Samara from a height

Samara is a city on the left sublime bank of the Volga. Samara was founded in 1586 as a guard fortress. From 1935 to 1991, the city was called Kuibyshev. Now the population of the city is 1.17 million people. - This is the ninth largest city in Russia. In Samara, the longest embankment in Russia and the tallest station building in Europe. In addition, the area named. Kuibyshev is the largest area in Europe.
1.The city is located on the left elevated bank of the Volga River opposite Samarskaya Luka, at the confluence of the Samara River (hence the name of the city).

2.Samara was founded by decree of Tsar Fyodor in 1586 as a guard fortress of the Samara town.

3.Panorama of the center of Samara (4000 px clickable)

4.Kuibyshev Square - they say it is the largest square in Europe.

5.Four squares are located in the corners of Kuibyshev Square.

6.Samara Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and a monument to Kubyshev.

7.Square of Glory.

8.Administration of the Samara region.

9.The Monument of Glory is one of the main symbols of the city.
On a 40-meter pedestal there is a 13-meter figure of a worker holding wings in raised hands.The monument was created in honor of the workers of the aviation industry of Samara, who had accomplished their labor feat during the war and made a huge contribution to the development of the country's industry. During the war, the aircraft was produced here - the attack aircraft IL-2, "flying tank".

10.Street Molodogvardeyskaya.


12.The stela was installed on the October Embankment in 1986 in honor of the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Samara.



15.Zhigulevsky brewery - one of the oldest breweries in Russia.
The plant was built in 1881 and it was in this plant that the famous Zhiguli beer was originally produced.

16.Samara Iversky Women's Monastery.

17.Restored bell tower.

18.Square on Field Street.

19.Lutheran Church of St. George.

20.Leningradskaya Street - Samara Arbat.

21.The street crosses the historic center of the city and comes to the Volga.

22.The Leningradskaya preserved historic buildings of the mid XIX - early XX century.

23.Old embankment and st. Maxim Gorky.


25.Samara embankment has a length of more than five kilometers. It is the longest non-coast in Russia.

26.Monument to Prince Grigory Zasekina on Orlovskaya Embankment.

27.The historic center of the city.


29.Strukovsky Garden - the oldest park in the city.

30.Road bridge over the river. Samara.

31.Samara is located approximately in the middle of the Volga, which makes this city especially convenient for charter tourist routes both up and down the Volga from Astrakhan to Moscow.

32.Several cruise ships pass through the river port of Samara almost every day. Some of them go in transit, others start and end the flight to Samara.

33.River station and hotel "Russia".

34.Street Krasnoarmeyskaya.

35.Samara Railway Station.
The total height of the station building along with the dome and spire reaches 100 meters, which makes it the highest station in Europe.

36.Railway bridge over the river Samara.

37.Museum and Exhibition Center "Samara Cosmic".
The facade of the museum building is decorated with a genuine "Union" - this is the only vertically installed booster rocket assembled in Europe. The height of the rocket with the building - 68 m, weight - 20 tons.

38.Vilonovskaya street.

39.The parade of Samara LCD: LCD "Rainbow - Elite."

40.LCD "Nadezhda", LCD "Rainbow Suite" and LCD "City of the Sun".

41.LCD "Rook".

42.3rd microdistrict, Karl Marx Avenue.

43.District Cool Power Keys - a real paradise for man!

44.Like in China.

45.TC "Mega".

46.The runway of the experimental (test) aerodrome of the plant of Aviakor OJSC and TsSKB-Progress.
From 1958, special transport flights to the Baikonur and Plesetsk cosmodromes began to be operated from the Bezymyanka airfield, which are still ongoing. In the 1980s, the airfield was used to send units of the Energia launch vehicle to Baikonur cosmodrome in a special VM-T transporter aircraft.

47.The Aviakor Aviation Plant and the TsSKB-Progress Rocket and Space Enterprise are adjacent to the airfield. It was here that produced more than 1,000 Tu-154 aircraft.

48.Training aerodrome of Samara State Aerospace University.

49.Tu-144 b / n 77108 (USSR-77108, №04-2).
He participated in state trials, during which he completed 50 flights for 68 hours.

50.Red Glinka.

51.Tsarev mound.

52.Parking on the water.

53.Parking on the ground.


55.The motor ship Ivan Kulibin.

56.Ship cap.

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