Roof from metal: instructions for installation by own hands

Roof of metal, installation instructionswhich will be presented in the article, is becoming more popular today. This is due to the fact that the material is universal and suitable for mounting almost any roof. It features high reliability, long life, and easy installation. The manufacturer gives a guarantee on it for 50 years. Not only professionals, but also beginners will be able to perform the installation work. Metal tile is quite easy to transport, it has a negligible weight.

Preparation of tools and materials

roof from metal tile instructions

Roof of metal, installation instructionswhich will be presented below, should be installed using some tools and materials, among them an electric drill, a screwdriver, an electric jig saw, a marker, a tape measure, as well as mites. To equip the cornice and truss system, you need lumber, the master will have to stock up with racks, and also fasteners. Before starting to work, the master should familiarize with the device of a roof, in its structure there should be not only a finishing coat, but also a waterproofing, a system of a doormat, and also a bearing structure.

Preparation for works

roofing of the roof with metal hands

If you will be equipped with a roof frommetal tile, the instruction given below will allow you to carry out the process correctly. At the initial stage, it is necessary to mount a rafter system, which will perform the function of a carrier system. It is on it and will be installed roofing of metal. It is important to prepare the material, for this, the truss system, or rather its individual elements, must be treated with special mixtures that will ensure fire resistance and protect the material from the effects of harmful insects. It is important to check the moisture content of the material before use, the sawn timber should not be used if the moisture level exceeds 20%.

Advice from a specialist

roof of metal roofing by hand

Before starting work,what angle the roof slope has. When using metal, this indicator should not be less than 14 degrees, otherwise the roof will not have the ability to fully protect the building from moisture. A roof made of metal, the installation instructions of which will help you with the work, should be equipped with a truss system, after its installation, you can start installing the cornice boards. This element will achieve a more impressive strength of the structure. After the holes in the rafters are drilled with an electric drill, you need to attach a board to them. You can use screws or nails for this, you can choose the fasteners yourself. Do not forget that for the ventilation should be left hole, this is true in the case if it is supposed to sew the roof with an additional coating. After you can begin to strengthen the crate, which will be between the beam and the board, the fixation can be made to the cross rafters. At the next stage, you can proceed to work on fixing sheets of metal.

Determination of quantity of material

roofing metal roofing with their own hands

If you will be equipped with a roof frommetal, the instruction given in the article will allow to carry out the work correctly. In order to determine the amount of material, it is necessary to measure the surface of the roof. It is important to include stingrays and diagonals in the calculations. If the roof structure is fairly simple, then you can divide the area of ​​the surface to be trimmed into the area of ​​one sheet of metal. On the market of building materials, you can find a cover sheet, the dimensions of which differ from different manufacturers. But for convenient and fast installation manufacturers are trying to produce cloths, the dimensions of which are equal to 0.5x1.2x2.25 or 3.65 meters. If the roof is sloping and has a lot of unevenness, you need to draw a drawing and lay out the sheets on paper. Now it is important to depict each plane of the roof, determining how many solid sheets will be able to place on the ground. Now we need to estimate how many incomplete parts will be needed to carry out the work, and also how many whole sheets will go into these manipulations. The master must remember that the useful dimensions of the canvas are less than full sizes. The overlap will depend on the dimensions, it can reach 15 cm. If you will make the roofing of the roof with metal tile yourself, the installation instructions will help you in carrying out the work. During the process, there will be a need to cut the cloths, for this it is convenient to use metal scissors. If there is a possibility to exclude the need for cutting metal, then it is worth resorting to such a solution. This will preserve the protective coating, which prolongs the period of operation.

Technology installation of metal

roof made of metal tile installation instructions

If you will be equipped with a roof frommetal tiles with their own hands gable, it is important to think through each stage. For example, lifting the sheets to the roof is easiest to do with the help of two guide bars. In this case, we can not do without the help of the second master. One specialist from below will wind the cloth with a rope, the second will go up to the roof and pull up the bound sheet using the uneven bars. The difficulty of installation is that the linen will need to be adjusted as accurately as possible. On the level with the bottom edge, the next sheet should be reinforced. The ends of the sheets must be connected with an overlap. You can buy the necessary amount of fasteners, the estimated consumption of self-tapping screws per square meter of surface is 8 units. It must be remembered that for metal tiles, self-tapping screws with a drilling tip should be used. The self-tapping device must be installed in the deflections of the waves, so the fasteners are installed in those places where the sheet closest to the elements of the crate. It is recommended to install metal roofing with a screwdriver. In order to ensure the reliability of the installation of the front and outer sheets, the mounting should be installed in each wave. When the roofing of the roof with metal roofs is made by oneself, the instruction, the photos presented in the article, should help the master. When installing the screws that come with the cover material, it is important to exclude tug-of-war, otherwise the cap may become wrinkled, this will cause slots in the places where the connection was made. Such errors can cause roof leaks. It is necessary to exclude the installation of screws at a certain angle.

