Russian musician Alexei Vorobyov: biography, creativity, and interesting facts.

Alexey Vladimirovich Vorobev is a singer, actor, beginning director, “Ice and Fire” project victor, participant of Eurovision 2011 and just an object of sighing for more than half of the female population of the country.

Childhood musician

In an ordinary Soviet Sparrow family, three children grew up: Sergei, Alesha and Galya. Mother Nadezhda Nikolaevna was busy with housekeeping and engaged in their upbringing, and father Vladimir Viktorovich, provided the whole family, he was the head of security at some enterprise.

The artist was born in 1988, January 19th. When I was still quite a boy, I loved football very much. He played in the youth team of his native city of Tula and was the best striker. One day his team won the championship in the region. Little Vorobyov was thinking about becoming a footballer on a professional level in the future.

In the future, the desire of Alexei has changed, he wanted to be a musician. Together with his brother, they studied at the music school, excellently played the accordion. Their little sister has mastered the piano.

The teenager Vorobiev decided that he no longer wanted to perform with the instrument, but wanted to sing. After school, he enrolled in a music choir as a leader of a folk choir. Soon the young man became a soloist in the ensemble "Uslada".

Alexey Sparrow biography

How began the career of a musician

Since 2005, the future celebrity began to make his first, but very significant victories. He won the Delphic Games, from where he took the gold award in the nomination "Folk Singing". Next, the artist went to Moscow, passed the selection of participants of the all-Russian show "The Secret of Success" and took third place in the project.

Russian musician Alexei Vorobiev stayed in the capital and studied pop and jazz art at the music school. A year later, the singer signed a contract with Universal Music Russia. In 2007, Alexey made his first video for “Summer” and won the “Discovery MTV” award.

Eurovision in the life of a singer

Alexey had several attempts to get to Eurovision.For the first time he passed the selection of participants, but the song “New Kalinka”, with which he was going to perform, did not meet the basic requirements of the competition (it was impossible to take in the exact lyrics from folk songs). The second time Vorobyov himself refused to participate in the 2009 competition.

For the third time, he still presented Russia with the song Get You, the author of which was the producer RedOne. Alexey appeared on the sixteenth line of performers after the final vote. This result was one of the worst among the representatives of Russia who have ever participated in the competition.

Alexey Sparrow Russian musician

I remember there the Russian singer is not only a bad result, but also his bold, extravagant behavior, profanity. Alexey accused his rival from Sweden in imitating and assigning a performance script. Allegedly, Eric Saade stole his idea of ​​a room with glass. Later it turned out that this was not true, and the number was used by other artists long before Vorobyov.

Actor career

As the biography testifies, Alexey Vorobiev, at the age of 18, besides creative advancement in music, began working in the field of cinema. The first main role was in the TV series "Alice's Dreams", which was shown every day on MTV.

Later, Vorobiev began to study the art of cinematography and got roles in several films.But due to employment, he had to quit training. At that time, he starred in several films, among them “The Second” and “Phobos. Fear Club. Alexey performed all the stunts in the films himself. He was interested in motorcycling and extreme driving, thanks to which he was able to jump from the 4th floor and even “burned”.

The greatest popularity of the actor brought the series "Deffchonki", coming out on the famous entertainment channel TNT.

In the biography of Alexei Vorobiev there is information that in 2013 he became the director, screenwriter, producer, composer and actor of his own short film “Papa”, which has already collected several awards and awards. At the heart of the plot - a touching story about the memories of his father about his daughter and wife.

Alexey Sparrow biography


In addition to films and TV shows, Alexey became a member of many popular shows and television projects, such as: "Cruel Intentions", "Ice and Fire", "Great Races" and others.

The most memorable participation of Alexey was in the show “Bachelor”. Young and charismatic handsome became the only participant in this project, who never chose a soul mate and remained free.

Other and important

Alexey, after a long review and subsequent approval of his candidacy by the United Nations, received the authoritative status of a goodwill ambassador. He became a representative of the organization in Russia. Now he is responsible for the UN programs in the fight against AIDS in Russia. Vorobyov is also an activist of the “Dance for Life” youth program.

Biography of Alexei Vorobiev, personal life, wife - this is all interesting to his fans. It's time to discuss it.

Alexei Vorobyov's biography personal life

Novels and relationships

About the personal life of the singer Alexei Vorobiev in the biography contains little information, as he does not like to spread about it. Be that as it may, Sparrow is reputed to be a "heartbreaker."

