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Cinema is developing very rapidly, but not all countries are ready to produce interesting and at the same time quite exciting films that deserve attention. Recently, films are increasingly being released that are directly related to hostilities. In this article we will discuss only the best films on military subjects from Russian directors. Let's get started right now!

"White Tiger"

This film was released on the screens of residents of Russia and other countries in 2012. The main director is Karen Shakhnazarov, and the roles in this film were performed by the following actors: Vitaly Kishchenko, Alexey Vertkov, Gerasim Arkhipov and others.

Russian military action movies

The plot of this film tells us about the Great Patriotic War. There was a terrible secret all along the front line, and perhaps it was a rumor. Someone said that Germany has an invulnerable tank, which suddenly appears and disappears after a few seconds, destroying dozens of military vehicles.No matter how scary it seems, but such is true, because a tank called the “White Tiger” really exists.

After one of the most serious battles in a padded tank, a fighter is found unconscious, who, as it turns out, lost his memory. In the near future, he will be issued documents, moreover on a new surname - Naidenov, which is quite logical in such circumstances. After some time, the wounded soldier returns to service, and the next day he receives the most serious task - to hunt down, and then destroy the invulnerable German tank.

I wonder why such a difficult task was given to an inexperienced fighter? The thing is that something incredible happened to our hero, because he began to feel the enemy tanks. The so-called “tank god” helps him in this, who also orders a man to destroy the German tank once and for all, not so long ago called a ghost.

Interesting facts and reviews

To begin with, it is worth noting that this work was based on the famous novel by Ilya Boyashov, which is called “The Tankman, or“ The White Tiger ””. One of the advantages and at the same time the disadvantage of this film can be considered the minimum amount of computer graphics: all the hostilities were filmed in the Moscow region.

War films, Russian militants

As for the reviews of this film, they are positive. The cinema is very interesting and exciting, so almost all such films have positive comments from film lovers, unless, of course, the work is represented by an interesting plot. In this case, the director managed to shoot a really smart film that deserves respect. There are no special effects, but the film looks at one go, so you definitely should pay attention to it.

In the meantime, we continue to discuss the most popular Russian military action films!

"Way to the sky"

This film does not receive as many positive reviews as the previous one, but it is also popular. The film appeared on the screens in 2012, and its director was Maxim Schastnev. Such prominent Russian personalities as Alexey Karamazov, Pavel Kuzin and Valentin Kazennov played a direct role in the creation of this film.

Russian serials, crime, action films (military)

This cinematographic work is a rather interesting short film that has an interesting production, because the main characters did not say a word throughout the film.The plot of the film tells us about the meeting of two soldiers, and from the opposing armies. The Soviet intelligence officer and the German soldier are so different people, but what will be their actions?

If you want to find the most interesting Russian military fighters, then you got to the address, because this material presents the best films of these subjects.


Comments of Internet users about this film are 80% positive. People are satisfied with an uncluttered plot, a unique presentation of thought and dynamically developing events. Such Russian military fighters are worth watching for those who want to know what it was like to be at the front during the Great Patriotic War. The soldiers were very hard, but they managed, so today we are alive.

"72 meters"

Discussing war films, Russian fighters and similar films, it should be noted this work of cinematographic art. This film is a short series filmed by Vladimir Khotinenko. As for the outstanding actors of the Russian Federation, in this film it is definitely worth highlighting with the participation of Marat Basharov - the famous Russian actor, TV host of the popular program “The Battle of Psychics” on the television channel “TNT”.This film was released in 2004, having won the hearts of all the inhabitants of Russia. To date, the film has an average rating, which range from 4 to 5 points out of 5 possible.

Russian militants about the military

The events of the series tell us about the life of submariners, trapped in the territory of modern Ukraine. The storyline is developing very rapidly, because during the exercises, something unexpected happens - the submarine falls on a mine, which for many years, because of what the ship at a depth of 72 meters falls on the ground.

At the time of the accident, the emergency buoy was torn off, due to which rescuers could not detect the source of the distress signal. Now we just have to guess if our main characters can survive in this difficult situation or maybe all of them will die?

If you like war films, Russian fighters and films with an interesting plot, then you definitely should pay attention to the film “72 meters”, which was released on television screens in 2004.


On the Internet, a huge number of comments are left, which in almost all cases are positive. People are satisfied with the excellent quality of the film, interesting plot and masterful performance of roles.

"4 days in May"

If you like Russian TV shows, crime, action films, military films, then be sure to pay attention to the popular film “4 days in May”, which was filmed and released on screens in 2011. In this case, the film is not one side, but as many as three: Russia, Germany and Ukraine.

Russian militants (military), crime

The main idea of ​​the plot is the publication of Dmitry Fost. The events of the film take us to May 1945 on the Baltic coast. Everyone knows that at that time Germany had already announced its surrender, and the Germans began to surrender hundreds of thousands to our army.

A small group of Soviet intelligence officers was left to monitor the retreating Germans. On May 8, a major arrives to the military, who is the immediate superior of the unit to which this group of intelligence officers is included. The man is drunk, justifying it with the Victory Day.

The inadequate commander is trying to get a young German woman to sleep with him, but Soviet intelligence officers immediately stop such actions. After that, the commander gives the order to destroy all the people who are in the building where the scouts are located. The man claims that there are Vlasov, who must be killed.

Russian military action movies (TV series)

Fortunately, Wehrmacht soldiers come to help the faithful scouts. I wonder what will happen to our main characters, will they be able to cope and prove who is really wrong? And finally, we note that Russian militants about the military of this kind are very popular in our country, so that their rating in almost all cases exceeds 4 stars out of 5.

Opinions viewers

Fans of such films leave positive comments. This film will appeal to those who love Russian militants (military). Crime is present in many such tapes, but it is almost never paid attention to. In this case, the film has only positive reviews, indicating an interesting plot and dynamic development of events. In general, the film is very interesting, so pay attention to it.

Here we have discussed the best Russian military action films, series of similar subjects and much more. Happy viewing and good mood!

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