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In the Samara region on the banks of the mighty Volga is located a small cozy town Syzran. The locality has an unusual history. It was founded back in 1683. Initially, it was a fortress that was supposed to protect the trade route from Samara to the central regions of the state. This article will be devoted to the sights of Syzran. What to see in this merchant town?

History has left its mark on the development of the cultural heritage of the city. There are many monuments of antiquity. The main street of the city, Soviet, is decorated with buildings in various styles of architecture of past centuries. For example, the Central Bank building is made in eclectic style. Here are the merchant houses of Myasnikov, Klyarov, Sterlyadkin and Syromyatnikovs, built in the modern style.

On Sovetskaya Street you can also visit a children's park and a drama theater. In the neighboring streets you can see a large number of houses, decorated with simple patterns of wood.Photos describing the attractions of Syzran will be presented below.

Architectural monuments

Archaeological excavations have shown that the first settlements in the Middle Volga region were formed 5 thousand years ago. Surprisingly, the inhabitants of this territory were friends with civilization. Syzran owes its foundation to Prince Grigory Kozlovsky, who laid down the town in 1683. At the same time, the royal governor was ordered to build a Kremlin here. The urgency of the construction of the citadel was justified by the fact that the settlement was to become the eastern outpost of the Tsarist empire.

They decided to build a fortress on the Kremlin Hill, located near the confluence of the Syzranka and Volga rivers. Unfortunately, the original building has not survived to this day, as it was completely made of wood. Photos with the names of attractions Syzran only partially convey the atmosphere of the city, it’s better to see it all with your own eyes.


Sights of Syzran

Syzran - one of the few cities in Russia, which has a Kremlin. Today, only the Church of the Nativity of Christ and the Savior Tower with a belfry are left from it. Here is the museum now.Before noon, a soothing bell ringing sounds on the Kremlin hill. From the tower opens a stunning view of the confluence of the three rivers and the main street of the city - Soviet. Near the Kremlin there is a small square with flowering plants, in its center stands a monument to soldiers killed in the Great Patriotic War.

Mansion Sterlyadkina

City Syzran attractions

Merchant's house is almost the main attraction of the city. It is located on the corner of Sovetskaya Street. The two-storey mansion was built in 1915. The building in Art Nouveau style is considered a real decoration of Syzran. The architect of this beautiful creation, unfortunately, remains unknown.

The mansion has the shape of an uneven trapezoid. The materials for the construction were concrete and metal, which at that time were considered innovative. The building is lined with beige brick. The facade of the building deserves special attention. The mansion is decorated with symbolic figures. The masculine is represented by the Atlanteans, and the feminine is represented by the figures, personifying the seasons. Present here and the elements of antiquity. Corinthian style columns are made. The balcony is made in the form of a huge sea shell. Today in the building of the mansion is the registry office.

Sights of the city of Syzran are not only monuments of architecture. Special attention should be paid to the spiritual heritage of this region.

Church of the Nativity

Sights of Syzran photo with names

The first temple that must be visited in Syzran is the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which is located on the territory of the Kremlin, near the Spasskaya Tower. The building was erected in 1717. But in the first years of its existence, the building has changed significantly. Through the century, the temple served as a cloister for prisoners in a prison located in the Kremlin. At the same time, it was decided to remove all decorative elements from the walls of the church. In the post-revolutionary time the church was not in great demand, the temple was in desolation. Just 50 years ago, they decided to revive the temple. After reconstruction, the church acquired the look of 1830.

Elias Church

Syzran attractions photo description

The temple in honor of Elijah the Prophet was erected in the XVII century. The initiative belonged to three citizens. In the place of the church there used to be an old wooden building. The new stone building is made in the Baroque style. In 1906 there was a fire that completely devoured the cloister. Then the fire wiped out almost the entire city, taking the lives of many. But later the Church of Elijah the Prophet was able to recover. The temple has become more spacious and comfortable.The church functioned until 1940. Then a factory workshop was equipped here. After 23 years, the church was returned to believers.

Kazan Cathedral

/ Attractions Syzran description

The temple is located on the street. Dostoevsky. The building is dated 1872 year. The temple was built at the expense of local residents. Surprisingly, this building was one of the few who survived the fire. All thanks to the guard, who managed to put out the fire. The temple functioned in the post-revolutionary time. During the war the church was closed. But then she became a refuge for many believers who came here in crowds, offered prayers and restored the decoration of the church with their own hands.

What should tourist do in Syzran?

Syzran is not a tourist destination, but if for some reason you are still there, you should pay attention to the following recommendations.

  1. Visiting Syzran, be sure to plunge into the Kapshirsky source.
  2. Try the legendary mineral water "Palace", which was poured during the time of Catherine the Great.
  3. Buy an icon in the local school of iconography.
  4. Visit the Kremlin hill and see its sights.
  5. If the season allows, enjoy the best tomatoes in the entire Samara region.
  6. Get into the Ascension Monastery of the XVII century.
  7. Walk on the tract "Monastic Mountain."

Tract "Monastic Mountain"

This place is best visited in the summer. At this time of year, all of Syzran is immersed in greenery and flowers. At the bend of the local river Syzranka formed a small island. He was given the name - Syzran Luka. To explore all the local beauty, it is best to get to this island. It offers a stunning view of the waters of hydroelectric power stations, bridges, moorings. Back in the last century, summer residents became very fond of this island. The most picturesque place in Syzran is considered “Monastery Mountain” - the tract, which the locals abbreviate as “Mongora”.

In the pre-revolutionary period, this territory belonged to the Holy Ascension Monastery. Today, only the Church of the Ascension remains of the former complex. In the war years, the centuries-old trees growing in this area were actively cut down for fuel, after which a wasteland was formed on which they decided to build an asphalt plant. For a small town, this marked the beginning of an ecological disaster. Therefore, the administration began to zealously plant the territory.Today, the tract just immersed in greenery. Here there are several recreation complexes, mineral water is extracted from local sources.

Neighborhood Syzran

Syzran to see the sights

In the vicinity of Syzran also have something to see. In the village of Staraya Racheka you can look at the buildings of the XVIII century, as well as wander along the pine forest with relic trees. In the vicinity of the village there is a small marsh, the history of which dates back to the ice age. Mountains with numerous springs are favorite places for walks of tourists. If possible, you can visit the village of Trinity. Here are preserved old buildings: churches, manors, museums. The surroundings of the village are strewn with springs and boulders of bizarre forms.

Sights of Syzran are amazing monuments of architecture and spiritual heritage of the region.

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