Sights of Japan. What to see in Japan

Japan today is a very popular tourist destination. And absolutely deserved! Here tourists will find a unique combination of buildings and monuments of the past with modern achievements of beautiful and unique architecture. Whatever time of year you decide to take a trip, there is always something to see in Japan. In this article we will provide a brief overview of those places that you should definitely see with your own eyes and appreciate their charm.

Sky tree

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The sights of Tokyo are sometimes simply amazing. For example, the Sky Tree is a large-scale television tower, the tallest in the world, built several years ago. Its height is 634 meters. Where did this name come from? The Japanese love symbolism, and such a great achievement of technology simply could not have an ordinary name. As a result, they announced a competition, received more than 18,000 options, of which 6 were selected in the end.Which option won, we already know. By the way, the design is dominated by national motives of Japan. The cross section of the base of the tower is an equilateral triangle, which is gradually transformed into an absolutely perfect circle (as the height increases). For tourists there are 2 special viewing platforms. One of them is at an altitude of 350 m, the other is 450 m. Is there any doubt that such sights of Japan are worth a visit?

Aquarium "Churaumi"

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This creation is located in the city of Motobu. In just one month in 2010, more than 20 000 000 people visited this aquarium! The building includes 4 floors, equipped with glass walls on all sides. Behind them, tourists can see the many inhabitants of the seas and oceans. In order for you to understand how large-scale and unique are the sights of Japan, we give a few more figures. Thus, the aquarium covers an area of ​​19,000 square meters and holds 77 tanks of water of 10,000 cubic meters each! Be sure to visit this giant aquarium if possible.


For many, the word "Disneyland" is associated with America.However, the sights of Tokyo also include such an entertainment complex. The park was opened in 1983, and at the moment it is a real Disney Resort, which occupies more than 47 hectares of land! Here you can visit the Disneyland park, the DisneySea aquatic leisure center, and the Ikspiari shopping and entertainment venue. There are hotels and shops, and even a railway is laid between the objects of this unique resort. Well, how not to see such miracles created by man?

Jigokudani Monkey Park

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What other places does Japan offer to visit tourists? Sights, photos of which you can see in the article, are found almost everywhere, everything is so symbolic and unusual. However, be sure to visit the town of Yamanouchi, where the monkey park is located. “What is it unusual?” - you will think. The name of this place can be translated as "Valley of Hell." And all because of the steam and constantly boiling water that spills out of small crevices in the frozen ground. These sights in Japan are simply amazing, aren't they? On all sides, the park is surrounded by cold hostile forests and steep cliffs.Here there is a huge population of wild macaques that come to warm springs in winter. They leave the forest, descend from the cliffs and enjoy the thermal baths. Despite the fact that you can come here along a rather dangerous narrow path, there are always a lot of tourists in these places.

Meiji Shrine and Imperial Palace

These majestic places are not just the sights of Tokyo, but its culture and history. Meiji Shrine shows all the tourists how much the Japanese love and honor their history. The building was built in the beginning of the 20th century, it is located in a magnificent park, which pleases everyone with a colorful floral carpet for a whole year. And the old trees create shade, which gives the place a kind of mystery. The monastery is surrounded on all sides by a beautiful huge fence, made with elaborate carvings. And the entrance to the sanctuary is represented by the largest wooden gate in the country. The temple keeps things and objects of the imperial family. This is the beauty of Tokyo.

Japan, whose sights we continue to view, presents the Imperial Palace to the attention of tourists.The magnificent residence of the imperial family is surrounded by a massive fence everywhere, the walls of which are over 2 m thick. There are stables, a hospital, tennis courts, and a cemetery on the territory. Such an ensemble is beautiful not only inside but also outside.

Tottori Museum

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The peculiarity of this museum is that all the figures are made of sand, and skilled craftsmen make them right before the eyes of tourists. This place is located in the desert, so there are no problems with the material for work. Exposure themes change all the time. The first of them took place in 2006, when the museum pleased people with its discovery, and was dedicated to the Renaissance in Italy. Sculptors from many countries amaze tourists with their skill. Visiting the sights of Japan, you just can not look into this museum.

Beppu Geysers

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Beppu town in Japan is visited annually by millions of tourists for an unforgettable spectacle. There are about 3000 hot geysers in the city, each of which is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that such a thing can really be. Does the existence of a geyser with incredibly saturated blue water and constantly evolving steam seem real? But there is even the so-called Blood pond with bright red water (due to iron-containing minerals).Of course, swimming here will not work, because the water temperature reaches 90 degrees, but you should definitely admire the beauty!

Les Sagano

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This is a natural landmark, which not only tourists love to visit, but also the Japanese themselves. The alley consists of thousands of bamboos, built in neat rows. And the thing is that the forest has an unusually soothing effect on a person. The wind that “walks” between the trunks creates something like a kind of music, evoking a feeling of peace and relaxation. By the way, the sounds of this forest are protected by the Japanese government!

Chiba Tunnels

This is really original and fabulous place in Japan. In Chiba Prefecture (Honshu Island) almost everywhere you will find small and different in design tunnels, guarded by the inhabitants of these places very carefully. Performed as short trails, they are decorated with interesting lighting and other unique details. Together, they create a unique and amazing underground system.

Tsukiji Market

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The sights of Japan, photos and descriptions of which you can see above, are not only historical monuments or places created by nature itself.Tsukiji Market is a real cornucopia, this is the place where the eyes really “run up”. Here an incredible amount of various products is sold every day. For example, 2,000 tons of fish leaves the shelves per day, and in total you will find over 400 types of seafood here. Here and algae, and caviar, and sardines, and tuna weighing more than 300 kg! On the territory there are also cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes. Hurry up to visit Japan and plunge into its rich history!

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