Rum "Captain Morgan" - reviews of a truly pirated drink

The image of a colorful pirate, confidently resting on a barrel of rum, is known to every fan of the legendary drink. Rum "Captain Morgan", reviews of which confirm the colorfulness of the drink - this is an elite alcoholic brand, confidently occupying a leading position among its counterparts (the first place belongs to the Bacardi rum).

A bit of fascinating prehistory

Virtually his entire adult life, the Canadian Samuel Bronfman devoted to the creation of an alcoholic empire. And I must say, he managed to do it. Contributed to this and the “dry” law, adopted in the 20s of the XX century. Thanks to him, the smuggling of alcohol has become a very profitable business. Samuel Bronfman acquired the equipment of the ruined distillery, brought him to Canada and built his own enterprise. Since 1924, whiskey produced by Distillers Corporation has been known almost throughout the United States.

Things went well at the company, and after 4 years, the Bronfman brothers were able to buy the Canadian company Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. And by the heat of the 40s of the XX century, the company was on a par with well-known manufacturers of elite alcohol. At a time when Europe was shaking from the next wars, the family business developed - Samuel Bronfman bought up alcohol brands, expanding the range of its products.

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How did the legendary rum appear?

This story deserves special attention, since its appearance the legendary rum "Captain Morgan" is obliged to successfully established historical facts. In 1944, the company Seagram was able to acquire an old Jamaican distillery, which from time immemorial produced quality Jamaican rum. Regular customers of this distillery were the Levi brothers - pharmacists who insisted rum on spices, thanks to which he received an unusual taste. The enterprising Mr. Bronfman bought a prescription from the apothecary brothers.

Rum "Captain Morgan", reviews of which are positive, was named after the English pirate - Henry Morgan, whose name terrified the inhabitants of the Spanish colonies. The brave captain was engaged in robbery in a marine style, robbed and set fire to local villages.

An interesting fact: in 1673, King of England Charles II knighted Henry Morgan, awarded him the rank of admiral and appointed Jamaica governor.

Obviously, the name and image of the legendary flibuster should appear on the bottle of a truly pirated drink. At that time, the company produced several types of rum, so “Captain Morgan” did not become the pearl of the collection.

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How Captain Morgan Became a Legend

The company did not bother about the label design and bottle shape. For 40 years, Captain Morgan rum, reviews of which eloquently testify to the unusual taste of the drink, was supplied in small batches to the countries of the Caribbean, and even smaller - to the UK.

The Bronfman family in the 50s of the 20th century had to move the production of elite alcohol to Puerto Rico. The government of Jamaica made a knight's move - the company was given an ultimatum. Seagram should be able to cede part of the rights to the brand to a local manufacturer in exchange for the possibility to indicate the phrase “Jamaican rum” on the label. From that moment until today, the entire rum "Captain Morgan", the reviews of which speak of the refined taste of the drink, is produced by J. Wray and Nephew Ltd.

In the early 80s, a crisis struck, which did not bypass Seagram as well. Demand for high-quality whiskey has decreased, but rum and cocktails based on it have become fashionable. The Bronfman brothers needed to compete with Bacardi.

It was then that the marketing department recalled the old recipe for spiced rum "Captain Morgan", which reviews are echoed to this day. There was time and money for the design of the label. Illustrator Don Meitz was invited especially for this business. The case did not go without a mysterious legend, according to which supposedly the filibuster Henry Morgan himself created a recipe for a pirate drink.

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Capitan Morgan Collection

Today, a well-known company produces several varieties of elite alcoholic beverages, which together form the legendary Capitan Morgan collection, and these are 16 varieties of Jamaican rum. From this variety, every connoisseur of elite alcohol can choose the appropriate drink.

It is time to get acquainted with the most prominent representatives of the Capitan Morgan line:

  1. Rum "Captain Morgan White". Reviews eloquently indicate that this drink is ideal for making cocktails.Its mild taste and rich aromatherapy are the ideal basis for creating exquisite beverages with a savory taste.
  2. Rum "Captain Morgan Gold". Reviews of this drink is ambiguous. Someone recommends Captain Morgan Original Spiced as a base for cocktails. And someone prefers to enjoy the pure taste of Jamaican rum - caramel-vanilla, with pronounced vanilla and cinnamon notes.
  3. Rum "Captain Morgan Black". Reviews of this drink eloquently testify to the refined taste, which is not similar to any other variety of rum. Captain Morgan Black Spiced is a drink with the strength of 47.3%, characterized by a complex aroma, with characteristic notes of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and hibiscus. Caramel taste is gradually replaced by a spicy aftertaste and pronounced bitterness of oak.
  4. Captain Morgan Private Stock rum - rum with a strength of 40% is distinguished by an amber tint and mild flavor, characteristic of young drinks. Rum is created on the basis of carefully selected alcohols, aged in oak barrels, and then infused with a mixture of vanilla, nutmeg, casia and cinnamon.

There is another variety that deserves the attention of true connoisseurs - this is rum “Captain Morgan Spicy”.Reviews about him say more than eloquently: the original taste, which is not like any other sort of Jamaican rum.

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How not to buy a fake?

There are several recommendations that will help you make the right choice:

  • The label must indicate the manufacturer of the rum and the country of production (UK).
  • This "Captain Morgan" can not be bought in a small shop on the outskirts of the city. Even harder to buy in the online store. Therefore, it is best to go to a large supermarket or a specialized alcohol store for the original drink.
  • Labels must be embossed.
  • Price. Real Jamaican rum can not be cheap. The manufacturer never holds promotions and does not make discounts on their products. As a rule, a bottle of rum will cost at least 15 euros.

When opening the bottle, the smell of alcohol is unacceptable. The aroma of vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg is a different matter.

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Diageo plc

It is the global giant of the alcohol industry, which was founded in 1997 through the merger of several subsidiaries.

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