It is known that he had an affair with actress Anna Chipovskaya, who starred in Alexey’s video clips. Anna herself claims that their relations were nothing more than friendly. Alexey himself admitted that he loved the girl, but everyone’s short temper did not allow them to be together and the relationship had to be stopped.

There was also a relationship with Oksana Akinshina. They said that these were all rumors, however, they often appeared together at various events, which confirmed the version of the novel.

Six months after parting with Oksana, Alexey twirled an affair with Victoria Daineko. Their union was also doomed to failure.

In 2016, Sparrow met singer Diana Ivanitskaya, but caught her treason and broke up with a girl.

Today, an attractive and young artist remains unmarried and free. Alexey Vorobiev, whose biography is presented to your attention in the article, sees his future wife as a sophisticated, graceful, understanding humor and at the same time able to restrain a girl. The actor believes that, first of all, the harmony in the relationship creates a soul affinity and understanding.

biography of the singer Alexei Vorobyov

Unconfirmed rumors

Vorobyov attributed romance with Tatiana Navka. She was Alexey's dance partner in the Ice and Fire show.

Also talked about the relationship with colleagues on the set of the series "Deffchonki." At first there were rumors of a romance with the main character, Galina Bob, then with Polina Maximova.

Alexey Vorobiev now

In 2017 there were two fresh clips of Alexey. In the same year he sang along with the famous singer Emin Agalarov.

Recently, Aleksey starred in the television series Unreal, where he played a bisexual character.This is very contradictory on the part of Vorobiev, because at Eurovision he showed his unfavorable and negative attitude towards sexual minorities.

In addition, he played a major role in the detective series "Schubert". To get this role, the actor has lost 8 kilograms.

biography of alexey vorobyov love life wife


On the filming of a film about football in Florence, the actor suffered a head injury. He was urgently taken to an unconscious hospital. The damage was not dangerous and Alexey was discharged in a couple of days.

In 2013, the actor got into a car accident in Los Angeles. The injuries were very serious. Alexey was paralyzed and a quarter of his brain was injured. The artist landed in a wheelchair. He underwent a long course of rehabilitation and rehabilitation. Fortunately, it all ended well.

biography of alexey vorobyov love life wife

Interesting Facts

  • Alexey lives with a dog of the Welsh Corgi, Elvis-Melvis. The owner loves his pet very much and even created several pages on the social network in his honor. The dog was presented to the artist by a good friend, Catherine Gechmen-Waldeck.
  • Alexey voiced several heroes of foreign cartoons: “Swing the Wing” - Chizhik, “Trio in Feathers” - Richard, “Plush Monster” - Lino.
  • While still quite young, in difficult times for the family, the guy worked as a security guard, handed over glass bottles and sang in restaurants.
  • In 15 years, Sparrows for the first time earned money, the amount was about 850 rubles.
  • When an aspiring singer received an award for winning the Delphic Games, his father took a picture with his son as an artist.
  • Buying an accordion for his son, Alexey’s father sold the family car. When he became a popular artist and acquired a high social status, he presented his father with an expensive car.
  • Alexey is not often at home, his mother decided to weave a bracelet of meetings. When the son arrives home, Hope puts a bead on a string.
  • One day, parents wanted a divorce, but he managed to reconcile them and save the marriage.
  • After the accident, Alexey takes special pills and blood thinners every day.
  • The actor often projects stories told by his father as a child onto the screen.
  • Sparrow is not just a singer, he is a musician. Because it can play almost all musical instruments.
  • The star itself claims that it cannot refuse to work. Even if he knows that he will have to stay awake for a month, he still agrees.
  • In the "Eaglet" Alexei, at a festive event entrusted to tie a pioneer tie of honor Lyudmila Putin. To do it right, the young man practiced the kettle.
  • Once upon a time parents bought little Lesha for a growth. She is big to him to this day.
  • In her youth, when Alexei had the first kiss in her life, he almost vomited, she wanted to demonstrate a “French kiss”, and it came out that she was not entirely successful.
  • The singer has only one album, called "Vorobiev Lie Detector".
  • For a year and a half he lived in the basement of the building about which Bulgakov wrote.
  • Once after three days of dating, the artist almost married a foreigner. While the marriage documents were reviewed, the senses lost their power and the young people broke up.
  • At school, Alex terribly did not like when he was called a sparrow. Often fought with the guys because of this.
  • The first ever contest in which Aleksey participated was an accordion contest.
  • Sparrows hates air conditioning because it often catches cold due to them.

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