the smartphone is able to live: up to 23 hours and a half in talk mode and up to 80 hours in audio listening mode. Independent tests have shown that the phone is capable of playing a video file in HD for 7 hours, which is a record for the Windows Phone 8 platform as a whole. With everyday use, the phone is ready to serve for almost two light days before charging is required. Nokia Lumia 720 is the longest playing phone in the series.


Another whale, on which the whole PR campaign of Lumia smartphones stands. The phone uses Carl Zeiss optics, which has established itself in flagship models like the Lumia 920 and good-naturedly installed in the Nokia Lumia 720.The characteristic given by the camera experts is quite impressive, physically purely, the lens performance turned out to be even higher than that of the older models (we are talking about luminosity in f1.9). In fact, the pictures are worse. Perhaps the reason for this low resolution - only 6.7 megapixels. In comparison with the Lumia 920, images are less saturated and detailed, which is especially noticeable when there is insufficient lighting, where the 720 model is an order of magnitude inferior. If you do not make direct comparisons, then the photos are quite tolerable, without obvious artifacts and losses. The color rendition is at a sufficiently comfortable for perception and realistic level. Excessive grain is missing.

A serious step forward made the software component of the camera. The manufacturer didn’t regret for the budget phone of the crown chips like “Revived photos”, “Smart panoramas”, a full-fledged digital photo studio and other tools of intellectual shooting.

charging Nokia lumia 720


The main and only wired interface is the micro-USB connector, which is used both for connecting to a charger and for exchanging data with a computer.

The set of wireless interfaces includes:

  • GSM and HSDPA networks with support for the main frequencies used.
  • Third-generation Bluetooth for connecting multimedia devices.
  • 802.11 b / n / g Wi-Fi.
  • NFC for contactless payments, checking the balance on payment cards and exchanging files with other devices that support the technology.
  • GPS module (included is a set of pre-installed navigation software).

Unfortunately, there is no support for LTE, but this is a problem for almost all devices based on Windows Phone 8. Nokia Lumia 720 is no exception.

Characteristics of the operating system

The software platform from Microsoft practically does not change from the device to the device. There were no changes with the Nokia Lumia 720. The settings, as before, allow you to edit the start screen of notifications, bring back the played track or your favorite photo from social networks. In addition, the lock screen always displays a list of missed calls, unread messages, as well as the status of the network connection and battery.

After unlocking, the user is greeted by the already familiar screen with “live tiles”, which display the most necessary information directly to the desktop, without having to open each application separately.The desktop displays photos, date, number of letters, the nearest scheduled cases, a player and much more. The user has the right to change the location and size of the tiles to your taste, and can also prevent them from displaying any information (then the tiles act as shortcuts).

There is also a unique "software", carefully provided by a team of developers from Nokia. This includes the Nokia Here map service, which, by the way, has a lot of fans in Russia who are imbued with navigation accuracy and a high level of map detail. Also, a Nokia music service is pre-installed on the phone, allowing you to listen to free-of-charge, prepared playlists with the best (according to the editors) tracks.

General impressions of working with the platform are positive. The system works quickly, has a high responsiveness (hi Android), is not inferior to the main competitors. With all this there are serious problems with the software, which is literally not. The developers have not been honored to port their offspring to a new product from Microsoft.

Nokia lumia 720 review

Cost of

Actually, one of the main advantages of the Nokia Lumia 720 is its price.Officially, the device has already been withdrawn from sale - finding a new copy is not so easy. At the time of release, the recommended price for the phone was 15 thousand rubles, which is not bad for the start of sales. Later, the prices collapsed to 11 thousand, and soon - and even to 8. On the market for used devices, the situation is quite the opposite, it will be easy to find there Nokia Lumia 720, the price of which varies within 4 thousand rubles. If you are lucky, there is a chance to stumble upon a gadget in very good condition.

Nokia Lumia 720: reviews

People working in the field of technology, and ordinary users have responded to the phone in different ways. The first ones gave high ratings to the device due to the combination of characteristics and prices, while the latter evaluated the gadget in real conditions and were not so loyal to the Nokia Lumia 720. A survey from industry representatives, of course, shows the phone from the best side, but more important is the actual operating experience.

The main advantage that all users, without exception, have identified is high battery efficiency. Almost without exception, they were able to get a two-day work from the phone without recharging. Also positive comments were given to the software platform.

There was a place and criticism, for example, about the high percentage of defects in the Nokia Lumia 720. The reviews are teeming with disturbances about the breakdowns in the first days / months. Most users had problems with their phones even before the warranty period expired (control keys, main speaker failed). Some owners have noticed a spontaneous disconnection and hang of the gadget. Very quickly the camera lens is degraded (photos become muddy).

smartphone Nokia lumia 720

Instead of conclusion

In the end, the Nokia Lumia 720 is a typical representative of its series, with a very powerful battery, but a very low-cost filling. The phone simply does not have LTE, which immediately puts it a step lower in comparison with its competitors (of the same year). Even the ancestor of the phone Lumia 820 looks much more attractive (and it costs, by the way, the same amount). Choosing a smartphone today, you should pay attention to more advanced and modern solutions. If the presence of LTE is not the decisive factor, modern games do not interest you, but the volume battery and convenient case - on the contrary, then Nokia Lumia 720 is 100% your choice.

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