Shower for giving heated: types, features, choice

Cottage is a place where many people come to take a break from big cities, breathe in fresh fresh air, enjoy the singing of birds and escape from problems. Most care for the garden, because it reunites with nature. Through physical labor associated with working the land, people get out of depression, restore their emotional state.

After a working day on the plot you want to swim. In the absence of a nearby reservoir, you can use a summer shower. At the site such a building is a necessity, it is desirable that the shower for the cottage with heating and changing room is connected. Therefore, many gardeners and gardeners should take care of the construction of such a structure.

heated shower

Unfortunately, our country has such climatic conditions that do not imply a long and hot summer. And not many people like to take a shower in cold water. Therefore, before proceeding to the construction of the summer shower, it is necessary to consider its construction thoroughly.Many experts advise to pay attention to the shower to give a heated, if in a country house there is no hot water.

Country shower heated by the sun

The simplest version of the dacha shower is a simple barrel, pre-painted black. This type is less expensive. Such a barrel should be installed on an ordinary summer cabin without a roof. In the bottom of the barrel should be cut in the cut with a healing valve or a hose with a valve. It is very easy to build such a shower to give heated. The wooden frame should be covered with special antiseptic agents.

Heated from the heater

Most often, suburban showers use heating elements to heat water. An electric tubular electric heater can heat water to a certain temperature for 4 hours. The simplest heating elements are not equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, so they should be monitored for them after the desired water temperature is reached. Heaters must always be turned off.

summer shower to give heated

If you have experience in the field of electrical installation, you can independently install the heater in the tank. Remember that electrical wiring must be reliable.She is obliged for a long time to withstand the work of heating elements. If you have not had experience in this area, it is better not to risk it, but to purchase an already ready tank with a built-in water heater.

Features a shower with heater

Before you go shopping for a tank with heating elements, you should approximately calculate the amount of water needed for washing. To date, manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of choice of tanks up to 200 liters. The most popular are plastic and metal tanks. Most often they work on the principle of an ordinary boiler. The time spent on heating water depends directly on the volume of liquid in the barrel.

a shower for giving with heating and a locker room

Modern manufacturers even make tanks that have the shape and size of the roof of a standard shower stall. In such tanks, special devices can also be installed that control the temperature of the water and are capable of stopping the operation of the heating element upon reaching a certain value. TEN can heat water to a temperature of 850C. A shower tank for a heated dacha can be filled from a column or well with a submersible pump.

Such summer showers can also be equipped with a remote control for adjusting the operation of equipment and for heating water. For temperature control in the tank meets the temperature sensor. If the water for any reason in the tank is over, then the heating will stop due to the operation of the emergency thermal switch. Remember that the electrical cord of the heating system must be insulated and grounded.

Of course, the choice should take into account the material from which the shower tank is made to the country house with heating. The most common are metal and plastic. The latter have a huge advantage, because in them the water does not bloom, the joints and seams do not rust, as in metal ones. All this affects the quality of water. Of course, it is important to ensure that the water in the tank is clean, because summer shower to give heated is a means of personal hygiene.

tank for the shower to the country house with heating

Titan - country shower with heating

The domestic market is represented by the suburban heated shower "Titan". It is a monolithic metal tank, which is divided into two parts. In the lower part there is a special compartment for coal or firewood, in the upper there is direct heating of the water.The use of this shower provides for an additional cold water tank. The required temperature is achieved by mixing hot and cold water. During operation, "Titan" is able to heat not only water but also the booth itself.

Undoubtedly, this shower for giving with heating is characterized by practicality and ease of use. But you should also take care of fire safety design. Indeed, during the installation of "Titan" should be provided for and built the chimney, to create good ventilation in the room. Most often, "Titan" is installed in the capital booths for the shower.

Portable shower

This unit is capable of raising water to a height of up to three meters. It is used not only as a shower, but also for washing a car, for example. The main advantage of this unit is its availability and simplicity. After all, it does not imply the presence of installation, it is enough to turn it on and to connect it to the water supply system. In 12 minutes, this unit can heat 15 liters of water from 2 kW of power.

wooden shower for summer house

Shower bag

One of the simple and economical options. This summer shower for giving with heating does not provide for a special shower stall, it is very easy to operate. It is necessary to pour cold water into it and hang it in a place illuminated by sunlight.The volume of water in the bag-shower is about 20 liters.

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