Silent Cove in Koktebel: description, how to get, reviews

"The Diamond Hand", "The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard", "The Pirates of the 20th Century", "9" - these and some other Soviet films have one thing in common - they were all shot in the Quiet Bay in Koktebel. This is an amazingly beautiful place with unforgettable landscapes around, with gentle and tender sea, good beaches and a lot of sights. Should I rest here? What conditions are created for tourists? And what is Silent Bay in general? Answers to these questions are presented in the article.

What a place and where is it?

Unlike most resorts of the Crimea, which are located mainly on the South Coast (Southern Coast of Crimea), there is a quiet bay in Koktebel, in the eastern part of the peninsula. By itself, Koktebel is a small resort village, with a small number of people, which is mainly engaged in servicing tourists and vacationers.

quiet bay koktebel

In addition, in Koktebel there is a famous factory for the production of vintage wines and brandies.And here every year one of the most prestigious jazz music festivals takes place, which is attended by a huge number of fans of the genre.

How to get there?

Not every vacationer knows how to get to the Quiet Bay in Koktebel. In fact, there are no special difficulties, and there are only two options: by car and by bus. A little more about each of them.

By car

To get to the Quiet bay in Koktebel on your own car, you need a map or a GPS navigator. The length of the route depends primarily on where the path starts from, for example, Simferopol or the Kerch ferry.

quiet bay koktebel how to get

Otherwise, there is only one road - first you need to get to Koktebel, and then get to the bay via a dirt road. A reference point should be a sign indicating the road to the brandy factory. It is in his direction and need to move. As soon as you meet the Lexx Hotel on the way, you will need to make another left turn opposite to it. Well, then another 3 km on a dirt road and here it is - Quiet Bay.


Now, as for the bus. The first thing you need to get to the second bus station "Resort" in Simferopol,because there you will need to purchase a ticket either to Feodosia or to Koktebel. Then, regardless of the point of arrival, there is only one road - a minibus that takes you to the Quiet Bay. The only way from Feodosia will be longer.

quiet bay koktebel

There is, of course, another option, how to get into the bay - on foot. But hardly anyone wants to walk +/- 7 km one way.

Accommodation and prices

It's time to go to the issue of accommodation. The following options are traditionally available:

  • hotels and hotels;
  • guest houses;
  • apartments.

Unfortunately, there are no sanatoriums and boarding houses close to the Quiet Bay in Koktebel (Crimea). All of them are in the village. And it seems that the distance is not too large - 5-6 km, but to say that they are nearby is also impossible. Well, okay, this is not so important, the benefit of the health resort is here. Much more interesting is the price of accommodation.

As an example, the usual rest for two for 7 days will be considered.


Since this item is listed first, you need to start with it.

The closest hotels in Koktebel near the Quiet Bay are the "Crimea" and "Narlen".

So, the hotel-cafe "Crimea". Rest for two people for 7 days in a budget room with all the amenities, but without windows and a balcony, will cost 9,100 rubles.This is a pretty good price, considering that there is a separate bathroom, air conditioning, etc., but a minus, that there is not even a small window. You can correct the situation by paying a little, and in this case for 11,900 rubles. A room with a balcony will be available.

boarding house close to a quiet bay

"Narlen". Rooms here are more expensive than in the previous version, but, on the other hand, 16,800 rubles. for the "junior suite" - this is not so much. In addition, there is everything you need, including a private bathroom. The complex also has its own restaurant, bar, swimming pool and all kinds of board games such as billiards and so on.

Guest houses

By settling in guest houses, you can save very well. Yes, in some places there may be certain inconveniences, in the form of a shared toilet and a shared bathroom, but, the benefit of plenty of options.

So, a seven-day rest in the guest house "Elena" will cost 4200 rubles. Two separate beds, separate toilet and shower, refrigerator, air conditioning, Internet access to the terrace, etc. In general, no worse than hotels and hotels, and for the price so, in general, super.


Apartments as well as guest houses, attract primarily affordable price, although a lot depends on the location and type - the closer to the sea and steeper, the more expensive. Especially there is nothing to tell, but one example is worth giving.

hotels near a quiet bay

"Blue Lagoon".Located 300 meters from the center of Koktebel and 14 km from Feodosia. For tourists by car there is free parking. Of the amenities:

  • 1 double bed;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Kitchenette;
  • Private bathroom;
  • Balcony with mountain view;
  • TV;
  • Internet and more.

Rest in such a place for two people for 7 days will cost 6,000 rubles, which is quite acceptable.

Well, in conclusion, be sure to mention the recreation centers or the so-called auto camping. In such places, too, you can relax very cheaply, but again, almost no conditions.

Holiday features

Now it's time to talk about the features of rest in Silent Bay and Koktebel in particular.

quiet bay koktebel

First is the sea. It is very clean, warm, without waves and any floating algae. Swimming is a pleasure.

The second is nature and sights. There are a lot of interesting places, but more on this will be below.

The third is the opportunity to buy excellent, first-class, vintage wines and brandies from the legendary Koktebel plant. In addition, you can sign up for a tour of the plant and see the entire manufacturing process, as well as descend into the cellars.

Fourth - music festivals.As mentioned above, Koktebel annually hosts prestigious jazz music festivals, which are attended by performers from all over the world. Such "festivals" are usually held at the end of August and in the first days of September. This is a great opportunity to have a good time and enjoy live music.

By the way, very often festivals are visited by various celebrities, and this year even the president of the Russian Federation himself visited.quiet bay koktebel

Well, and, of course, do not forget about all sorts of entertainment, for example, windsurfing, jet skis and skis, as well as flights on a paraglider over the Pacific Bay.

Koktebel is a great place to simply and quietly spend your holidays. There are not so many tourists here, even at the height of the season, which, however, for many will be only a plus.


One of the most popular places with a good beach in Koktebel is Silent Bay. It is always very clean and warm water, and most importantly, there are no waves, even in bad weather. There is no magic here, just a bay surrounded by mountains. The beach is sandy, moderately clean, although very much depends on the guests themselves, who are not averse to pessating.

beach quiet cocktail

In the village itself there are also quite decent beaches, but, as a rule, there are more vacationers. Well, and, of course, do not forget about the nudists, who here also have "their" places.


There are in the village and its attractions, which, albeit a little, but they are interesting. Here is a small list:

  • Voloshin House Museum is a unique place. Inside, everything is kept exactly the same as during the life of the great writer, including his paintings. Perhaps the most popular place;
  • Karadag Reserve. You can get here only by excursion. Inside there are lots of beautiful places, but for untrained people the route will be complicated. The total length of the path is 7 km + difficult climb uphill and steep descent, but it is worth it;
  • Dolphinarium - affordable prices and a very interesting program;
  • Aquapark. A great place to have fun with and without children;
  • Well, of course, the famous "Golden Gate".

Golden Gate

Of course, in addition to these attractions, there are others no less interesting, but it’s simply unrealistic to tell everyone at a time.

Guest reviews

Well, at the end of the reviews about the Quiet Bay and Koktebel, from those who rested here. For convenience, everything will be divided into 2 lists.


  • beautiful nature;
  • clean sea;
  • therapeutic clay;
  • sandy beach;
  • the ability to drive and pitch a tent;
  • not too many people.

quiet bay coqebel reviews


  • the entrance became paid;
  • trash on the beach;
  • there are large stones in the sea;
  • few toilets;
  • coarse sand;
  • there are no places to stay. The nearest apartment is 7 km from the bay.

Let everyone make their own conclusions. But the fact that Silent Bay is an interesting place to relax, like Koktebel itself, is clearly impossible to deny. And that's all, good luck to all!

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