Reverse pushups for triceps

Reverse pushups allow you to maximize and strengthen your arm muscles. With this exercise you can make the muscles as large as possible. Many athletes practice exercises aimed at improving only the biceps. They forget about the value of the triceps, so they lose in the amount of muscle mass. It should be remembered that the biceps muscle of the shoulder gives the notorious relief, which means the beauty of the muscles, but it does not allow the proper volume to be given. This helps the implementation of the load on the triceps, which allow us to do reverse push-ups for the triceps.

reverse pushups

How to perform the exercise?

It is necessary to pump biceps and triceps evenly, however it is important to prioritize correctly. The triceps muscle of the shoulder takes about 75%. This allows you to secure enough muscle mass in a short time. The triceps are not immediately visible, but it is he who forms the basis for the relief muscles of a bodybuilder. In the Russian version of the reverse push-ups are usually entitled with common phrases, for example, "push-ups from the bench."

reverse pushups for triceps

It is less often to hear that this exercise is characterized by the phrase “dips between supports”.Reverse pushups for the triceps like many athletes for the relative ease of implementation and at the same time obtaining excellent results. To carry out this exercise can be fully, being at home or when entering the playground on the street. It is not necessary to go to the gym, so everyone can pump muscle mass in this way.

The benefits of exercise

  1. Reverse pushups are considered the best for the triceps. This confirms not only a large number of studies conducted by scientists, but also a huge number of advantages.
  2. This exercise relates to a closed kinetic chain. This means that it is performed only by the body when fixing the legs or arms. When performed, the triceps are separated from the other muscle mass and take the maximum load. In the work there are three heads of this muscle, which indicates the possibility of obtaining a quick and uniform increase in the mass of the arms.
  3. During the downward movement there is no impulse, so the athlete has the ability to maintain optimal tension throughout the entire execution time.
  4. It is allowed to supplement the exercise with unlimited weight, so even an experienced athlete has the opportunity for continuous self-improvement.
  5. Exercise can be performed in various ways, constantly changing the width of the grip, and if necessary - and the position of the feet.
  6. During the lowering of the body down the athlete gets an additional effect in the form of a small expansion of the chest. This process occurs due to its stretching.
  7. Reverse push-ups on the bars positively affect not only the increase in muscle mass, but also allow you to make an athlete stronger. This aspect allows you to give better and get a great result in the implementation of such basic actions as a dumbbell bench or barbell from a prone position.
  8. In the process of performing reverse push-ups, a large number of small muscles are involved, they are often called stabilizers. When performing many other exercises it is almost impossible to use them.


Start exercise

Two support legs, for example, benches are located in the transverse position. It is necessary to place them at a distance, which occupy the stretched legs. It is necessary to turn your back to one of these pillars, at the same time having completed the grip with your hands, placing them shoulder-width apart. Feet should be thrown on the opposite bench.You should not get them far beyond the edge, as this is the starting position.

First stage of the exercise

The athlete takes a deep breath and slowly goes down. This action occurs by bending the elbows, that is, the emphasis is on the hands. You should continue to move down until the back moves to a position resembling a right angle with respect to the floor — it does not move until it forms 90 degrees. Keep your elbows straight all the time without spreading your arms. The more closely this rule is observed, the greater the effect the athlete will receive from reverse push-ups.

reverse push ups from the bench

The final stage of the exercise

When bringing the body to the lowest possible position, it is necessary to raise the torso up. To do this, you should use only the power of the triceps, that is, to shift the entire load on the hands and push the body out with a powerful movement.

Features of the exercise

Repeated push-ups from the bench can be a large number of times, but with untrained triceps, it is desirable to increase the load gradually so as not to tire the muscles. Caution will allow to carry out workouts without gaps, which will help to quickly gain the desired weight of hands.

reverse push-ups on the bars

Exercise may seem simple, but many people notice some difficulties in its execution. Girls can push up from the floor. Then they will need only one bench. In order to achieve large tricep sizes, for guys, one should not only perform the exercise correctly, assuming a proper starting position, but also use the extra weight load. Weighting can be applied in the form of a belt with a special chain. Also common is the use of pancakes, which should be placed on the pelvic area. If the exercise is done at home, you can use regular dumbbells or put a heavy backpack on your back.

If you decide to do the exercises with the legs on the floor, you must leave your arms slightly bent when raised to the upper position. So the muscle mass will increase stronger. When performing reverse push-ups in any position, it is necessary to control so that the back is always flat.

Reverse pushups need to perform carefully, observing all the rules. Do not keep your hands far from your hips, also watch your body position. An athlete who correctly performs push-ups with reverse grip will get an excellent result and will be able to significantly increase his muscle mass.

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