"Skyrim": secrets and tricks in passing

Quite a famous game "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" simply can not leave indifferent role-playing gamer. The rich and rich game world almost immediately won the interest of many players. Extensive possibilities of action, as well as a variety of "Skyrim" secrets make the game intriguing and exciting. In this article we will consider only some of the tricks.skyrim secrets

Bleed eloquence possible in Riften

For skillful trades, and indeed, not to look like a fool in the game world, you can pump eloquence in a very interesting way. You need to get to Riften and find there a scary place with the romantic name Black Rose. The experimental victim is a certain Ungrient. Very sociable type. He needs to learn about Mawan, Black Rose Hip. In the world of "Skyrim" secrets of the biography of Mawan are not so secret. It seems that Ungrient likes this topic very much, because he can talk about it for a very long time. To do this, use the option: “Come on, tell me everything you know!” Even the most stunted skills of persuasion will be enough to persuade the unfortunate to talk about Mawan untiluntil the character's eloquence skill reaches the one hundredth level.

Be careful: tips everywhere!

Although there are a lot of those who play in "Skyrim", not many people know the secrets of claws. During the passage of the game in the dungeons, the player comes across secret doors that can only be opened with such keys. In addition to them, you need to find the right combination of characters. The strangest thing is that gamers really stupidly pick combinations. But the answer is right on the claw itself. For very lazy players "Elderelder scrolls skyrim secretsscrolls: skyrim "secrets will not have such a value as cheat codes. Although this, in many opinions, will be quite a boring game, but nevertheless some use it. you know everything and know how. Many players also can not decide on the best armor. Dragon knuckles are good, but the Daedric armor will be harder.

How to get unlimited stock of arrows

This is possible when there is an employee, assistant, wife or husband. For "Skyrim" the secrets from which the arrows come from the ward will never be revealed.It is enough for an assistant to give only one mega-arrow and a bow, as he will start abundantly to throw such arrows at enemies. At the same time, it is still advisable to withdraw another weapon in order to discourage the desire to use it. After heavy throwing arrows, you can safely start collecting. Thus, you can collect dozens or even hundreds of rare arrows.

Lure dragons out into the open

skyrim 5 secretsFor example, if there are no long-range weapons, and the dragon has already noticed the character for lunch, you should not look for a dubious shelter in the crowns of trees. On the contrary, it is necessary to run into the clearing. Despite the fact that these lizards know how to say something, they do not shine with the mind. Animals will definitely sit on a deserted place where you can safely cut it with your pocket broadsword.

Buyers of stolen and all unnecessary things are rare in Skyrim

Not that it could be credited to the secrets of Skyrim-5, but few know where to sell the stolen goods. In the guild of thieves, in the terrible dark sewers of Riften, near the bar you can find a woman who does not hesitate and buys absolutely everything. This, of course, is not all the subtleties and tricks of the game. You can find other secrets only by proceeding directly to the game.

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