Reviews and reviews of the movie "Triangle"

In the article we will pay attention to reviews of the movie "Triangle". Consider a review of the tape, the opinions of critics, try to unravel the meaning of the film and understand what the audience is happy with and what they don’t like. We hope that you will not only expand your horizons and be able to more intelligently consider the idea of ​​the film, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the mystical film "Triangle" (reviews will also be considered).

Brief introduction

The film, which will be discussed in the article, is the third film directed by Christopher Smith. It was filmed in the mystical thriller genre in 2009. The world premiere was scheduled and successfully held in the summer of 2009. The film was created in Australia and the UK, and it bore fruit, because a good idea with a background for each scene gives it a special realism and charm. The story is told about a young girl who spends time on the ship with her friends. After some time, she learns that in order to see her son again, she must kill all her friends.

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About the director

Christopher Smith is a well-known film director hailing from the UK who won the glory of horror masters and thrillers. He began his career in 1997, and since that time has regularly pampered lovers of these genres. The director’s debut film was “Creep”, which appeared on television in 2004. In 2006, he shot his second film, Isolation, in which several genres are originally combined, the comedy thriller.

In 2009, Christopher shoots his third film “Triangle", reviews of which served as the key theme of the article.

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Movie Review

The tape is about a young girl named Jess. She has a little son, whom she leaves at home to spend time on the Triangle yacht with her friend Greg and several of his comrades. It would seem a common situation, but not everything is so simple.

Greg warns all the guys in advance that they should not try to take care of Jess, because she has a big tragedy - the child suffers from autism. The yacht goes to sea, where a complete calm is established. Young people rejoice in life and are completely given to rest. However, a strong storm soon rises, and the yacht is wrecked.All of our heroes, except for the girl named Heather, remain alive after the storm.

Friends have to wander around the sea in an inverted ship. Very soon, they notice a huge passenger liner and decide to move to it. Friends are happy that they finally managed to escape, but soon they begin to notice strange things. First, on the liner there is not a living soul. Secondly, all clocks are stopped, and it is simply impossible to find out the time. For some time, the guys decide not to pay attention to this, rejoicing that they survived altogether. However, after some time, each of them begins to notice something strange. It seems that there is someone else on the ship who is following them tirelessly. Especially scary is Jess, who accidentally finds her keys. All anything, only they had to stay on the yacht.

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Reviews of the movie "Triangle" indicate a difficult story, which is not to everyone's liking. Sensing the approach of danger, the friends decide to separate. But it is this fatal mistake that leads to the fact that they quickly die. Only Jess survives, who comes face to face with a killer in a mask and a robe.

The woman falls overboard and warns Jess that soon all her friends will return and she will kill them again to see her son. The girl notices that the liner is really approaching the sunken yacht. Suddenly, Jess sees that her friends are alive and they are climbing the liner. Little by little the girl begins to realize that she is simply stuck in a temporary loop. She tries her best to avoid murder, but everything is repeated again. Over time, the girl notices that this situation has already lived many times.

She kills all her friends from despair, and her new copy dumps the girl into the sea. She wakes up on the shore and tries to get to the city. Approaching her home, she sees herself as her son. Jess from the past screams at the boy, and the real Jess decides to kill the girl. She takes her son and takes him to the port, repeating that she will never raise his voice to him. There is a car accident, the boy dies instantly, the body of the second Jess falls out of the trunk.

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Heartbroken, Jess returns to his friends still alive in the past. The film ends with the fact that Greg forbids someone to get Jess, because she has a sick child.


Interestingly, in the movie "Triangle", a review that we reviewed, involved only 8 people. The cast starred M. Joshua, E. Lung, G. Nixon, R. Carpani, J. Taylor, L. Hemsworth, M. Dorman. The main role played by Australian actress Melissa George. The girl in 2008 was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for her role in the series “Treatment”. Reviews of the movie "Triangle" show that at least the actress play the audience was satisfied.

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The film "Triangle": the meaning of the film

The main idea of ​​the tape is that you can not break through their principles. In life there are very difficult situations, and, of course, it is much easier to judge from the outside. However, if a person betrays his principles, he eventually does not get what he wants. Even if it seems that it is worthwhile to make one small indulgence for yourself - and everything will be fine right away, this is not so. After all, it will be even worse. About this film and tells. The girl, despite the torments of conscience and fear, had to kill her friends. Yes, she got home. But as a result, her son died. Was she willing to pay such a price? The answer is obvious. The film "Triangle", reviews of which we consider below, really hooked the audience.See for yourself.

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Reviews of the movie "Triangle" are ambiguous. Consider first the positive points. Many viewers in various forums leave the view that the presence of an element of the puzzle clings most of all in the tape. Even when you understand what's what, you still can’t guess how it will all end. Also, people note that an important advantage of the film is that it has an original plot, characterized by the absence of stamps. Some focus on the plot, which has a spiritual message and makes you think about your own life and moral principles.

Positive marks received acting. It is noted that the atmosphere of hopelessness, panic and disappointment was conveyed very precisely not because of the exaggerating paint of music and frame, but because of the talented game. Someone draws attention to certain moments of the film, which simply takes your breath away. That is, it is not about the plot itself as a whole, but about turning points that leave an indelible impression. The presence of spectacular scenes - one of the advantages of the tape, and the audience noted this most often. Many were pleased with the final of the film.Viewers agree that everyone will find something for himself in such a tape, discover, perhaps, some truths or change something in his life. Nobody forgets to note the mad heat of emotions, which simply drives the viewer crazy and makes him look forward to the outcome.

As you can see, the movie “Triangle” (reviews and description in the article) was very much liked by many, despite the fact that viewers also noted negative moments. We will talk about them below.

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Negative opinion

As for the negative reviews and reviews of the film "Triangle", here the audience points to a repetitive story, from which sometimes you just get tired. There is a prolonged development of events, an abundance of blood in many scenes. And some viewers believe that the tape has no negative points! Many agree that in some scenes cruelty just rolls over. Perhaps it helps to emphasize a special atmosphere, but it puts too much pressure on the psyche. Many believe that the film is too brightly shown hopelessness, from which you just want to turn off the film and rest. Yes, the situation is difficult, but to create such a morally difficult situation is not necessary.Someone still did not please the game of actors, although there are very few such opinions in the total mass.

The film "Triangle": reviews of film critics

Film critics generally gave the film a good rating. On one of the American sites, the film received a high rating of 82%, which was compiled on the basis of more than 30 reviews. Critics showed special favor with the actors, pointing out that they all did an excellent job with their task.

However, there are some shortcomings. It is believed that the graphics were too ill-conceived. If we create a film with such a deep idea, then we must take care not only of good actors, but also of decent computer graphics. Also in the responses to the film "Triangle" it is noted that in fact there is no answer to the question what this is all for. Yes, every viewer will come up with something of his own and get an answer for himself, but the director had to express his opinion on the tape, but many felt that this goal was not achieved.

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