Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes: models, specifications, reviews

One of the most practical ways to get around is a scooter (or moped). Especially for the city. This is becoming more popular. And this is not surprising, given the excellent results of its use. All this affects the assortment. Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes are produced by many manufacturers in different countries. Their prevalence is also increasing due to the fact that these models are affordable for most buyers.

Features of low-mounted scooters

Scooter is a type of motorcycle. Differs in a simplified version. It is smaller in size, easy to manage. Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes all the main controls contain on the steering wheel. Handlebars equipped with gas and brake. And there is an adjustment at once of two brakes: front and rear. To start, it is enough to turn on the ignition and slightly turn the throttle.

scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes

Low-scooter scooters are suitable for buyers of different ages, from 16 years on. You can easily and freely move around the city, the dacha settlement and other sites. For trips "for every day" moped "Alpha" 50 cu.


Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes have low fuel consumption. The average is 2-2.5 liters per hundred kilometers. However, they are able to reach speeds of up to 75 kilometers per hour.

Moped to 50 cubes are needed rights

Scooters are distinguished by high maneuverability. Due to the small size, they are able to pass through small aisles, even between cars standing in traffic.

In operation, they are unpretentious. Make the necessary repairs easy.

Another advantage is low cost. For many buyers, this question is a priority. These models can buy almost anyone. The greatest range will allow you to choose the option that is suitable for the ratio of the desired characteristics and price range.


Like any technique, scooters have their shortcomings. For some buyers, they may seem insignificant. But still they are.

Most malocutter scooters are single. Of course, you can fit together with them if you wish. But it will have unpredictable consequences if it is repeated regularly. The load on the engine will be more than stated. Accordingly, the service life of the motor will decrease.

50 cubes scooter rights

The second disadvantage of mopeds in this category is the developed speed. To achieve the maximum declared by the manufacturer is not always possible. But in most cases it is not necessary. After all, moving around a settlement is allowed at a speed not exceeding 60 kilometers per hour.

Moped to 50 cubes: do we need rights?

When choosing a vehicle, many are interested in drawing up the necessary documents. One of the important points in favor of this type of transport is the absence of the need to register it. The rights to the scooter (50 cubes) are also not needed. Due to this, the range of persons choosing low-moped mopeds is significantly expanded. There is only one limitation. Only persons over the age of sixteen can manage these models. No other documents are required.

Moped classes

Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes have two classes: light and medium.

Lightweight models weigh up to seventy kilograms. Their maximum speed does not exceed sixty kilometers per hour. Data scooters are easy to manage. They are characterized by increased maneuverability, low fuel consumption (up to three liters per hundred kilometers). Suitable for trips on roads with good coverage. This option is most often preferred by teenagers and people of old age.

chinese scooters

Scooters of the middle class are large. Their weight reaches ninety pounds. But from the technical side, they are more powerful - they are capable of speeds of ninety kilometers per hour.

Producing countries

Scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes, common in the market of our country, are from two countries: China and Japan. Of course, there are models produced in the territory of other states. But their number in total sales is insignificant.

Chinese models are cheaper. But the Japanese are of better quality. Therefore, buyers often have a question of choice. Which is better: new Chinese or used Japanese? In market conditions, these two options are the same.And to give a definitively correct answer is impossible. Users recommend not to buy used Chinese scooters. If possible, if finances allow, it is better to purchase models from Japan. Everyone chooses for himself.

moped alpha 50 cube

The Japanese scooter 50 cubes is always a quality model with excellent technical characteristics. They have two-stroke engines. Thanks to this, mopeds are faster and faster. Already from the place they start well. Users of the “Japanese” are always satisfied with their choice. But in the event of a breakdown, as users say, it’s quite difficult to find the necessary details.

Unlike Japanese, Chinese scooters are always four-stroke. This greatly affects the maneuverability and speed performance. They benefit from lower cost. According to buyers, these models do not satisfy their quality. They often break down and need repair. Frequent cases of engine problems. But, unlike the Japanese models, there are a large number of available parts for products from China.

Japanese scooter models

If we talk about the three leading Japanese manufacturers of scooters, then it will definitely include the following companies:

  • "Honda".Their products are always high quality and at an affordable price. Of the minuses - less speed limit. But this is the most reliable option. Even used models will not let you down and always take you to your destination.

Japanese scooter 50 cubes this

  • Vehicles brand "Yamaha" have great speed in comparison with other models. Of the shortcomings can be called cost. Differ and sports style, which is more suitable for young people. They are considered the opposite of Honda scooters.
  • “Suzuki” are a medium variant. These are dynamic and powerful vehicles. A small range of this manufacturer is a good option in the ratio "price-quality".

Choose the best manufacturer is extremely difficult.

Chinese-made models

The most popular manufacturers from China are:

  • "Stells", which are distinguished by good design and acceptable technical characteristics.
  • "Racer".

scooter irbis 50 cubes

  • Viper.
  • "Irbis".

All manufacturers from China are seeking to create their models similar to Japanese or European ones.

Rating scooters small cubic capacity

Rating of scooters and mopeds up to 50 cubes, compiled for 2016, will look like this:

  • Honda Dio AF.
  • "Suzuki Letts 5".
  • "Irbis LH 50".
  • "Alpha".
  • "Stealth Skiff 50".

The most popular among scooter drivers is the Honda Dio AF. It differs in attractive appearance, economical reliable engine, good technical characteristics. A single-cylinder two-stroke engine delivers power just over seven horsepower. Accelerates to sixty kilometers per hour. Consumption is two liters per hundred kilometers.

Scooter "Irbis" (50 cubes) has good speed characteristics. The developed speed is ninety kilometers an hour. The design is more suitable for young people. Loading capacity - 150 kilograms. This allows you to carry a passenger without losing speed. It also does not affect power. It can move not only on city roads with good coverage. Sustains scooter and primer. This is a consequence of the installed reinforced suspension and off-road tires. Scooter "Irbis LH 50" is equipped with new options. Among them - remote engine start, alarm.

Moped "Alpha" (50 cub.) - The best option for a suburban trip. It has a high ground clearance, manual transmission.For transportation of baggage there is a trunk of an impressive size. The manufacturer claims a service life of three years. But with proper operation, as reported by the owners, this model will serve much more. Engines are installed four-stroke. Their volume may be different. Regardless, the engine is power and endurance. The maximum speed is only sixty kilometers per hour. But this is enough for driving on city streets or dirt back roads. According to users, this model has a significant drawback. It lies in the drum-type brake system.

Mopeds and scooters with a capacity of up to 50 cubes are an excellent option for everyday trips.

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