Rostov Dolphinarium: overview, features, contacts and reviews

Since June 1, 2009, the Rostov Dolphinarium has been operating. Prices, address and schedule you can find in this article. This is an incredibly positive place where you should definitely come with the whole family.

Rostov Dolphinarium

The room where the dolphinarium is located is interesting already for the reason that it was created specifically for the location of aquazones in it, and equipped with a huge pool, places for viewers from several sides, able to accommodate a lot of people, all sorts of external attributes of various purposes. The performances of the Rostov Dolphinarium are attended by magnificent talented artists who have worked on both domestic and foreign venues.

Dolphinarium Stars

Address of the Rostov Dolphinarium

Visitors to the Rostov Dolphinarium will meet in its walls:

  • three funny dolphins;
  • shy beluga;
  • great walrus;
  • cute nautical kitty.

Under the relentless supervision of mentors, these amazing animals master breathtaking stunts that amaze viewers and give them a wonderful mood.Sensations from contact with the inhabitants of the depths of the sea are very special. When the show ends, viewers can take pictures of these animals, or even take their pictures with them.

Swimming with dolphins

In addition to all of the above, you can even swim with dolphins. Anyone can make a unique gift. Impressions of swimming with dolphins will remain with you for life, because this is a unique pastime. Many people want to know closer representatives of the animal world, especially dolphins, so similar to people. Those, in turn, are very playful and mischievous, love to play with people, get affection and treat. Therefore, if you have a desire to communicate with them, they will respond to it with great pleasure. One session in the pool with dolphins lasts 15 minutes, its cost is 4500 rubles, in a group of up to 3 people - 1500 rubles. There is an opportunity to purchase tickets both at the box office of the Dolphinarium and remotely.

Recommendations for visiting

Rostov Dolphinarium prices address

There are several rules and requirements that must be met for swimming:

  • the management of the dolphinarium cannot allow those who cannot swim with dolphins;
  • you must have clothes and other things necessary for swimming - towels, slippers;
  • you can not swim without removing jewelry and accessories;
  • be sure to find a dolphinarium employee nearby who will monitor the safety of both people and animals;
  • with each swimmer, one can go to the pool alone, who will watch him;
  • shooting audio and video is included in the ticket price;
  • arrive at the session should be in advance;
  • Dolphinarium management does not allow children under 10 years of age, pregnant women, or anyone who is in any form of intoxication to the pool.

Show programs of the Rostov Dolphinarium

Rostov dolphinarium work schedule

Delphinarium performances are conducted in accordance with the schedule and last 45-50 minutes. The average price of a ticket for the show is 300 rubles, but children under 5 can come for free if they do not occupy a separate seat. If you are going to go to the presentation by a large group, you can warn the management of the dolphinarium so that for your group the presentation was held personally, according to an individual schedule. The working schedule of the Rostov Dolphinarium is constant. The main time of the performances - 12, 14 and 16 hours.On weekends, more shows are held at various times.


Address of the Rostov Dolphinarium: 36/4, Kommunistichesky Ave. At the bus stop near the park "Fairy Tale" goes bus number 98, which stops at the city station. The path on it takes about half an hour.

In addition to the dolphinarium, the park has many attractions for children - carousels, circuit, karting, shooting and much more.

Amazing animals, of course, will give you a charge of positive emotions. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the most unusual and charming inhabitants of the seas.

Visitor reviews

Rostov Dolphinarium prices address and schedule

Visitors to the dolphinarium call it a wonderful fabulous place with an amazing atmosphere. Despite the fact that the dolphinarium is less than ten years old, it is noticeable that real professionals work there, reinforces the impression and the building that was purposefully built for it, that is, the dolphinarium was created in an optimal way. Even the walls covered with the image of the main characters of any action - dolphins - are attracting attention. Around the walls are figures of sea animals. Visitors claim that the price of a 400-ruble ticket pays for itself, because in 40 minutes you can get an incredible power of unique impressions.The dolphinarium does not have its own parking, but since it is located inside the park, it is not a problem Particularly cautious can take advantage of the parking of a nearby mall.

The audience commendably speaks about the places in the hall - all three stands are very comfortable, it’s a pleasure to sit on them, and from any place there is a good view of the stage where the pinnipeds perform and the pool where dolphins and their relatives play. The decor of the hall turns the presentation into a difficult set of acrobatic etudes and a show with the participation of artists from the depths of the sea - into a real fairy tale. This amazing setting greatly enhances the impressions of the already amazing imagination of jumps and other mind-blowing tricks, which with pleasure perform these amazing creatures.

Many visitors appreciated the souvenirs that can be purchased after the session, as well as the opportunity to take pictures with dolphins and even ride them. Ironically, only a few are brave enough for the latter.

In addition, dolphin rehabilitation classes are held in dolphins.Therapy with dolphins is amazingly effective in a variety of situations - from stress to real mental problems.

Visiting Rostov-on-Don, be sure to take a look at this amazing place to recharge your batteries with the energy of the unique inhabitants of the sea depths, get to know them as close as possible and take with them a memorable gift, as well as unforgettable impressions of communication with magical animals that in many ways similar to humans.

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