Sights of Thailand. What to see in Thailand

Sights of Thailand constantly attract millions of tourists from different parts of our planet. Endless green gardens, monuments of local architecture, statues and ancient fortresses. To this can be added the purest white beaches, which stretch for tens and even hundreds of meters on local islands, unique fauna, local flora and, of course, a flavor that combines the traditions of various Eastern and European peoples.

Temples and monuments to the Great Buddha

Undoubtedly, to begin to see the sights of Thailand, it is necessary from those temples that were built on its territory. Here, the centuries-old history of Buddhism is enclosed in stone and frescoes that adorn numerous shrines, monasteries ("wool"). One can understand the essence of these sacred places only by grasping the truth of a local religious school, which is considered one of the most ancient in the Far East and is called Theravada.In local churches, you will find not only attributes and symbols typical for religion, but even schools, libraries and hospitals. Each Thai man treats his belief with great respect, and the same locals demand from all the guests of the country. Therefore, before you go to such holy places, you need to learn the rules and behave with great reverence.sights of thailand

Capital monuments of local culture

If you have not yet decided on what to see in Thailand, then start your review from the temples of Bangkok. In this huge city, the number of holy places passes for a hundred, and if you have a limited amount of time for your vacation, you will not be able to see all the sights of the city. Start with the most famous monastery in action - Wat Phra Keo, or, as our compatriots call it, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Bronze lions meet tourists at the entrance to the building, and its walls are painted with frescoes that reveal the entire history of Buddha’s life to us.

Since the most important sights of Thailand are its holy places, the next on the list should be the Wat Arun Temple, built in honor of the eponymous goddess of the dawn.It consists of stunningly beautiful towers, which are trimmed with fragments of Chinese porcelain, found on a sunken ship. Well, the third significant property of the city is the temple of Wat Pho, or the reclining Buddha. This is the oldest religious building in Bangkok, which has survived to this day. It is believed that the very Thai massage originated in its walls.what to see in Thailand

Traveling to the temples of the provinces

Many travelers who do not have a specific route, wonder what to see in Thailand, if you are constantly moving from one city to another. We note immediately that in this country you can find a beautiful and original temple anywhere, even in the village. For example, in a small town called Nakhon Si Thammarat a magnificent religious complex, Wat Phra Mahathat Voramahavihan, was erected. In this sacred place is kept the tooth of the Buddha himself, and the locals believe that it was here that their unique religious school originated.

But in the city of Phitsanulok is another monument to the Buddha, which is called Wat Phra Si Rattan Mahathat. It is considered one of the most sacred on the planet, because people come here to pray, atone for their sins and ask for something new from all countries and continents.thailand photo attractions

Pattaya - the eastern metropolis

Endless movement, eternal night and day life, beach resorts, which are always completely crowded with tourists, incredible spaces for shopping - these are the most important sights of Thailand for many tourists. Pattaya is the same city in which all this is, unlike other resorts and cultural centers of the country. Here you can buy absolutely everything, starting with small tsatsek and ending with a full-fledged winter wardrobe for a resident of Russia. You can shop in open markets or in huge shopping centers. After shopping you can pay attention to the numerous cafes and restaurants with the cuisine of various nations. Or visit the spa with the famous Thai massage.

On the territory of the resort there will be entertainment for children, and for lovers of a quiet and quiet pastime. There is a tropical garden called Nong Nooch, which often hosts an elephant show. There is a crocodile farm nearby. By boat you can go to the coral island of Koh Lan, or in the Khmer caves. Well, just to see the sights of Thailand can be from a height of elephant growth.Often, tourists book themselves walks on elephants, on the back of which they overcome dozens of miles.thailand phuket sights

The most respectable resort

Every tourist who prefers to relax with comfort in the heavenly conditions, knows that such a place is Thailand, Phuket. The sights of this island are endless white beaches that stretch along the ocean. The most famous of their tries is Bang-Tao. Here rest the most wealthy people from different countries. Hotels located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, are characterized by impeccable service and chic. In each of them there are spas, restaurants, places for active and quiet rest, as well as golf courses. Kamala Beach is a resort designed for middle class tourists. The infrastructure is underdeveloped, but in hotels (3-4 *) there is everything there that can come in handy during the holidays. The beaches are cozy, quiet and very clean. Patong is not a resort for families with children. The people called him “little Pattaya”, because here is a very vibrant nightlife, and in the daytime it’s simply unrealistic to find a place on the beach. Most importantly, in the recreation area you can rent a house at a very low price.samui thailand attractions

Natural wonders

Responding to a question about what to see in Thailand from the natural treasures, it is necessary to immediately say that most of them are concentrated in the Phuket area. From here you can go on a trip to the famous twin islands of Phi Phi, dive into the waters of the Andaman Sea and see the whole fabulous underwater world. Ground nature is no less generous here. There is a Butterfly Garden, a pearl farm, local villages that offer tourists to admire the real wonders of flora, which Thailand is famous for. Photos (sights allowed to photograph here for free), which you bring home, will become for you a real memory of those wonderful days that you spent in this sunny country.thailand sightseeing excursions

The incomparable island of Samui

Thailand, whose sights we previously represented in the form of temples and perfect infrastructure, now appears before us, one might say, in its original appearance. Samui Island is one of the oldest settlements in this country, which today is a quiet and original resort. There are many wild beaches, villages in which the locals still retain their original culture, and stunning nature. For example, two famous rocks - Hin-Ta and Hin-Yai - are a favorite destination for many tourists.There are waterfalls on the island, one of which, called Namtok, reaches a height of 20 meters. It falls into a natural pool, which is open for swimming at any time of the year and day. From this refreshing place diverge routes - pedestrian and road. From these roads you can watch the elephants that live here in the wild.sights of thailand pattaya

Nature reserves and virgin nature

The capital of this island is the city of Ha-Thon. Here you can buy everything you need to relax, go to the city beach, visit a nightclub or a restaurant. However, the real face of Samui is revealed when you leave the city limits. The island is concentrated a huge number of impenetrable virgin rainforests, which are arranged around the tour. So, affecting only the very edge of this unique nature, you can see a whole lot of amazing plants and animals. Also do not forget to visit the coast of the local lagoons. The unique inhabitants of warm waters are found in them, which simply make you crazy with their colors and variegation.


One of the countries where you should definitely go on vacation is Thailand.Sights, excursions, trips on boats and water scooters, diving, surfing and much more await you in this sunny country. Here you can find cities that are fully adapted to the European standard, and you can find a settlement that is distinguished by its purely local color, which absorbed both religion and the history of the Thai people.

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