Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, "Travel Club"

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich is known to us aspopular TV presenter about travel. But few people know that by education he is a doctor. Just like his parents, Yuri Senkevich received a diploma from the Military Medical Academy. On the same road went his children.

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich

The beginning of the way

The traveler was born on March 4, 1937 inthe town of Bain-tumen, which is in Mongolia. He was married twice. From his first marriage he had a daughter, in the second he brought up his son's wife. Initially Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich was engaged in science. In 1962, he worked at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine, and at the Institute of Biomedical Problems. The theme of his scientific research was the behavior of the organism under extreme conditions. But it so happened that the scientist Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich is not known to the population of our country. His biography changed after he went on an expedition to Antarctica in 1967.

Turn of fate

Of course, he was invited to participate in thesurvival experiment in a cold environment as a doctor. But the travel and the ability to describe them - incidentally, he kept a diary for the magazine "Friendship of Peoples - carried him much more. And from this time wanderings became the main meaning of his life.

Senkevich jury alexandrovich a journey of a lifetime

International travel

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich and Tour Heyerdahl in 1969year went on a papyrus boat called "Ra" across the Atlantic. The meaning of this expedition was to go through the ocean in the same ways that the ancient peoples made similar trips. The head of the expedition was Heyerdahl. The team consisted of only 6 people and was international.

It consisted of: Tour Heyerdahl (Norway), Carlo Mauri (Italy), and Georges Sorial (Egypt), Norman Baker (USA), as well as Madani Ait Wuhanni (Morocco), Kaya Ohara (Japan). Only six. Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich got into it not only because he was a doctor. He knew the English language perfectly, had a wide outlook and a sense of humor. However, the enthusiasm of the team did not help the boat to cope with the elements. "Ra" sank, the people who sailed on it, saved the Americans. Therefore, it was decided to postpone the journey until 1970. Then a strong ship was built called "Ra-2", and after sailing from Morocco, having overcome 5 720 km, the travelers safely sailed to Barbados in 57 days.

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich books

Find evidence

After that, Tour Heyerdahl decided to findconfirmation of his new theory that civilization was spreading by sea. For this purpose, a new boat was built called "Tigris". After preparation, the team set off from the place where Tigris and Efrat meet. The African coast of the boat reached five months later in March 1978. Thus, Heyerdahl confirmed that a ship made of reeds can withstand heavy loads, which means that it was possible to make long voyages on it.

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich and tour Heyerdahl

Versatile interests

Although Sienkiewicz took part in long-termtrips, he already worked as a leader of the "Travel Club". This place he took in 1973. Here he worked for 30 years until 2003. He attracted viewers with his youth, relaxedness, ability to tell interesting stories. In addition, he talked about what he saw himself, and it's always more exciting than theory. From 1973 to 1982, Senkevich combined the work of the TV presenter with the post of head of the department of scientific medicine at the Institute of Microbiological Problems.

He also had to participate in the preparation ofexpedition led by Dmitry Shparo. And in 1983 he made an ascent to the summit of Everest together with other participants. Soviet people first visited Everest, although they had to overcome significant difficulties during the ascent.

Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich cause of death

"Expensive transfer"

The life of Yuri Sienkiewicz was interesting and rich. He managed to make the transfer fascinating and beloved for many. Participants of the "Club of Travels" became popular travelers: Jacques Maillol, Michael Malakhov, as well as Carlo Mauri, Jacques Ives Cousteau and Bernhard Grzymek, Tour Heyerdahl, Bruno Vailati, Fedor Konyukhov. The telecast was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest on television, and Senkevich as a TV presenter, who worked in this position for the most years without a break.

In addition, the telecast has a lot ofprizes both Russian and foreign, and Yuri Alexandrovich has orders and medals, including "Friendship of Peoples", "Badge of Honor", as well as Senkevich laureate of the State Prize. In 2002 he suffered a heart attack. And in 2003 the whole country learned that Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich had passed away. The cause of death is heart failure. Continue shooting "Travel Club" after his departure was pointless. The audience still lacked something, no matter how interesting the topic of the broadcast, so it no longer goes on air.

Details on paper

The traveler left behind the shooting gearand expeditions. But the main thing is what Yury Alexandrovich Senkevich handed over to the descendants - books. They collected his memories and thoughts, which will be of interest to fans of travel, even in the future. "On" Ra "across the Atlantic" tells how Senkevich worked as a ship's doctor during the expeditions with Thor Heyerdahl. He writes in detail about what happened during this period. The author shares his thoughts with the reader on how communication was conducted in an international team in a limited space in difficult conditions.

In the book "In the Ocean" Tigris "the writer narrates aboutThe second expedition was held with a Norwegian traveler. In addition to the stories about the team, the reader will learn about different cities and countries: Djibouti, Oman, Pakestan, Iraq, Bahrain. Also, the book presents color photographs, which makes it particularly interesting.

"Kids about geographical discoveries" tellsabout amazing trips. Yuri Alexandrovich wrote it, dreaming to interest children in nature and geography. He wanted them to love the Earth and wanted to see distant countries, traveling and enjoying it, just like himself.

senkevich jury alexandrovich biography

Not only about myself

Together with Alexander Shumilov Senkevichwrote two books: "In search of unknown lands. The destinies of the great travelers "," The horizon called them ". They tell about geographical discoveries, biographies of famous travelers: Sedov, Columbus, Schmidt, Miklukho-Maklai, Steller and others.

Memoirs written by Senkevich YuriAlexandrovich, "A Journey Throughout Life." In it, he talks about his life since childhood. The book will be useful to those who want to learn about the famous host and traveler that he can tell only himself. In the same place, the reader will find stories about expeditions in which Senkevich discovers the characters of the crew members and describes the places that they saw.

What is the fate of this person? Probably because he was always lucky. Few can boast that he managed to see as much new as Yuri Sienkiewicz could in his life. It can be considered lucky that he was once invited to the expedition to the north, which turned his whole life.

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Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club Senkevich Yuri Alexandrovich: biography, family, Travel Club