Features of the work

roofing with metal tile instruction

Installation of sheets should be carried out in ordercalculation, so that the air can freely circulate from the eaves to the ridge of the system. Such ventilation allows to exclude accumulation of condensate under the surface of the covering material. To do this, you need to use an additional dredging system. If you want to work with a triangular slope, it is important to pay special attention to the direction of the arrangement of metal tiles. Lay the sheets from the central part of the ramp. At the same time, to perform the work as accurately as possible and accurately, it is necessary to make a marking of the right angle, which is located between the cornice and the ridge.

Bypass the chimney

the device of a roof from a metal tile the instruction

If you are thinking about how to properly coverroof metal, step-by-step instruction, presented in the article, should help you. In order to ensure a qualitative roundabout of the chimney, it is necessary to plaster the latter, and also to check how tightly the waterproofing is adjacent to the edges. Sheets of covering material, which will be located on each side of the pipe, should be cut, following the punching line. The step from the sheets to the chimney should not be more than 15 cm. The next stage is the installation of aprons. Initially, it is necessary to work on the side, and then go to the lower and upper. When manipulating the side aprons, care must be taken that they overlap one wave crest or more. For this reason, the side that is adjacent to the roof should be 20 cm or more.

Installation of eaves

If the roof is roofedmetal, the instruction presented in the article should help the master. At the stage of installing the curtain rod, which is used to protect the crate from external influences, you should use nails. It is with their help that the strap is attached to the dome. Fasteners should be installed in staggered order, the distance between the nails should be 30 cm. As for the end plates, which are called wind, they should be installed from above, bending on the cornice. The distance between them should be equivalent to 35 cm. These elements protect the system from rainfall under the cover material. Along the eaves for ventilation under the roof should be installed soffits, which have perforations.

Features of setting the lines

When the roof is made of metal roofingwith their own hands, the instruction helps the master, who does not have enough experience, to make works without errors. Endu is the most common node of the roof. It is an inner corner, which is formed by two slopes. For installation, use the cornice. The latter are laid with an overlap, the width of which is 30 cm. At the same time, the formed joints should be treated with a sealant, glue the edges with a sealant. From above, the trimmed canvas of metal tiles should be mounted. In order to obtain an aesthetic appearance, the top of the tile is overlaid over the metal tiles, and it is important to provide a lap width of 30 cm.

Fractures of the roof

If the roof ofmetal tiles with their own hands is a four-slope, then you have to spend only on the purchase of materials. However, if such work seems to be quite difficult, then you can order them from professionals. At the same time, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the work will cost about 900 rubles per square meter. It is not difficult to install an external fracture of the roof with your own hands, if you use a curtain rod or mating element. The latter has a somewhat larger size than the cornice. Between the webs of the mating element, a seal should be laid.

Installation of snow chains

If you are going to cover the roofmetal, instructions are sure to come in handy. If you want to exclude the unforeseen snow-fall from the roof, you can install snow-holders. These elements are based on pipes. Their number and supports depend on the slope of the roof and the length of the ramp. In addition, it is important to take into account the snow load, which can be completely different in different regions. If the roof has a slight angle of inclination, then the described elements can be made of sheet metal. If you are interested in the construction of a roof made of metal, installation instructions are presented in this article, it assumes the need to install supports for snegozaderzhateley. Fastening is made on screws, the distance from which to the edge of the crate should be 2 cm or less.

Nuances when laying roofing sheets

If you are thinking about the question of how to coverroof metal-tile, the instruction presented in the article will allow you to carry out work on technology. The length of the canvas is determined by the length of the slope If the last parameter is more than 6 meters, then the coating must be divided into 2 parts. You can work in any direction, everything will depend on the type of roof. If it is gable, the installation should start from one of the ends, if you want to work with the hipped structure, then you need to start the manipulation from the highest point, moving in both directions. Each subsequent sheet is laid under the wave of the previous one, the edge of the coating is exposed along the line of the cornice. For work, it is preferable to choose white self-tapping screws whose heads are designed for an octagonal key. It is important to purchase a fastener, which is equipped with a rubber washer, it will exclude the possibility of penetration of moisture under the coating. The lower part of the sheet should be strengthened in increments through one wave, then the screw is screwed through the wave, only in this case the installation is made in staggered order.

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