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A man like Yevgeny Prigogine attracts many curious eyes. Too many scandals associated with this person. Being known as Putin’s personal chef, Yevgeny Prigogine is always in the center of public attention, despite the fact that he absolutely does not want this. We will not criticize or expose this man as a hero, but try to highlight the facts of his life impartially.


Evgeny PrigoginePrigogine Evgeny Viktorovich was born in the cultural capital of Russia, now St. Petersburg, and at that time Leningrad, in 1961. It is known that the boy did not study in a simple school, but in a boarding school. But it was not a simple boarding school, but an Olympic reserve school. Zhenya's main hobby at that time was skiing. Skiing was a part of his life until he graduated from school at the age of sixteen. After graduation, Yevgeny Prigogine left classes for reasons known only to him, but many have an opinion that troubles, which have plagued Zhenya since the age of 18, contributed to this.

Prison past

Prigozhin Evgeny Viktorovich

Everyone who was at least a little interested in the life of this famous person knows that he had two convictions. The first Prigogine Evgeny Viktorovich received at the age of eighteen for theft. The details of this case are not known to us, but we know that he was convicted and sentenced to two years on probation. At the end of the conditional term, he got into another unpleasant story, and as a result, he sat down again in the dock. This time he was sentenced to twelve years in prison. It was about organized crime and its cooperation with a group of individuals. He served nine years and was released earlier for good behavior. He does not like to talk about that period of his life and never gives comments about that time. Although his enemies often remember him exactly that part of his life. He even filed a lawsuit for covering the facts of his biography without permission, but then he changed his mind and took the application, because this case only increased interest in him and in his family.

Road to business

Putin's cook Yevgeny Prigogine

Yevgeny Prigogine, whose biography is so diverse, was released by a twenty-nine-year-old young man. And at that very moment the spark of a businessman caught fire in it.It was a time when many started their business and quite succeeded in it. So Eugene with the help of his stepfather launched his own business related to the sale of hot dogs. But that was only the beginning.

Turning around, he occupied the position of manager in the Contrast network, which included several Leningrad supermarkets. He was not the owner, but had the sixth part of the full stake with his long-time school friend, Boris Spector. When in five years the profit began to disappoint, Yevgeny Prigogine decided to take up the restaurant business. Having persuaded his friend Ziminov Cyril, he opened with him a restaurant for the rich called “Old Customs”. But the profit from the institution did not stop this ambitious man.

Seeing the success of French businessmen, who opened their establishments in unusual places, Prigogine decided to take an example from them. Along with the same Zimin, he acquired an old ship and, having made a grand renovation, which cost about half a million dollars, opened a chic restaurant on the water called “New Island”. This place instantly became one of the most popular in the city. Both local and visiting guests came here.But the main merit was that the president of Russia himself, Vladimir Putin, came to the restaurant. Dinner for President Prigogine served in person, and it became his habit. If a high-ranking official came to his place, Eugene always served the table himself.

Meet the President

Evgeny Prigogine biographyAt that time, Putin was in company with the President of France. The next time, about a year later, the president arrived with George W. Bush. A year later, the president celebrated his birthday in the restaurant Prigogine. All this increased the rating of both the establishment and its owner. And at that time he was already the sole owner who bought out all the shares from partners. Yevgeny Prigogine didn’t just meet Putin. He has established a close activity. And he did it gradually, communicating with people from the entourage of the president, starting with the driver and ending with the personal security guard. It is impossible not to admire the ability of Eugene to find the right people at the right time. Thus, the acquaintance reached the point that in the spring of 2008 he was the manager at a dinner, at which Dmitry Medvedev's inauguration was celebrated.

Personal life

At the same time, Yevgeny Prigogine, the billionaire of the old school, was also developing his personal life.He married and got two beautiful children. The son Paul and daughter Polina became the meaning of his life. And although he does not like to reveal to the public the details of his personal life, people already see how valuable children are to him. The confirmation of these words is the fact that, together with his children, Prigogine wrote a children's fairy tale book under the ridiculous name “Indraguzik”. The book deals with the fairyland of Indraguzia, in which interesting characters live.

Child care

restaurateur Eugene prigogine

But success in his personal life did not interfere with business development. The restaurateur Yevgeny Prigogine did not stop there; in 2010 he opened the Concorde food production factory. And Putin, of course, was present at the ceremony, which only increased the success of the enterprise. The idea of ​​this project was to provide schools with food through this factory. But here Prigogine was disappointed. The parents of children in St. Petersburg, dissatisfied with the quality of the products, raised a scandal, and he had to close the plant, which had not worked for a year. As for the Moscow schools, everything went smoothly, Prigogine concluded lucrative contracts for the supply of food for children.

Food in the army

It is said that Prigogine earned the most money by feeding the army. The idea appeared in 2010, when the Minister of Defense decided to take up power for the military and enter into a contract with a company that would provide all military units with food. Before that, the food was prepared on its own, and the soldiers themselves did it. For two years, the servicemen ate what the Prigogine’s company supplied to them, and he, in turn, earned more than one million. But two years later, another minister canceled this decree, and everything became as before. During this period, Putin’s cook, Yevgeny Prigogine, has become 92 million richer. In 2016, his fortune was estimated at 7.14 billion rubles.

The enemies

eugene prigogine billionaire

It is not surprising that such a person has many enemies who seek to blame him for various sins, both deservedly and unfairly. Prigogine was repeatedly accused of preparing “trolls” for all sorts of protest actions, but no one could confirm this. Everything is based only on suspicion. Basically, he was accused by the opposition of directing people who support the president and write on the network laudatory odes in his honor.The case when the police were chasing the billionaire’s tuple was also on hand to the enemies. Having overtaken a car with flashing lights that were used for other purposes, the police faced resistance from the protection of Prigogine. Subsequently, a criminal case was opened against the guard who resisted. In any case, we all know perfectly well that the richer and more popular a person is, the more envious people are around him and the more carefully they track his every step.

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